The 15 Hottest Kamasutra Positions

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The 15 Hottest Kamasutra Positions
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A good change for the sex life

Who doesn’t want to have an exciting sex life? However, most couples, regardless of the constellation, always stick to the same positions. For some that’s okay, for others it’s not. You want more excitement and variety in sex. The good news is that it can be done, and it can be done with the fifteen Kamasutra positions below.

Fifteen hot kamasutra positions

The Rocking Horse

It is one of the most popular Kamasutra positions. The man moves to a cross-legged position. In parallel, he brings his arms behind his back to support himself. She sits down on his lap, facing him. In this way, it determines the intensity and speed of the act. It’s also possible that he’s leaning back against the wall. That way he can pet them in addition.

Die 15 heißesten Kamasutra-StellungenThe Lotus Position

These Kamasutra positions are more suitable for athletic people. She lies on her back with her legs bent and crossed. He penetrates her briefly. The position is physically demanding for the woman, which is why it is suitable as an uncomplicated interlude.

The Starflower

Among the hottest Kamasutra positions is also the star flower. He sits and bends his right leg. The woman sits on him, shifting her weight to his left leg. She bends both legs, sliding the left one under the man’s right leg. Now they can both lie down. The bodies turn to each other so he can penetrate them.

The rainbow

She’s perpendicular to the man. The pad is soft and comfortable. The woman’s head is at the man’s feet. Stability is important here. The man lies on his side and turns to face her so he can penetrate her. He holds his shoulders with his hands. She wraps her arms around the man’s calves. If you want to try Kamasutra positions, you will quickly discover how much fun they are.

The floating crown

For this position, physical fitness and agility are again required from both. She stands on a chair and leans forward. She also puts her elbows on her knees. The man embraces her hips. So he is able to set the speed. The floating crown is one of the Kamasutra positions that generate a high level of pleasure.

The butterfly

At the butterfly, she sits on it so she can pet and kiss it. It belongs to the exciting Kamasutra positions. Man bends his leg and sets it up. Meanwhile, he holds the woman by the shoulder and the hip. He then wears them. The woman supports herself with her legs so that he can penetrate her better.

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Now she goes up with her right leg and puts it on his left arm, in parallel she does it with her left leg. Now both are in a rocking position. She moves her upper body backwards, he holds her. Woman and man need to pay attention to balance, so that the back does not hurt. They press against each other in turn. Kamasutra positions are surprisingly versatile.

The Snare Trap

Kamasutra positions like the snake trap can be varied. This one may sound dangerous, but it is not. Both partners are cross-legged and look at each other. They’re getting as close as they can. The legs must both be stretched out so that they can reach around each other’s ankles. In this position, the man penetrates her as they rock back and forth. A variation is that she turns around and raises her pelvis.

The volcano

Again one of the Kamasutra positions where flexibility is required. The woman stretches her arms through and supports herself on a pad. The man stands behind her and lifts the woman’s pelvis so he can penetrate her. Her thighs wrap around his arms. Those who are able to do so will be rewarded with pure pleasure.

The waterfall

Another one of the Kamasutra positions where both have to be physically fit. He sits down on a chair while she holds onto him with her legs. The woman’s upper body goes backwards so that she can lay her head down. So he gently penetrates her, moving carefully. Acrobatic Kamasutra positions also require flexibility.

The pliers

The man lies on the bed, the woman sits on him so that they cannot look at each other. He puts his legs up a little and gives her a chance to lean. Such Kamasutra positions leave it up to the woman to decide when he can penetrate her. She tenses her vagina muscles and lets go again. Still controlling everything. Both can feel each other so intensely.

The temple position

Kamasutra positions bring a breath of fresh air into the relationship. The temple position also ensures this. Most of you probably already guessed it, flexibility is once again the trump card. The man squats down and the woman sits on his lap. He lifts her up to penetrate her. She bends over until she can lie down. He lifts her buttocks a little and her legs onto his shoulders. Now he too lies down and guides his legs onto the woman’s shoulders.

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Then they intertwine their hands. Now comes the hard part. Remaining in this position, man and woman again put down one leg, she the left, he the right. She then raises her left arm and he raises his right arm so that their hands can be clasped above their heads. Kamasutra positions also increase the fitness of the lovers.

The proud king

He lies down on his back and is on the bed. The woman squats on him, he can only see her backside. The man touches her thighs and penetrates her. In this way, he can perform targeted movements. He executes them according to his sensibilities. She, on the other hand, can caress him with her hands. The proud king is one of the gentler Kamasutra positions.

The Phoenix

The phoenix is one of the Kamasutra positions that give the man pleasurable arousal, because he has a direct view of the most intimate part of the woman. But she also feels very comfortable with it. She lies on her back at the beginning, pulling her thighs towards her and lifting them up. He kneels down so he can look at her and also spreads his legs. So he sits up a bit to penetrate her. If that causes too much strain, the woman places her heels on his forehead. Kamasutra positions sometimes require a lot of body control.

The truce

The truce is one of the Kamasutra positions where things are a bit quieter and there is time for a bit of relaxation. In the process, he penetrates the woman anyway. However, stroking is hardly ever done. In this position, both can look at each other intensively, in order to prepare for the next act. Let the foreplay begin.

The balancing act

In the balancing act, he determines the intensity and rhythm and initially lies on his back with his legs bent. She takes a seat on him. The man now embraces her waist. This allows him to dominate the movements. She caresses him tenderly in the meantime.

In addition to these Kamasutra positions, there are plenty of other stimulating ways to spice up your love life a bit.

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