The swallow training – How my girlfriend learned to swallow sperm

By Jens Haberlein
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The swallow training - How my girlfriend learned to swallow sperm
The swallow training - How my girlfriend learned to swallow sperm
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My girlfriend wanted to learn to swallow my cum

Some time ago, the topic of oral sex came up with my girlfriend and me. We have both had oral sex, but not with each other until now. In addition, both she and I would like to know what it’s like to have my girlfriend swallow sperm. So we planned some kind of swallowing training.

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We started with a lot of oral sex and swallow training

The swallow training - How my girlfriend learned to swallow spermMy girlfriend wanted to swallow my sperm, but had no idea how my juice tasted. Accordingly, she was very worried that she might find it disgusting. Besides, she had only had a few blowjobs and cunnilingus so far and we started with that first. In the past, sex with us had been more spontaneous, but now we made fixed dates on which we deliberately had oral sex.

This could be in between on the sofa, but also sometimes standing up or quite “normal” in the evening in bed. After a few weeks, we liked oral sex with each other more and more, because we knew exactly how to pleasure the other. On top of that, we both had the goal that my girlfriend would swallow the sperm when the time came.

This phase with a lot of mouth traffic was basically our introduction to the swallowing training to come. Through the many hours that I thereby satisfied her orally in total and she me, it belongs firmly in our sex life. You could even say that it became a nice routine. In addition, each time I was more eager that it could soon be his and my girlfriend would swallow the sperm.

Of course, we had agreed that this should not just happen. We always used condoms or I pulled him out very timely before or “warned” her. That worked out well and she trusted me completely.

Preparation through proper nutrition

Since my girlfriend had read up sufficiently on the subject of swallowing and sperm, she asked me to adjust my diet accordingly. This didn’t mean that I was suddenly on a diet or only allowed to eat certain meals for weeks at a time. But I should avoid garlic, onions, asparagus, alcohol and nicotine. Since I didn’t smoke anyway and drank very little, it wasn’t difficult for me at all. Giving up food was not difficult, especially because I was driven by the erotic thought that my girlfriend would swallow sperm.

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To positively influence the taste of my sperm, I drank a lot of water and ate pineapple every day. According to our research for swallowing training, my sperm became so particularly delicious. Fruit teas and sodas should also contribute to a tasty juice due to the sugar content. Basically, sweet foods were supposedly good for taste and bitter or overly salty foods were not. Since I wanted to make my girlfriend swallow the sperm as pleasant as possible, I kept more very closely to the specifications.

We left out the condoms

After our extensive oral sex with condoms, we were now slowly getting ready to stop using condoms. She blew my cock in the meantime without a rubber. That alone appealed to me and made me want more. So that she could slowly get used to the taste of my sperm, I now squirt on her during cumming. Mostly on the breasts, buttocks or belly. She then took a fingertip of my sperm and put it in her mouth so she could taste it in small amounts. I found that very arousing. Through this swallowing training, she slowly came to enjoy my taste.

The swallow training - How my girlfriend learned to swallow sperm

My girlfriend has found our swallow training very enjoyable so far. She told me that at first she had been a little disgusted by taking my sperm in her mouth. But the more she tried it, the more she liked it. Besides, it excited both of us. I loved watching her taste my juice and she loved that it turned me on so much. Thus, it was often the case that there was still a second round of sex. Of course, we also had vaginal sex during this. Finally, despite our training, oral sex should not be the only focus.

Today my girlfriend wants to swallow the sperm

Finally, the day had come. Today my girlfriend wanted to finally swallow the sperm. I looked forward all day to our nightly sex date. After all, we had been going through the swallowing training for weeks now and we both couldn’t wait. Just the idea that I inject my hot juice into her mouth today and she swallows it all made me extremely greedy.

She told me that by now she had also developed great anticipation and that she was glad that we had planned everything so well together.

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In the evening I came home and we went straight to the bedroom. After first satisfying her orally, it was my turn. I put my penis in her mouth and she slowly sucked it. Because of the anticipation, I could hardly hold it after a short time. I still told her that I would be right there and that she could stop at any time if she changed her mind.

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She said nothing and just kept sucking, nodding slightly. Finally, I could not stand it anymore and I came I in her mouth. It must have been a big load, because I had waited a long time for the moment. She looked a little surprised at first, but then swallowed it all and smiled.

My conclusion

After this shared experience, we sank into bed, both exhausted. She told me that the swallowing training had paid off. She wouldn’t always want to do it, but basically my girlfriend wanted to swallow sperm.

My girlfriend found it very exciting to please me with it. The taste had also not been a problem, as it had tasted quite sweet due to my diet. For me it was absolutely okay that she would not always swallow my juice. It should remain a sexual highlight and I was already looking forward to the next time when my girlfriend would swallow the sperm.

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