Step-by-step instructions for intimate shaving

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Step-by-step instructions for intimate shaving
Step-by-step instructions for intimate shaving
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Smooth and well-groomed – the intimate shave

A smooth or trimmed intimate zone is trendy and promises erotic moments without any disturbing hair. But those who shave should follow some important rules to avoid skin irritation and pimples. At the same time, there are absolute no-go’s that should be avoided at all costs. Instructions for intimate shaving first shows what is good for the sensitive skin in the intimate area.

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Sensitive skin or not. If you follow these instructions for intimate shaving, you minimize the risk of skin irritation many times over.

  1. Even before the razor blade is used, you should thoroughly prepare the intimate zone. And that is by cutting back longer hair with nail scissors. Otherwise, the blade of the razor clogs – and the shave becomes cumbersome.
  2. After that, the hair should be rinsed with warm water for a few minutes. This makes them nice and soft and easier to shave afterwards.
  3. The shave is particularly gentle if shaving gel or foam is applied to the hair beforehand. Shaving oils are also a good option. In the sensitive intimate area, products for sensitive skin without much perfume or artificial ingredients are particularly recommended. Some also swear by coconut oil as a shaving gel substitute.
  4. At least in the beginning, you should shave in the direction of growth. This helps to avoid pimples and skin irritation. Those who are not quite so sensitive can – for an even smoother result – also shave against the direction of the hair growth. Important, no matter which direction is shaved: Not too much pressure should be applied to the blade.
  5. Another important instruction for intimate shaving: the razor blade should be changed regularly, at least once a month! Because it dulls quickly – and then puts more strain on the skin in the intimate area.
  6. If you have followed the intimate shaving instructions to this point, you should feel little irritation in the intimate area. Nevertheless, the following applies in any case after shaving: rinse the area with ice-cold water. Because then the pores of the skin contract – and the so-called razor burn is less likely to occur.
  7. Even after shaving, the skin should still be protected. And that is by being able to breathe first. Those who tend to have dry skin should apply a body lotion for sensitive skin. There are also special creams for after shaving. Pure aloe vera also provides relief.
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No-Gos for the intimate shave

If you follow the instructions for intimate shaving, you should get a smooth intimate area – without any skin irritation. However, there are also absolute no-go’s. Things you should definitely not do.

  1. It is important to always tighten the skin. If you don’t and leave them loose, you risk cuts.
  2. Body lotions with synthetic fragrances irritate the skin after shaving. Instead, products for sensitive skin or simply baby powder are suitable. This also avoids pimples.
  3. Those who have followed the instructions for intimate shaving, should still note: Immediately after shaving is better to resort to cotton underwear. Tight-fitting underwear made of synthetic materials is usually more appealing, but it also irritates the skin.
  4. Another important instruction for intimate shaving: it is better not to share the razor with your partner or roommate. Because even if you wash it well after shaving (which is highly recommended), bacteria or germs lurk and can be transmitted.
  5. In the instructions for intimate shaving described that after shaving lotion helps. However, this should in no case be too greasy. Otherwise, this in turn clogs the pores – and unsightly pimples remain in the intimate area.

Finally: A good razor

One of the most important pieces of advice comes at the end: It is better not to save on the razor. A device with multiple blades is highly recommended, as this will result in fewer cuts. Whoever slips – despite instructions for intimate shaving – should apply a wound healing ointment with zinc to the affected area. This ensures a fast healing.

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