Nutella flavored bockwurst, the meat sausage in a chocolate pot

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Nutella flavored bockwurst, the meat sausage in a chocolate pot
Nutella flavored bockwurst, the meat sausage in a chocolate pot


Bizarre dildo variant for fetish lovers?

Soon something will come on the market that will be very popular in the fetish sector. This is a Nutella flavored bockwurst or even meat sausage in a chocolate pot. What you can do with it? So some things that fetish lovers will surely enjoy a lot. Fans of Nutella and bockwurst in particular can look forward to this, because both are now available combined, as the ÖKO-TEST app reports.

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Nutella flavored bockwurst, the meat sausage in a chocolate potNutella flavored bockwurst – Strange sexual preferences?

Meat sausage in a chocolate pot can be excellent for adult babies. What the meat sausage and Nutella stand for, everyone can certainly imagine for themselves. What a wonderful feeling when the Nutella is not brought out with a knife or a spoon, but rather with the fingers or the bockwurst. You can make some wonderful messes with it. Nutella flavored bockwurst can be used anywhere on the body, not just in the mouth.

How about rubbing Nutella all over the body and then having the fetish partner eat it off with the sausage or tongue. But the meat sausage in the chocolate pot can also disappear into an adult diaper, simulating that the baby has relieved himself and now needs to be changed.

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The chocolate cream may be distributed very abundantly in the diaper, so that it swells out of it. There are no limits to creativity in the fetish scene. Nutella flavored bockwurst can be used imaginatively and in many ways.

Bockwurst as a fetish in combination with Nutella?

But there are also people whose fetish is the bock or meat sausage. Also with the sausage can do the most diverse frivolous things. For example, it can be used in the anal area and the Nutella spread all around so that the game looks extra real.

Also in this case, of course, both components may be licked or eaten by the partner. Since the bockwurst is very soft in itself, it feels pleasant not only on the skin, but also in the body and tickles the fetish lovers in various ways.

The meat sausage in a chocolate pot is a completely new way to live out your most secret fetish. Pain does not occur in the process. If you get several pots at once, you can also bathe in Nutella and really let yourself go, because there is no one who is allowed or able to pass judgment on it.

The Nutella-flavored Bockwurst is a must-have for anyone who not only likes to eat the two foods, but also enjoys playing with them. If you like, you can also spread both on a surface and roll in them. For this purpose, a partner is then not necessary, but you can live out his desire quite alone.

The ambivalent pleasure – Bockwurst with Nutella taste

There are many people who combine their food in unusual ways. Some eat brown bread with jam or with jam and salami, while others combine their bockwurst with Nutella flavoring. But now you don’t have to buy it individually, because for all lovers of these two foods there is now the meat sausage in a chocolate pot for that special love game that is anything but boring. More information about this will probably be available soon.

Watch out: As with the Pimpernuckel, this could be – at least rumor has it – satire.

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