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Live switch to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award

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Live-Schalte nach Los Angeles: Texas Patti gewinnt 10. Venus Award

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Porn star Texas Patti gives speech naked as splinters

Texas Patti wins her 10th Venus Award in 2019. She had already convinced the jury in the past years in various categories such as “Best Actress International” or “Best Producer”. This year she received the coveted prize in the MILF category. Above all, she was the first to win her 10th Venus Award in a row.

Live switch to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus AwardThe Venus Award

For 23 years, the Venus Award has been presented annually at the Venus Messe in Berlin. The prize is the most important porn award in Europe and always causes a stir. Various stars of the porn scene are honoured in hot categories such as “Best MILF”. Since the prize is so coveted, Texas Patti is the most successful porn star in Europe with the 10th Venus Award – at least as far as the awards at the Berlin Erotic Fair are concerned. No other one has received so many awards there.

What figure did Texas Patti make at the awards?

First of all, none at all! Texas Patti wasn’t at the Venus Fair at all. Instead, she was on the road in the USA as an actress and director.

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And of course we are eagerly looking forward to the porn that will come out of it. But an award ceremony without a prizewinner would have been boring. So while Patti was travelling in the USA, her husband Patrick made some preparations for a facetime speech:

After all, after the previous successful streak, one could certainly hope to win the 10th Venus Award. At 0.15 am German time the candidates for the category “MILF” were called. At the same time, on the other side of the Great Pond, Texas Patti interrupted her shoot. She looks spellbound at the screen with other naked actors. The whole set is curious whether Patti will win her 10th Venus Award.

And she did! To win the prize for best MILF and the 10th Venus Award for the second time is a special honor! At the Venus Fair in Berlin, nobody can know that a whole porn set in the USA is jumping around naked with joy. The prize will first be accepted by her assistant Holly.

23rd Venus: Eroticism, Lifestyle and a World Record

DBut then something happens that will probably go down in the history of the Venus Awards: Patti, who will also host AVN 2020, sends her thanks from Los Angeles via Facetime, while three of her colleagues stand naked in the background and are happy with her! Even the Venus Messe has never experienced anything like this before.

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