The TES (The European Summit) in Prague is just around the corner

By Mario Meyer
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The TES (The European Summit) in Prague is just around the corner
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Experience TES European Summit in Prague

On September 12, 2019, it’s that time again and the TES European Summit will open its doors in the Czech capital Prague. The TES Affiliate Conferences were founded ten years ago, ergo anno 2009.

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It brings together experts in the online entertainment industry from finance, e-commerce, dating, gambling, health, erotica and many more. They meet for an intensive exchange that lasts three days and participate in a rich program.

TES Affiliate Conference Prague 2019First information about “The European Summit

From the beginning, TES was committed to providing a great experience for participants. In the high-tech world of the World Wide Web, it is always important that business partners who otherwise often only know each other via email or Skype will establish and subsequently maintain good interpersonal relationships. They are the basis for successful companies.

Hospitable The European Summit

The event begins with a day of hospitality. Everyone has the opportunity to participate there. The program is colorful and offers various opportunities for entertainment. It is possible to participate in a karting grand prix or to play golf. Even skydiving is possible.

TES leaders are constantly looking for new activities where participants can network and meet new business partners. In addition, even more is offered.

More than 150 exhibitors attend the Meet Market, which is a three-hour event. This is where exhibitors and participants sometimes see each other for the first time. Products and services can be presented.

TES Affiliate Conference Prague 2019

The Affiliate Conferences conference and exhibition days in Prague

On the second and third day, the important conferences and exhibition days will take place. The schedule is very intensive and will be presented in more detail in excerpts later. Seminars, panels, presentations and much more will be offered. For those who want to see what’s taking place, check out the schedule on the European Summit page. European Summit 2019 organizers strive to provide an enjoyable experience for attendees. You can use various luxurious sponsor lounges to do business. This is beneficial for all companies. The overview of sponsors can also be found on the organizer’s page.

The future of the European Summit

Since The European Summit was founded, strong growth has been achieved. In the future, they expect expansion to proceed significantly. This year, the organizers expect possibly more than 2,000 participants.

TES Affiliate Conference Prague 2019What is included in the admission price of the European Summit?

The price of admission to the event includes many extras. Guests can take advantage of the airport shuttle that will take them to the hotel and the venue. There will be welcome drinks, lunch and complimentary refreshments while the seminars are taking place. There is also free internet access on site.

Admission to official happy hours and parties is free. Shuttle buses are available to all events outside the conference hotels. By the way, everyone can contact the conferees via the TES network tool. On the day of departure, an airport transfer is also available for all guests.

There are other benefits for visitors to the European Summit. You will have access to all TES trade show events, speeches, lectures or presentations. Access to the Meet Market is also included. Free drinks will be served on all days.

Die TES (The European Summit) in Prag steht vor der Tür

The plan of the Affiliate Conferences

Below is an excerpt from the European Summit event program. On September 12, the first events will begin before the actual event. German participants can be picked up from Berlin at the Hotel Catalonia in Berlin-Mitte and have lunch in Dresden. The estimated time of arrival in Prague is 15:30.

On the same day, there will be an exclusive event limited to 20 to 25 participants. A wide variety of business partners come together in the process. The meeting provides an opportunity for industry experts to identify and talk about challenges and opportunities. In this way, they also learn from the experiences of the other participants. Those who wish to be invited must register in advance by email. However, since the number of participants is limited, participation cannot be guaranteed.

At noon, the organizers (Andres Bischoff and Walter Y. Andreas) will open conference registration. Registration should be done during pre-registration to avoid long queues. The location of the event is in the registration area.

At 5 p.m., the Early Bird Happy Hour will take place. Those who have already arrived in Prague on this day do not have to stay alone. He can attend MojoCloud’s official Early Bird Happy Hour and meet other attendees there. The happy hour will take place on the roof terrace in good weather, in the attic in bad weather and will end at 6 pm. Invited guests can join us at 7pm for the TES19-Clicks2Convert! and join us there for dinner.

Die TES (The European Summit) in Prag steht vor der Tür

Schedule of events of the European Summit on September 13

The next day the actual European Summit will take place. At eight o’clock the airport transfer will take place with the possibility to meet the EPGBill assistants at the arrival gate of Terminal T2 at Prague Airport. At nine o’clock there will be welcome drinks in the form of light refreshments upon arrival.

After a few other events, show attendees will gather at 3:30 p.m. at Meet Market. There are 140 exhibitors here. There is also an open bar there. At 5 p.m. participants can go to the hot dog stand (sponsor is Pineapple Support), they will find it in the registration area. The stand closes in the evening at 11 pm.

Schedule of events of the European Summit on September 14

On September 14, the European Summit will again offer a broad program of events where guests can once again make new contacts.

On this day, among other things, there will be a seminar attended by models who take care of orders and bookings themselves. It explains which platforms are suitable for this, how they go about it and what else models can do to be successful. But many other seminars, workshops and panels are also on the program.

Schedule of events on September 15 the European Summit

On the last day, there will be a presentation on fraud in the online dating industry at eleven o’clock. Since there are many such services that want to help singles to stop being alone, experience has shown that there are also scammers who are only after the singles’ money.

Die European Summit 2017 in Sitges/Barcelona

During the presentation, the speakers will present various ways in which the scammers operate. For example, there are fake sites, but also scam communities in developing countries that pretend to be European singles on the traditional portals. Here we now discuss how to most effectively combat fraud.

After the European Summit on September 16, the Airport Shuttle will take participants to the airport between four and 8:30 pm.

The Eronite team will also be attending the event and will be available in person on site with a contact person for questions and answers. If you are interested in a meeting, please contact us via our contact form.

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