More sex because of emojis and also more dates?

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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More sex because of emojis and also more dates?
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Emojis: The Love Elixir of the 21st Century

Hardly anything is as controversial as Emojis. While some don’t get enough of it at all, for others they are an absolute no-go. But one thing is for sure now: Emoji users are more successful when it comes to love. So there is more sex because of Emojis. If you like to use this controversial tool, you’ll also have more dates and even get more relationships.

More sex because of emojis and also more dates?Scientific status

Two studies from the USA have now found this out. Researchers from the University of Indiana and Lake Forest College in Chicago investigated the writing habits of almost 5,600 singles. The singles were asked how and why they used Emojis, how many appointments they had, if it became intimate and if they had further dates afterwards.

The result: Although only a small number of respondents said they regularly used emojis, these same people had more first dates and sex. In addition, their dates tend to change into a fixed relationship.

But what is it that makes Emoji users so irresistible? Why is there more sex because of Emojis? The reasons for this probably lie in the following aspects:

The reasons

1) Nonverbal Communication

First, emojis generate the facial expressions and gestures that are normally missing in text messages. This imitates personal face-to-face communication. This is, even if often underestimated, an important part of our lives. In evolutionary terms, facial expressions and gestures were the first forms of language. They round off the conversation, give the other person feedback and reveal our own emotional state.

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All this would fail in a dry message without Emojis and make it more difficult for the other person to assess our messages.

2) Showing affection – building relationships

Through this non-verbal communication emotions can be expressed more easily. It is also easier to tell the other person that you are attracted to him or her. The resulting empathy, simulated closeness and easier expression of feelings probably supports the development of an intimate relationship and accelerates the approach.

3) No misunderstandings

Jokes, sarcasm and cynicism can be better identified. Actually harsh-looking answers are defused. Emojis simply loosen up. This helps to avoid misunderstandings. This leads to fewer conflicts, but more sex because of emojis.

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