A black head mask with opening for the mouth in the test

By Marco Dorada
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A black head mask with opening for the mouth in the test
A black head mask with opening for the mouth in the test


Black head mask for various games

Ouch! black head mask can be used for various games. Especially in the field of BDSM it is used with pleasure. What details make them and what else is important to know to use the mask perfectly. The article explains this and more in detail.

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The Submission Mask from Ouch!

A black head mask with opening for the mouth in the testThe black head mask is comfortable to wear and wraps the entire head. The material hardly lets any light through and ensures that the wearer can see as good as nothing. In return, it promotes the other senses. Suitable black head mask with beautiful shine for ladies and gentlemen.

Because the material is lightweight, the wearer can still hear and breathe. The highlight, however, is the opening for the mouth, which is thus still accessible. The dimensions of the Submission Mask are 39.5 x 18 x 0.2 centimeters, the weight is 39 grams. Made black head mask is made of spandex, which is responsible for high flexibility.

The mask with the recess for the mouth can be comfortably slipped over the head. It fits the head well and is easy to put on and take off. Because the fabric of the Submission Mask is lightweight, the wearer can hear everything that is happening around them. This provides immense tension during sex.

The opening for the mouth increases the fantasy immeasurably and animates all participants to erotic games of a special kind. The manufacturer Ouch! is known for its range of fetish products. Besides masks, he also offers plugs, restraints, whips and other sex toys for bondage. In addition, there are accessories and lingerie from Ouch! The quality of the products is high. Ouch! is one of the leading manufacturers for BDSM toys and convinces with high-quality and innovative articles.

What possibilities do these masks offer?

Whoever uses the black head mask can use it as a punishment or a reward for his sub. This has the possibility to drop even more. The black head mask forces him to pay more intense attention to his feelings.

On the other hand, wearing the black head mask can be liberating. Since the wearer can’t see anything, he can better conceal his insecurity and doesn’t have to endure the stares of others. For many, it is exciting to no longer see anything, but to be able to feel, smell and hear it. Thus, the tension for the following actions increases enormously. The black head mask increases the charm.

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An increase in stimulation can also be achieved by wearing the mask. There are people for whom wearing the black mask is an essential part of every session, in order to be able to drop optimally as a sub. The latter can concentrate on the other senses and enjoy his treatment perfectly.

However, it is also possible to put on the black head mask if the top thinks the sub is too distracted. Another option by wearing the mask is to demonstrate power, as the sub is helpless to the top. In addition, it is easier to humiliate him. Therefore, the black head mask is suitable for rewarding and punishing.

Insert black mask – final tips

Some people are afraid to wear the mask in the beginning, so those involved should start slowly. This allows the wearer to gradually get used to it. For many tops, the idea that the sub may not remove the mask is appealing. Not even when no restraints are applied.

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Then the sub is prohibited from acting on his own authority, but he can still move freely. This leads to more possibilities when playing with the black head mask. Whoever wears it, his head is completely enclosed. The top can thus control it perfectly. To increase the stimuli, the sub can additionally wear earplugs so that he can’t hear anything either.

However, breathing through the opening for the mouth and light fabric should not be restricted. However, it is possible to wear a gag, which makes it much more difficult to speak. The sub quickly loses orientation and sense of time in this way. Tops who want to show off their subs can also use the black mask for this purpose.

All in all, the black head mask is a versatile and exciting product that is used especially in the BDSM field. Nevertheless, it can be worn comfortably for a long period of time.

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