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Texaspatti Pornos jetzt auf Amateurportal

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Sexy amateur clips of the popular actress on texaspatti.club

Porn girl Texas Patti very privately and very closely during sex filmed

Besides the USA, Germany is also a world power, at least in the field of eroticism. In no other European country are so many porn movies filmed as here. Clips with German stars, such as Texaspatti Pornos, are also becoming increasingly popular in other countries. Why are Texaspatti porn so popular? There are many reasons for this.

Now the erotic girl has decided to offer her movies again on an amateur portal and for her fans on www.texaspatti.club also next to her horny amateur porn in the webcam her live show to show.

At my last shooting, I noticed this guy. He simply had a magnificent tail, which I wanted to blow absolutely extensively. Unfortunately, I wasn’t supposed to shoot with him that day, but I won’t let anything forbid me. I wanted that cock so bad.
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So I grabbed him, went upstairs with him, and got what was due me. After he stuffed his beating deep into my hungry mouth and finally injected me with his cream, it was his turn to turn with another one. Didn’t work, of course, since I had just sucked him out. There was a lot of trouble, but it was worth it.

Her amateur clips have titles like “The dildo tester: wanked and laughed to death”, “AO fuck with MEGA CUMSHOT. “stranger guys in Hollywood towed” or “Schatzi calls – stranger fuck on the phone”.

Texaspatti Pornos jetzt auf Amateurportal onlineTexaspatti Pornos – Who’s the Actress?

Texas Patti is called Bettina Habig by his middle-class name. There is contradictory information about their biographical data. Some sources claim that their date of birth was January 3, 1982, while others state March 1, 1982. The amateur star says of herself that she is 33 years old, so she was not born until 1986. The place of birth is the German city of Münster. On the other hand, it is also claimed that Texas Patti was born in the USA. The fact is that she lives there at least for the time being and has a special relationship to the state of Texas, which is indicated by her stage name.

Interestingly, there is a town in the northeast of Texas founded by Germans called Muenster. But whether Texas Patti was ever there or maybe even lived there is a mystery. These details don’t really matter. Texas Patti is definitely a well-built, large milf with lush curves in the right places and a long black mane.

Users and fans are only interested in how it came to the Texaspatti porn. And this is a truly interesting, though long and blatant story, but we would like to tell you a little about the career of the young woman who took off her clothes.

Texaspatti Pornos jetzt auf Amateurportal onlineFrom a dental assistant to a porn star

This is how the professional career of Texas Patti can be summarized in a few words. However, this happened rather involuntarily (at least in the beginning). After completing her training, the future Texas Patti first worked as a dental assistant in the rather tranquil town of Münster (Westphalia). Already at an early age, the spirited woman discovered the desire for sex. Since she is also very open, sociable and anything but camera-shy, the first Texaspatti porn was created.

In those years the actress probably had no idea that one day she would be one of the most famous German porn stars. Their boss, however, was anything but enthusiastic about the Texaspatti porn (although they certainly weren’t called that at the time). When he was made aware of the Texaspatti pornography that was already circulating on the Internet, there was a real scandal and the young dental nurse lost her job. What do we do now? Many another woman would be desperate about the situation and would have promised her boss highly and holy never to do something so “wicked” again just to get her old job back.

At that time, Germany and the world were shaken by a financial crisis and unemployment was much higher than it is now. For the young woman, however, there was no turning back. She decided to make money with her hobby, got the stage name Texas Patti and started shooting the first Texaspatti porn in 2009.

What makes Texaspatti porn so popular?

Texas Patti is a woman many men dream of. At least once in their life, they would like to have with such a horny MilfSex. The porn star shoots his Texaspatti porn not because of the fee, but because she loves sex and for her the often used term sex as the most beautiful minor matter of the world is not a saying, but lived reality. You can see in the Texaspatti porn that she is really wholehearted and doesn’t act.

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With her outward appearance Texas Patti could pass for a racy Latina from Colombia or Brazil. Their temperament can keep up with that of the southern ladies anyway. But appearance and temperament are only one side of the coin. With Texas Patti she is sexually very versatile. For example, the beautiful milf is bisexual. This means that she does not only like sex with well-built men, she also likes to play around with other women and enjoys their charms.

Texas Patti Pornos jetzt auf Amateurportal onlineHere the bodily fluids flow in streams

There are several Texaspatti pornos in which she hosts wild lesbian games with a friend. What a sight! Many a man would wish to be allowed to play in such a scene of Texaspatti porn. Indeed, some men were lucky, because the amateur star is not averse to a threesome (or foursome). Already in one of the first Texaspatti porn movies from 2010 she filmed a threesome, in which she is doing it violently with two men. When it comes to sex, Texas Patti knows almost no taboos.

She fucks in public, in clubs or even with one (or two) users in her bedroom and records it in one of the Texaspatti porn movies, now numbering around 200. It goes violently to the thing; the sperm splashes and the pussy juice flows in streams. Dirty Talking, horny outfits and role-playing games are of course not missing. Everything is authentic and natural. No wonder the Texaspatti porn is getting along so well.

Texas Patti and her successes

If an actress deserves the name porn star, it’s Texas Patti. Not only the numerous Texaspatti pornos contribute to this, but also their multiple appearances on private television. In 2014 she hosted the show DSDSA (Deutschland sucht den Super Arsch). Since 2012 she has been the exclusive model of the sex magazine Happy Weekend, since 2014 the official advertising face of the erotic markets of Novum GmbH and since 2015 that of Beate Uhse-TV.

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In addition, she received numerous awards, not only for her Texaspatti porn, starting with her nomination for the Venus Award 2012 in the category “Best Newcomer”. She then won the Venus Award several times in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, and in the same year (2018) she received the AVN Award of the US erotic industry in the category “most epic ass”. That means as much as “most incredible ass”. Here in Germany, Texas Patti is a well-known face at the erotic fair Venus, the largest of its kind in Europe.

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Texas Patti – a star to touch

With so many awards and so much attention, the impression could easily arise that Texas Patti is bitchy and unapproachable. However, the opposite is the case. She has kept her natural desire for sex to this day and regularly shoots new Texaspatti pornos. The newest one is only a few days old. On average, several Texas Patti porn movies come out every month. For most of them, Texas Patti is constantly looking for shooting partners, both men and women.

Anyone who dares to have sex in front of the camera has a good chance of getting a live date with the porn star. The best way to do this is via your webcam. Texas Patti is on an erotic site for amateurs. There she chats regularly with the users and also makes appointments. The first step is to get to know each other via webcam.

★  www.texaspatti.club

If sympathy develops on both sides (the basic prerequisite for good sex), nothing stands in the way of a real meeting. Interested users have to be patient, because a star like Texas Patti has a full schedule.

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