Is the meeting with an escort cheating?

By Jens Haberlein
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Is the meeting with an escort cheating?
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Where does secret cheating begin?

Many men will have asked themselves this important question a few times! Is the meeting with an escort cheating? Good question! Because there are probably very divided views on that. Most men will clearly answer this question in the negative, because it’s just about meeting a beautiful woman.

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Many men even claim that they meet with escorts only to talk or to be accompanied to a fair. For women, on the other hand, all alarm bells ring when they only hear the word escort service. We would like to take a closer look at this topic and clarify it.

Is the meeting with an escort cheating?Sex with a strange woman is cheating

Basically, it should be noted that the women from the Escort Service Düsseldorf are not always necessarily booked for sex. No there are actually a lot of men who just want the company to the dinner or to the business meeting. Should a married man really only let himself be accompanied, one can in no way speak of cheating. Often the male gender feels lonely on business trips and wants some entertainment or distraction.

But of course, very few men tell their wives that, because, as we know, they always assume the worst. The reputation of the escort service has unfortunately suffered somewhat in recent years and many face the service of escort ladies with a critical eye. However, should sexual acts occur during an escort meeting, one can definitely speak of cheating. Here it is also completely irrelevant whether feelings or kissing were involved. Physical contact = cheating. There’s nothing to sugarcoat about that either.

What risk do I take on an escort date?

One thing in advance, who wants to cheat, is quite well advised with the booking of an escort. Because these ladies just want to earn their money. So you don’t have to worry that after the meeting the woman will still get clingy or even make a scene. All of that falls away completely. You only see each other for the booked time and then you go your separate ways again. Sounds really easy, doesn’t it? It is. If it weren’t for one’s own conscience.

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The most difficult thing for most men is to look their sweetheart in the eye after such a professional meeting. After all, you’re not supposed to let on. An alibi or similar need the fewest men, because the escort booking is made to 99% on business trips. So you’re not at home anyway and can’t be caught in flagrante delicto. The risk with a professional escort date is definitely lower than having sex with your own secretary or similar.

Is the meeting with an escort cheating?

Advantages and disadvantages of a professional escort

We would also like to point out the advantages and disadvantages of a professional escort. Because every male customer should know exactly what it may be getting into.

The advantages:
  1. Spontaneous meetings always possible
  2. Escort ladies usually come to the client
  3. Time limited date without obligations afterwards
  4. Beautiful women with enormous intelligence
  5. Escort ladies always submit to their client
The disadvantages:
  1. No feelings possible
  2. Time limited date
  3. You have to dig a little deeper into your pocket

Is the meeting with an escort cheating?

The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. This is probably also the reason why so many men like to treat themselves to an escort. Of course, as an escort client you can also express special wishes and choose your woman from the card index of the agency. Thus, you do not have to compromise on education, nor on the appearance of his charming companion.

How to book an escort?

Those who have never had the pleasure of an escort may now wonder how to book an escort. There are numerous providers of different escorts. Of course, you should pay attention to the choice of ladies and the location of the agency. Also different German cities should be in the offer, because one can save as a customer so the journey costs. Then all it takes is a phone call and you can book your dream woman over the phone. But also by mail most agencies already offer the booking.

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