The confession: I squirted in my sister’s panties

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Only with full panties to the class party

My sister often doesn’t take it too seriously when it comes to choosing her boys. I think this little thing gets it on with everyone who crosses her path. However, I no longer participate in this. If I have to have the horniest sister, then she must know where she really belongs. Therefore, I sprayed my sister in her panties before driving her to the class party.

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She needs to know where she belongs

For a long time I have been aware that my sister needed it often and persistently and probably she would have let herself be mounted by one or the other guy in a dark corner at the class party. Just like she always did. But not this time.

The confession: I squirted in my sister's panties

This time I had simply injected my sister in advance in the panties and thereby made her only horny for me. Or so I thought. After all, my dad made me promise when he married her mother that I would take extra good care of my new little sister. And, I couldn’t possibly refuse my dad a wish.

I will take them there, under two conditions

When she told me that she wanted to go to this class party in the next big city, I immediately offered to drive her there and also to take her home again if she would fulfill two conditions. First, she goes only if I had sprayed her panties as my sister before we would leave.

Straight to the sexy sister

And secondly, she would blow me there in the girls’ bathroom. Two conditions that seemed entirely to my sister’s liking and almost more like a reward than a condition.

She knew how to get me going

She let me watch her shower because she knew I was into it. Too often I had opened the door a crack and she had probably noticed. Can also be good that I did not hide it properly that it made me horny how she showered, washed her hair and subjected her legs or bikini area to a shave.

The confession: I squirted in my sister's panties

Exactly there my sperm would spread, I had injected my sister in the panties. The thought probably not only made me horny, I also saw the sheer lust in her eyes when she got out of the shower.

This panties, just that

It took a sheer eternity for her to dry off. I was allowed to choose the thong. A fiery red one with more lace than fabric. So she stood in front of me with nothing on but these panties that held her up and looked at me promptly. She would not touch me, that she had made clear before, if I want to have injected my sister in the panties, then I would have to take care of it myself. And I did.

Straight to the sexy sister

At this lustful sight, my penis had almost exploded in my pants before and so it came that it did not take long until the juice ran out of me. With a loud moan, I had actually injected my sister in the panties.

She did not do what I wanted

Actually, I thought that she now wanted to get dressed, because I had sprayed my sister in the panties and thus point one was done. But I thought wrong. my sister sat down on the toilet in the bathroom and began to satisfy herself. With my juice in her panties. I had squirted into my sister’s panties and had no thought that it might make her horny right away.

The confession: I squirted in my sister's panties

So I had to watch helplessly as she rubbed her pearl, pushed her fingers inside, took them out again and actually licked them off. I was hot and cold at the same time and if it had been possible for me, I would have climbed it on the spot. She was horny and so was I. When she came, I clearly saw my juice mixing with hers. I had sprayed my sister in the panties, now he was literally under water. However, she was not interested in the juice mixture, even when it lay down between her thighs. She pulled on her skinny jeans and winked at me that it was time to go.

I had sprayed my sister in the panties

That was all I could think about all evening. She walked around with dripping wet panties and just pretended nothing was wrong. It turned me on tremendously to know that and I almost felt like the other guys knew what was going on. They literally competed to see who could dance with my sister or have a drink. These little innocent boys were all horny for her and I knew some knew why. One or the other had certainly already been allowed to do it and would want to do it again.

Straight to the sexy sister

Now and then my sister was not traceable, it was clear that this bitch had disappeared once again with one or the other into a dark corner. She just couldn’t let it go.

Another wanted to get into her pants – not with me

Therefore, I went after her. I was looking for them. Today was not the right time to satisfy another. I had sprayed my sister in the panties and therefore clearly marked my territory. No one else had lost anything here – at least today. Still, I found my sister with a boy in a dark hallway, his cock sunk deep in her mouth.

The confession: I squirted in my sister's panties

They noticed me and as soon as the guy saw me, he took flight with his stiff cock in his hand. My sister was more than taken aback and laughed out loud, but I gave her to understand that she still had something to do here.

Until she realized what was going on, she had him in her mouth

I pulled down my pants, took her head and put her mouth over my phallus. This was the one she had to blow, no other. What else had I sprayed my sister in the panties for? She blew like a young goddess. I could understand why all the boys had the hots for my little sister. If she could do anything, it was to make us men horny and for that I loved my little sister immensely.

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She licked, blew and jerked my cock like no girl had ever done before. And I gave her what she really wanted: my juice in her mouth. She struggled with my mega charge and yet swallowed everything dutifully. Good manners she had, after all, my little sister, whom I had sprayed in the underpants and with whom she was still at this party. An absolutely awesome thought.

Straight to the sexy sister

I had sprayed my little sister in her panties to take care of her, just like I had promised my dad. Even if he may have thought otherwise. As we all know, the end justifies the means.

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