The confession: I filmed my parents having sex

By Jens Haberlein
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The confession: I filmed my parents having sex
The confession: I filmed my parents having sex
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I feel like a perverted pig

My name is Jan, I am 20 years young and still live with my parents in a house. My brother is three years younger than me and still goes to school. Sometimes he is exhausting, but in general we all get along quite well together. A common holiday is also included. Two years ago, my brother caught my parents having sex once and served me that scalding hot. But that I could get a kick out of it myself, I would not have thought at that time. But first things first.

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The confession: I filmed my parents having sex

Caught my parents having sex

Well, I myself never caught my parents having sex, but often I hear – especially from my mother – a distinct moaning from the room above me. In our house, I have my room right below them. Sometimes it even rumbles. I couldn’t imagine what they were doing there. All I knew was that they were fucking around a lot. My parents are still quite young. My father is 41 and my mother 37, both quite attractive, especially Mum. She likes to dress up, so that even my friends have already made the one or salacious remark. A really horny MILF just like they say. Even with her figure there is no need to hide from girls my age. I can vividly imagine that my parents get their money’s worth during sex. Also otherwise they are very open and not exactly children of sadness. Fortunately, however, this also had an impact on our upbringing.

Zu den Töchtern hübscher Eltern

Whenever I hear my parents having sex, I imagine my father nailing my mother. Then I lie down on the bed, pull down my pants and pull back my foreskin. When my penis is completely stiff, I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander. And I masturbate.

I was curious to watch my parents having sex

Recently, however, I came up with the idea of hiding a camera in their bedroom and filming my parents having sex. I wanted to know what was going on and how they were doing it. No sooner said than done. At Media Markt I bought a small camera that is so small that you can hardly see it. I then connected it to my computer and hid it in the wall clock that hangs just opposite the bed. A smoke detector is installed directly above the bed. I also built a camera into it to have a different perspective from above. Tensely I waited in my room until my parents went “to sleep” in the evening. At some point, my mother showed up naked on my screen. That I already had my iron hard cock in my hand at that time and jerked off, I certainly do not need to mention. Should I now be lucky enough to watch my parents having sex?

Das Geständnis: Ich erpresse meine Schwester Lisa

My mother knelt on all fours on the bed in a negligee. So from the bird’s-eye view I could see everything well. My father stood behind her, pushed her lingerie aside and brought her bottom into position. With both hands he grasped her hips and pulled his wife, my mother, directly onto his bulging spear. Slowly he penetrated her, but then he became faster. My mother moaned softly. In the other camera setting I could see her face. It was full of lust and desire. My father rammed them up pretty good by now. Again and again he fucked my mother’s cunt hard. He pushed her upper body down and now he even put one foot on her head to fix her on the bed. While he kept fucking her, he turned her hands behind her back, thrusting forcefully again and again.

Something totally unexpected happened

Both sweat and united their bodies. My father turned my mother now. She was lying with her back to the bed. He put her legs on his shoulders, placed his hard beating right next to her soaking wet hole. As if they knew I was filming them, they gave me the best camera angles, the most ingenious positions for my forbidden private porn with my own parents having sex. Over and over again my dad fucked my mom. Her initially soft moaning had now become so loud that I would have heard it clearly even without a microphone.

The sex community on the mobile phoneNow she knelt down in front of him, took his big cock in her mouth and sucked on it a few more times until he shot his load and spread it all over her face. She sucked his glans clean and swallowed what she could. The rest of the sperm dripped onto her full, beautiful breasts. There she rubbed the cum with her hand while my father’s penis went limp again. I was just about to cum, too, when something unexpected happened.

Suddenly my parents were standing right in front of the camera. Did they see me? I was a little startled. All of a sudden they both waved. Was that me? When my father began to speak, my laughter faded and my horniness suddenly gave way to a fucking shitty feeling: “Jan, you little pervert. We know about your activities. If this video ever turns up on your horny friends who stare at mom so much, you can pack your bags the same day.” Then my dad pulled the cameras down.

I never spoke to my parents about this situation again. I didn’t bring any friends home either. I’m still ashamed when I meet my parents in the house. Looking my mother and father in the eye is very difficult for me. Two weeks ago I started looking for my own apartment.

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