Why did only one in two receive a Netstars Award?

By Mario Meyer
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Why did only one in two receive a Netstars Award?
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Presenter Conny Dachs had his hands full

Every year, as part of the Venus erotic trade fair, the Netstars party takes place in a Berlin club, where the Netstars Awards are presented. In contrast to the parties of the previous days, not only trade visitors but also “normal” guests were admitted, who could purchase (VIP) tickets for 39.90 or 47.90 euros. DJane “La Mica” Micael Schäfer on the turntables and jack-of-all-trades Conny Dachs as host promised an entertaining evening.

Warum bekam nur jede/r Zweite einen Netstars Award?Good show acts – lousy sound

This year, organizer Gunnar Steger, who received a lot of applause during the award ceremony, chose the Maxxim in Berlin, as he did last year. While we still had fond memories of the club from the past and praised it as an “awesome location” in our preliminary report, this initial enthusiasm gave way to bitter disappointment as soon as we entered. It was stuffy and cramped, the dance floor in the middle had good sound, but in the VIP lounges and at the bars the acoustics were more than lousy. We got talking to a musician from Berlin who complained bitterly about the sound. Well then, at least on the dance floor the sound was good, had proper “Bumms”.

20 Euro Gutschein hier einlösen

The shows of the sexy girls on the other hand were good, especially Candy Dee was a real eye-catcher. We’ve known her for 15 years and she doesn’t seem to age physically one bit. Crisp figure, firm breasts (shaped by mother nature) and flawless skin with a blonde flowing mane. A visual treat. With her hot strip show she heated up a young man from the audience, whom she placed on a chair on the dance floor. Also with the selection of the Gogo girls organizer Gunnar Steger proved a more than good hand. On Instagram, this gogo has already been dubbed “best gogo ever” – by a woman, mind you.

Warum bekam nur jede/r Zweite einen Netstars Award?The Netstars Awards as a shopaholic?

The Netstars Awards were hosted by porn star Conny Dachs and his fellow presenter Dirty-Priscilla. With his usual humour and bite he welcomed the guests present and also the nominated women and men, and routinely led through the event.

With a link to the awards published on social media in advance that the trophies could be purchased for around £9.82 (link here), it seemed to prompt some of the nominees not to turn up at the event in the first place. Media professionals such as porn actress Lena Nitro, amateur starlet Hannah Secret or Simone from InSecret, on the other hand, know that appearing at these events is not only a good thing, but also that their fans come to the events to be up close and personal with their stars for once.

Es liefen Freudentränen: Jessy ist Netstar 2019

So the presenting duo faced the challenge of being able to give out half the awards, but having to keep the mood up. Our impression: well done! Only what the erotic girls were being awarded for, however, was not so obvious. As a gift, because in addition to the Netstar Award with personal engraving, each honoree received a long-stemmed red rose and a voucher for Eurowebtainment (a B2B networking event in Mallorca) worth 399 euros.

The atmosphere at Maxxim during the Netstars Awards ceremony

As long as the girls are happy and the men are buying the tickets, the concept has worked. Today it went up again, everything done right from the organizers point of view. Immediately after the awards, she filled the dance floor and the real party began. New guests kept coming until well after midnight, and those who were particularly keen to party even danced until dawn.

For fans a good opportunity to get closer to their pornstars and rock out with them in the club. For business, on the other hand, there were the events on Wednesday (“Night of the Nights” at the Hotel Amano) as well as the official Venus party on Friday at the legendary Puro 20 floors above the roofs of Berlin in the Europa Center.

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