That’s why women should touch each other

That’s why women should touch each other
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I could feel women touching each other

Ha! A few years ago I was in a school for Tantra and of course I also learned the Tantra massage there. And why women should touch each other. At that time I still thought that I knew everything about sexuality. After all, I had attended the Tantra course, read myself and practiced a lot. Potzblitz – you can be wrong!

That's why women should touch each otherUnfiltered emotions merge

Sometime then I was with a “Yonimassage exchange day” in Hessen, more exactly said in the Weserbergland. The small place is called “Gewissenruh”. An interesting name. But my conscience certainly had no rest there! It was very exciting. Yoni massage means by the way the massaging of the genitals in the context of a Tantramassage. These are often given by specially trained Trantra masseuses or even music therapists. For my sexual development these massages were very important, I can even speak of a key experience.

The Tantra massage was so wonderful – tears ran down my face. Yes, I cried in the meantime. Because it just felt good, like this woman who could have been my mother or my great-aunt. I was able to feel myself for the first time. Now I could really listen into myself. Things I knew only from stories.

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I was able to channel my feelings and implement my emotional states unfiltered. My voice, my breath and my movement merged to a unity. Deep inside me this experience touched me very much.

I guess I didn’t know that much about sex after all

But suddenly I realized that I didn’t know as much about sexuality as I thought I did. So I decided to start a “Perlentor” training. The “Perlentor” massage is based on the Tantra massage. It was invented by Nhanga Grunow – especially for women!

The main focus here is on the combination of yoni massage and communication among each other. The masseuse and the massaged person bring the touches into harmony, into one perpendicular. The passive woman should communicate her feelings with verbal communication, what she feels and how she feels it.

Girl, touch me!

In a course for tantra massages I began my journey

What is not all possible with such a kind of massage! Normally we do not know which setting we have here: the “weak sex” is able to discover and experience one’s own body and sexuality. All in peace and without stress or pressure. It can even happen that feelings emerge that otherwise have little or no place in conventional sexuality.

Unlimited joy, violent anger, icy grief, but also deep experiences of a spiritual nature can mingle here with the female emotional world. The research uranium can be investigated here: How do I find my way into my lust? Which touches does my yoni prefer? Why do I experience just as much pleasure even without sexual climax?

But as a trainee I did not only learn massage techniques. I was also confronted with the exact appearance and functions of the female genitals.

Where women are supposed to touch each other

I was taught how women can learn squirting, how to ejaculate. I literally absorbed the new information, reading everything that came between my fingers during this time. So I also encountered the knowledge of how women can best get to know their own sexual needs and how they can communicate them afterwards.

The fact that the body can store emotions in the genitals was new to me, but still not alien. By means of a special massage technique these can be solved again. The life themes of women are so closely linked to sexual spirituality that every woman should value her female sexuality as a gift for life.

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If there are problems or diving difficulties in the area of sexuality, the still patriarchal taboo takes up – the moral lobe swinging vigorously. If the body is not capable of making a reliable medical diagnosis and there are apparently no measurable causes, women do not dare to ask where help is available.

It’s a niche when masseuses, specially trained for women’s therapy, take on this important task. Differential diagnoses of the medical profession are not in demand here for once.


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