The 7 most bizarre fan requests to pornstars

By Benno von Sandhayn
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The 7 most bizarre fan requests to pornstars
The 7 most bizarre fan requests to pornstars

What are the fan requests for pornstars?

There are many fan requests for porn stars. We want to take care of a few today and report on what they find particularly inspiring. Thereby the fantasies go far apart. If you’d like to get some more experience and know how creative some are, get ready now to read how widely tastes differ.

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Feet set in scene especially

Die 7 skurrilsten Fan-Wünsche an PornostarsThat one or the other has a foot fetish, most know. But this preference is only the generic term. It is very versatile and always presents itself differently. One of the fan requests for porn stars was to put cheese between their toes. That idea alone gets the fans’ blood pumping. How they would love to take care of cheese and feet extensively. Not only with the hands, but especially with the lips, tongue and teeth.

Cheese has an aromatic taste, but it only gets the final maturity when it takes on the scent of the feet of an attractive porn star. But there are more bizarre fan requests for porn stars.

Ejaculation on the body of a pornstar

Men love to ejaculate. That’s clear so far. But the crowning glory for them is to ejaculate on the body of a porn star. After that is done, they would like to rub the liquid on the lady’s bare skin. Practically cream them with it.

It turns them on even more when they see that the lady also likes to feel the intimate wetness of a man on her body and to virtually melt with it.

Fan Wishes for Pornstars: Bondage

So some fans wish they could tie up their pornstars for once. It irritates them if they were at their mercy. Then they could do anything with them that they imagined in their fantasy. However, the fan group is split into two camps. While some would like to tie up their favorite porn star and like it when he is submissive, others want to be tied up themselves.

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Yeah, right! Of course, there are submissive men who love to be dominated by a woman. You want her to do whatever comes to her mind with them. The fan wishes for pornstars are just absolutely different and creative.

Devotedly take care of penis and testicles

Fan desires for porn stars also include the devotional use of penis and testicles. It doesn’t always have to be the sex act that men are about. Eroticism is just very varied and has infinitely many facets and sides. In doing so, the penis may or may not be erect. If he is not yet, however, it will not be long before he reaches that state.

Fans want their porn stars to gently stroke the penis, not forgetting the testicles, which should be delicately touched with the fingertips. But some also like it when the lady grabs a little harder.

Watching the porn actress masturbate

Frequent masturbation = limited ability to orgasm?Fan requests for porn stars are very imaginative. That’s why they would love to watch a porn actress satisfy herself, touching herself all over her body. Some fans like it when the woman touches her vagina, labia and clitoris with her fingers, while others prefer to use a sex toy.

They should then insert the dildo, for example, whether vaginal or anal is again a separate issue. But there are also fan requests for porn stars who want the ladies to touch their breasts and nipples, because these are also erogenous zones.

Some fans like it relaxed

Those who undergo a wellness treatment have to defoliate themselves considerably per se. The thought of sex is quite obvious. Therefore, fan desires for porn stars are also linked to this area. You would love to see the performers initiate erotic play in such an oasis. Whether they are massaged first and let their senses run free or they are in a sauna. It excites the fans.

Of course, it may also be sex while swimming or in a hot tub. Even if the ladies take a seat on a lounger to rest after the treatment, they are welcome to be pampered or to take intensive care of their partner(s). That way everyone gets something out of it.

Surprise – when the woman unexpectedly takes the initiative

Men like to have sex often. Even if they’re not thinking about it right now, it doesn’t take much to encourage them to do so. So it’s no surprise to anyone that fan desires for porn stars also deal with this. They like it when the woman out of the blue begins to turn on because man. She does this subtly with hot lingerie, but can also be more offensive.

For example, they both sit together on the couch and she abruptly grabs his crotch to arouse him by every trick in the book. What man wouldn’t want to put up with that?

Fan Wishes For Pornstars: There Is A Voyeur In Every Man

With male fantasies, there is also a large portion of voyeurism. That’s perfectly normal. They like to watch others have sex. Not just there when others masturbate. They love the idea of a performer’s actual partner having sex with another man and him watching them do it without interfering himself.

Sex in front of the mirror, by the way, many men also find sexy and stimulating.

Massage the prostate of a man

Some fans would love to see their favorite actress massage her partner’s prostate. He doesn’t even have to be homosexual to do this, because straight men love this feeling too. No wonder fan requests for porn stars are all about that too.

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That’s how they imagine it: He asks her to do it and tells her what his fantasies are. She agrees and picks up a dildo, which she of course inserts very carefully at first, and slowly works her way in, stroking and massaging it. With her free hand she takes care of his penis, so that he is stimulated twice. Of course, the whole thing can also be done with the fingers or the hand, if he prefers.

Fan Wishes On Pornstars: The Classic Fantasy

Many fans want their porn stars to have sex with another woman. They like it when they can see two women engaging with each other in an erotic way. How this occupation should turn out, however, everyone likes in a different way. Some love it when the ladies indulge themselves with a sex toy, while others are more comfortable with oral gratification.

Then there are fans who get turned on when women explore each other’s bodies with their hands, taking their time.

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