Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girls

By Mario Meyer
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Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girls
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India: Racy beauties and pure eroticism

What comes to mind first when you think of “typical Indian”? Kamasutra and the popular god Krishna there? Determined. Programmers and computer specialists? It’s possible. Rose sellers and cheap call centers? That, too, if you’re honest. But Indian porn stars? Honestly, who knew Indian porn actresses before reading this article? Well, then it’s high time to change that.

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Fascination India

Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girlsIf you ask people around him which country they feel is the furthest away, many will answer India. Geographically, of course, this is not quite right. But the culture of the subcontinent is actually mentally far away for most of us. No wonder. Although the Hindus place great importance on hospitality, they prefer to be among themselves. You have to be a little lucky to be accepted as one of their own. Even if some things of the Indian way of life seem strange at first sight, they are in some things big steps ahead of us.

Starting with the hustle and bustle of the Western world. When Indians need time, they simply take it. It is quite typical for Europeans to be under constant pressure. Everything has to be done yesterday if possible, otherwise there would be no moving forward. The Asian just shakes his head at this, takes the time he needs and ends up faster and much more relaxed at his destination.

Scenically, India is a feast for the eyes anyway. The exotic flora conjures up landscapes that are completely alien to a European. At the latest now that we are thematically with the word exotic, the Indian women come into play. Racial appearance, pale brown complexion, long black hair, deep brown eyes and usually a voluptuous bust.

(K)one secret Indian?

Not only Indian pornstars are eye-catchers, but generally the women from this country. Whereby many of them keep their beauty rather hidden.

Indian porn movies made in Bollywood?

The Indian film industry produces more than the American model Hollywood. Most of them are love stories and home movies. Almost always the main characters start singing and dancing in all kinds of situations. Even if these films don’t enjoy international success, Indians are into them. And it is exactly for them that these films were made. Hardly any Indian director thinks about the audience outside his country when shooting a film.

Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girls

So when it comes to Indian porn stars and corresponding erotic movies, it’s mainly the English who come into play. Many Indians now live on the island and have adapted to the conditions there. Also when it comes to the subject of eroticism. What seems almost impossible in the home country is completely normal here. Indian women are allowed to live out their sexuality and try out different partners. Some of the girls discover the love of the camera and can be filmed on their horny career.

Indian pornstars

They are all characterized by this incredibly exotic aura that these foreign girls exude. Even though there are not many Indian porn stars compared to the population of this country: Their names should be remembered.

  • Maya Singh was one of the very first erotic stars from the subcontinent. Even though she has become known mainly under her stage name Ann Stephens. In the meantime Maya is unfortunately no longer active. She was definitely a prime example of what Indian porn stars are made of.
  • The Indian porn actress with the melodious stage name Sahara Knite had, among other things, a role as a courtesan in “Game of Thrones”. From time to time she can also be seen in the “Fake Taxi”.
  • Born in England, Leah Jaye has spent a total of eight years in the porn business, giving us many a delicious film along the way. This Indian pornstar especially liked it doggy style. She is also into everything that has to do with sperm.
  • Priya Anjali Rai has had a career of now eight years as an actress. It is their natural horniness that finally brought them to porn.
  • With Destiny Deville, the British influence cannot be denied. There are even gangbang shots to see here.
  • Sunny Leone ‘s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra and she made it to Penthouse Pet of the Year. In the meantime she lives in Canada.
  • Born in India, Gaya Patal began her career as an erotic actress in Canada.
  • Likewise, in a listing about Indian porn stars, the cute beauties Nadia Ali and Anjali Kara must be mentioned.

But as always, the best comes to the end in this report.

Indian pornstars and their queen: Janice Griffith

Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girlsThe sight of this racy beauty queen with the dream body should take every man in peace. Whereby, who can remain calm and serene at this sight? The dark brown, almost black eyes perfectly match the lightly tanned skin tone and brunette hair. The face, just like the rest of the body, is flawless. The bust is ample, but it fits perfectly with her slim figure.

One could write a whole chapter about her legs and their erotic power alone. Anyone who has seen her understands why Janice Griffith is now one of the most sought-after porn stars in the world. Born in New York, Janice Griffith immediately stands out because of her Indian roots. Especially any man. Because this appearance can no longer be surpassed in eroticism. One wonders if the article on Sex Appeal on Wikipedia might not even feature her photo.

But why talk only about photos? After all, this is about whole movies. Watching Janice Griffith in front of the camera in her erotic action is like a revelation. Here it becomes more than clear that the blood of the Indians is a few degrees hotter than that of the Europeans. Passionate is the name of the game here. From the first to the last second. The temperament and joie de vivre of the Indian population is something that no one in cold Europe can match. Of course, this comes into its own extremely during a porn movie.

The big exclusive interview with porn girl Mary Haze

And Janice Griffith is the undisputed number one. At times, one almost expects their shooting partners to have to go under the nearest oxygen tent after the act. Because that’s how intense, horny and splashy the action is that you can see here. Well, Indians not only like their food extremely spicy. To borrow an older, but appropriate, advertising slogan: if they’re too sharp, you’re too weak. This saying seems made for an Indian sex goddess like Janice Griffith.


At the latest after reading this article, every reader should deal with the topic. If you read up on Indian porn stars, you will quickly come across Janice Griffith and probably get stuck there for a while. We wish at this point already a lot of fun while looking at the many photos and videos.

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