15.12. – Today celebrates Xisca Bond birthday

By Julia Moreno
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Hot Lesbian Threesome: Lia Leone, Xisca Bond and Tamy Love
Hot Lesbian Threesome: Lia Leone, Xisca Bond and Tamy Love


Xisca Bond Birthday ♬♩

Many fans already know, but it should be mentioned again. It’s sweet Xisca Bond’s birthday, and it’s today, 12/15. This is what the pretty lady would like to celebrate. Not alone, but with a fan or two.

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Make Xisca a gift here!

It’s worth it, because she regularly meets with strangers. The appeal is great for them. But when it’s GermanDream18 ‘s birthday, it’s probably time for the post to really take off.

Who is this babe anyway?

A real natural bust does not need siliconeXisca is the star in the porn sky. She has a naturally large bust, which is why many men adore her. What could be more natural than to celebrate a birthday with Xisca Bond and enjoy her racy curves. When German_Dream_18 has a birthday, she lets it rip. Here, everyone comes at his erotic expense, which is just with her. Therefore, it is recommended to contact her and look at her photos and videos.

Make Xisca a gift here!

Because Xisca Bond is not only ready to meet users who ask her out on her birthday. This happens all the time. Why are dates with the actress worthwhile? She is visually a grenade and sexually absolutely open. In addition, she likes to fulfill the wishes of her fans.

These may have it gladly in itself. After all, she herself has the most diverse preferences and inclinations and likes to learn.

Xisca Bond has birthday and wants to fulfill wishes herself

That Xisca Bond wanted to become a star, she has already shown at the beginning of her career. She put in a lot of effort to fulfill her dream of becoming a sex actress. Today, however, it is very well known. Her fans appreciate what she does for them. The lady with big breasts is also otherwise pretty and sexy to look at. When Xisca Bond has a birthday, she puts her look on display even more. Whether this is possible at all? It is clear that she is always a feast for the eyes, not only on her day of honor.

Give her a gift!

In her photos and videos she always stages herself in seductive lingerie. The focus is on her enormous bust. That’s what she’s focusing on. Otherwise, it is quite slim and shapely. When Xisca Bond’s birthday comes, it will be the same. This is something her admirers can definitely look forward to. Sometimes she presents herself on her page but also completely in the Adam costume. Then she shows purely what she has.

♬♩ Happy birthday, Xisca Bond, happy birthday to you …

Xisca as an influencer in social networks

When GermanDream18 has a birthday, she certainly shows up on social media. There she is active as an erotic influencer and also entertains her followers with hot pictures and statements about what she does. Those who want to celebrate a birthday with Xisca Bond should make an effort, because the number of her fans is constantly increasing.

Make Xisca a gift here!

In fact, with her looks and frankness, it’s no wonder. Therefore, it is advisable to log on to her site and contact her. Then maybe nothing stands in the way of a meeting with German_Dream_18 on her birthday.

The key is to make yourself as interesting as possible to them as their fan. If someone catches her attention, it is quite possible that she will get back to you and invite you to a frivolous meeting. So fans should keep in mind when Xisca Bond’s birthday is. If this day approaches, timely contact is mandatory for a meeting with her. It can be assumed that Xisca Bond will come up with something especially hot for her birthday.

More porn pics and sex videos of the pretty woman is available at

Make Xisca a gift here!

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