Story: In bed with an informer – My ex-wife’s agent

By Julia Moreno
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Story: In bed with an informer - My ex-wife's agent
Story: In bed with an informer - My ex-wife's agent

In bed with a spy

I want my ex-wife’s agent to spy on me

My ex is ruled by a desire for revenge. She refuses to see that I have left her, that I had to leave her. I’ve known for a long time that she’s a real bitch. But I never expected to be in bed with a snitch now. Here I tell you why I ended up in bed with a spy.

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Natalie intrigued me at first sight. Just the look in her eyes almost blew me away, not to mention her moist lips. She has honey blonde hair that reaches her full breasts. I was also immediately taken with her long legs and round buttocks. That the dream woman Natalie could be an agent of my ex-wife was simply unimaginable for me. Yes, I was pulled out of a dream when I realized I was in bed with a spy.

Sexy agents

If I hadn’t been so crazy about Natalie, I should have noticed her many questions. They were quite indiscreet for such a young acquaintance. How I would hold it then with BDSM and fetish. So, we hadn’t even kissed or touched each other then. I thought Natalie was not only uniquely desirable, but also experienced and refined. I liked that. Besides, she is over 30 and thus not much younger than my ex-wife.

My ex is seething with anger over my withdrawal

“Sonja, I can’t take it anymore. I’m leaving you. And I’m leaving today.” I admit to not exactly having handled my ex with kid gloves. Instead, I slammed my decision right in front of her, in the morning in the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet, she just got out of the shower. I still thought she was pretty, but at the same time I was thoroughly sick of her. Their eternal grumbling, their blasphemy and their condescending manner towards me. Nothing happened in bed for a long time, at least nothing exciting. Sometimes I fucked her listlessly and she masturbated while doing it.

In bed with an informer - My ex-wife's agent

Okay, she occasionally asked if I was up for something new. I did, but not with her. And so it happened that I ended up in bed with a spy. With a charming woman my ex-wife had set on me. And paid them for it. I feel like a huge jerk, but I’m really more angry at Sonja than at Natalie. When she looks at me with her doe eyes and cuddles my balls, I simply forget that I am in bed with a snitch. Natalie doesn’t even know yet that I’ve seen through her double game. I’m so hot for her that I keep doing it with a spy in bed. If only because I drive Sonja up the wall with it.

Sexy agents

She knows me well enough to know why I’m still fucking Natalie. Which is why I take her out and take her to the seaside for the weekend. Apparently, my ex-wife’s sensual agent hasn’t shared enough information about me yet. Sonja is thorough and not easily satisfied.

In bed with a crafty spy and still happy

In bed with an informer - My ex-wife's agentWhen I think about it, it almost seems like Natalie is in love with me. She really acts like a young woman who has romantic feelings and is totally horny at the same time. That’s an irresistible mixture that I fall for again and again. Yet it doesn’t feel like I’m falling for Natalie at all. We deal with each other quite naturally, and I can clearly feel the strong attraction between us. I feel a thousand times more comfortable with a snitch in bed like Natalie than with my ex. She liked to make fun of my somewhat short Dödellustig. That’s when he sometimes voluntarily withdrew, and I was met with even more ridicule.

Natalie, on the other hand, praises me for what I perform with my short dick in her pussy – and not only there. But I still notice that she keeps asking questions. Whether I have always been into anal sex, what I feel when facesitting and the like. Of course, I don’t always feel like giving precise information. Especially since I suspect I’m dealing with a spy in bed.

I have made my inquiries: Natalie has been in this job for a while. She was recommended as a successful agent for my ex-wife and praised for her empathy. I have no idea what Sonja has got into her head. Maybe she thinks I’m a pervert, a voyeur or a fetishist. Or I would never have told her the truth about my true inclinations. Practiced the flower sex with her only for show. How do I know what is going on in their offended souls.

Now and then I feel sorry for Sonja

Yes, that’s really true, although the Beast has scored a real coup. I sleep with my ex-wife’s agent, and she keeps herself informed about my activities – down to the smallest detail, down to the last drop of sperm. So I’m having fun in bed with a spy. Any sane guy would stop doing that immediately. But I can’t do that, I just like Natalie too much for that. For a long time this comedy will not continue, because with a snitch in bed it can not be anything solid.

Sexy agents

Even though I feel a little sorry for Sonja for her thoughts of revenge, I don’t want to let go of Natalie. Just the thought of her long nipples and her big pearl makes my short penis hard. So in a sense I stall both women and have a good time in bed with a spy. If I’m honest, I hope for a declaration of love from Natalie every time I meet her. That would mean quitting her job as an agent and finishing Sonja’s assignment.

In bed with an informer - My ex-wife's agent

For me, this should be the optimal solution. But how will Natalie react to the fact that I am already in the picture? Will she lie to me or deceive Sonja? I keep delaying the moment of truth. Yesterday I was in bed with a snitch again, I mean with Natalie of course. Then she suddenly asked me if I could handle a strap-on. As if that wasn’t enough, she also wanted to know if I had ever felt one in the back. I almost replied, “Are you asking me this on behalf of my ex?” But I refrained from asking this question and did not answer Natalie’s question.

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She pouted a bit and then snuggled up to me like a cuddly kitten. Is this how a hardened agent behaves to my ex-wife? I’m honestly curious to see how long Natalie holds up to her role. Secretly, I dream of her confessing everything to me and admitting that I am in bed with an informer. Will she ask me for forgiveness? How gladly I would be to forgive her. That would easily thwart both of Sonja’s intentions. She won’t hear another word about what I do with a spy in bed. Or what I would most like to do.

I must make a decision

Which of the two women do I confront with the truth first? Do I tell Sonja on her head that she sent Natalie after me? Might it not be better to seek conversation with my lovely Natalie first? Because I know she’s out as Sonja’s agent, but I don’t hold it against her? Should I tell her how I feel about her?

I would still prefer Natalie to confess her love to me first. So long I like to lie further in bed with a spy and enjoy her fantastic kinky blowjobs. After her last brass concert, she asked another funny question like that. That’s when she wanted to know who I was thinking about when I climaxed. “To my mother-in-law!”, I said with a laugh. I think next time I will just ask her a counter question. Something along the lines of, “How do you think I feel in bed with a snitch?” Let’s see what the very dear Natalie replies to that. I just don’t want this enchanting little minx to be paid by my stubborn ex-wife anymore.

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