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Stripping for your boyfriend: 5 hot tips

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Strippen für deinen Freund: 5 heiße Tipps

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Stripping for your boyfriend or husband

How do you get him really hot for you?

Stripping for your boyfriend is a good way to get him up to speed again and to ignite his desire for fresh embers. If you want to seduce your friend, however, you should consider some things so that it works.

Stripping for your boyfriend1. The right time is crucial

The friend must also be receptive to the erotic imagination. If he comes home exhausted from work or if he’s watching an important football match on TV, stripping wouldn’t be a good idea for your friend because it wouldn’t go down well. Instead, it is better to choose a time when both are relaxed and the stripping can serve as a prelude to a hot night.

2. Exercise makes the master

Stripping for your friend doesn’t want to be learned, but at least practiced, so that it goes well. This already starts with the music selection. Quiet but rhythmic music is particularly suitable. The best thing is to choose two or three titles. A little tip: There are enough videos of strip shows on the Internet. They are a good stimulus both for the musical style and for the movements. To make stripping a success for your friend, it is advisable to invite your best friend as a critical observer for rehearsals. An outsider often evaluates more objectively.

3. What to wear?

When stripping for your friend, the choice of clothes plays a crucial role. Basically it should be an outfit that pleases him and her equally. Straps, fishnet stockings and boots may look very hot, but some women find them too slutty.

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In any case, you should put on several pieces of clothing, which you can take off one after the other. Only a bathrobe and a garter set underneath would shorten the performance too quickly.

4. You are allowed to look, not touch!

To seduce the friend, she must present herself to him hot and desirable to arouse his desire. Stripping for your friend works best like a pro. In the strip shows it is also strictly forbidden to touch the dancers. When stripping for your boyfriend, the partner should not be completely naked at the end, but at least leave a little “work” to him. Maybe a cheap slip that he can rip off her body?

5. The grand finale

Unlike the pros, the stripping for your boyfriend is more for heating up. When he has really gotten going, both can let off steam in bed, on the couch or on the floor. Small tip: Many men find it especially horny when she keeps her high heels on during sex.

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