Live feed to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award

By Jens Haberlein
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Live feed to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award
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Pornstar Texas Patti gives speech stark naked

Texas Patti wins her 10th Venus Award in 2019. She had already convinced the jury in previous years in various categories such as “Best Actress International” or “Best Producer”. This year she received the coveted award in the MILF category. Most importantly, she snagged her 10th consecutive Venus Award, the first ever.

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Live feed to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus AwardThe Venus Award

For 23 years, the Venus Award has been presented annually at the Venus trade show in Berlin. The award is the most important porn award in Europe and always causes a sensation. Various stars of the porn scene are honored in hot categories such as “Best MILF”. Since the award is so coveted, Texas Patti winning the 10th Venus Award makes her the most successful porn star in Europe, so to speak – at least as far as awards at the Berlin erotic fair are concerned. No one else there has received anywhere near as many awards.

What kind of figure did Texas Patti cut at the awards?

First of all, none at all! Texas Patti was not at the Venus Fair at all. Instead, she toured the U.S. as a performer and director. And of course, we’re eagerly looking forward to the porn that will come out of it.


However, an award ceremony without an award winner would have been boring. So while Patti was away in the US, her husband Patrick was making some preparations for a Facetime speech:

After all, after the previous string of successes, there was definitely hope of winning the 10th Venus Award. Then at 0:15 German time the candidates for the category “MILF” were called. At the same time on the other side of the Great Pond, Texas Patti interrupts her shoot. Spellbound, she looks at the screen with other naked performers. The whole set is of course excited to see if Patti will win her 10th Venus Award.

And it has! Winning the Best MILF award for the second time and the 10th Venus Award ever is a special honor! That in the USA right now a whole porn set is jumping around naked with joy, no one can know at the Venus fair in Berlin. Indeed, the prize is first received by her assistant Holly.

23. Venus: Erotik, Lifestyle und ein Weltrekord

But then something happens that will probably go down in the history of the Venus Awards: Via Facetime Patti, who will also be host of the AVN 2020, sends her thank you from Los Angeles, while three of her colleagues stand naked in the background and rejoice with her! Even the Venus trade fair has not yet experienced anything like this.

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