Sex while camping and camping – the best tips

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Sex while camping and camping - the best tips
Sex while camping and camping - the best tips

Sex while camping is so exciting

Couples have sexual intercourse in many places. So sex while camping is also possible. It’s exciting to think about what it’s like. It takes place in a tent or caravan. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Otherwise, frustration quickly sets in. Or others get to see what’s going on at the campsite. To prevent this, there are now many tips, because only in this way sex is fun while camping.

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Sex camping in the tent or sex in the camper: is it ok and legal? Yes, it is. No one has the right to ban it. Everything is allowed in your own four walls, whatever they look like. But: couples who have sex while camping must be careful not to provide friction for the other guests.

Sex while camping and camping - the best tips

Therefore, sex must not be audible or visible when camping. This quickly draws the ire of the other campers. There may even be an accusation of causing a public nuisance. And everyone knows that is punishable by law. Even if not, no one endears themselves to others by doing so. In the end, everyone loses interest.

Rather be quiet and gently make love while camping. This saves a lot of chaos. But those who find themselves lonely and abandoned in the middle of nowhere are welcome to be loud and uninhibited. That is something completely different.

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Suggestions for sex at the campsite

It’s so really cozy in the camper and the sex while camping is in the starting blocks? Here are a few more tips for positions and co. This ensures that the caravan does not wobble suspiciously.

Perfectly suited for sex while camping is the riding position. Here, she is welcome to gyrate. Up and down movements are not recommended. The spoon position is optimal, as gentle movements dominate here. Position 77 is based on spooning and is also good for sex while camping.

Sex while camping and camping - the best tips

The same applies to the 69, because this is an inconspicuous position in terms of movement. But please do not shout loudly! Others hear this, which leads to complaints.

When camping – what to consider?

When camping, light and compact equipment is important. However, the tent must be spacious if there sex is planned camping. For two people, a four-person tent is recommended. Otherwise, residents feel like the famous sardine in a can. Constricted and unable to move.

If you use a larger tent, you can also store your luggage there and drape it along the edge as a privacy screen. This also has the advantage that thieves cannot get at the suitcases and bags. Once all the requirements have been met, we move on to the leisurely part. The sex while camping begins.

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Loud and uninhibited may only be when the couple is completely undisturbed. If the vacation takes place on a public campsite, better not. The sex in the campground may not be visible, but the thin tent walls let sounds through.

Romantic music is helpful here, turned up a little louder to mask cries of pleasure. Who likes to kiss during sex while camping – perfect! In this way, screams are hardly possible.

Tent walls provide a view inside in the dark, provided any lamps are lit. Therefore: Please turn off flashlights and any other light source.

More insider tips for camping

CampingsexWhy not move the sex in the caravan into the tent or shower? Best in the evening when the other campers are at the barbecue or asleep. Here the rush of the water drowns out the sounds. But even here the noise level should not be too high, because other guests also want to shower again in the evening.

The important thing is the comfort of camping, especially in the tent. As I said, there must be enough space. For the floor is necessary here thick blankets, mattresses or air mattresses. Only when it is really cozy, it is also fun to get closer while camping. Top blankets are also necessary, at night it is often quite cool in the tent.

The already mentioned spoon position is ideal for sex while camping in a tent. Here, the size does not matter either. The situation is tight in any case. This particular position ensures that the couple gets really close. If it is too warm after all, just go outside after sex. There may even be a body of water that brings cooling.

Sex while camping really savor

What many forget – after sex in the camper or camping is cleaning. It’s a tiresome topic, but it still has to be done. That’s why it’s wise to think about how it will turn out beforehand. There is no water in the tent per se. Besides, it’s not always so easy to be able to shower right away.

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Trash cans are also in short supply in the tent. But disposing of condom and other accessories is still necessary after caravan sex. Only how, if there is no direct possibility? Washing succeeds if there is a bucket of water in the tent. It’s only a cat wash, but it’s better than nothing. The other utensils simply disappear into an opaque trash bag. This can be disposed of quickly and inconspicuously in the campground trash cans. There is a solution for everything, but it requires creativity.

After sex while camping, the evening can end comfortably. What is forbidden inside the tent is allowed outside. The lighting of a bonfire. Here the couple can sit together for a while and then have sex again or just go to sleep.

Less is more when camping

What is clear is that everyone looks forward to sex while camping and the other experiences that await campers. However, unusual positions are not a good idea here. This goes too far and has disadvantages for the couple. Time-tested positions are the better choice. The fewer movements required, the better. Acrobatic interludes are not even necessary.


If it does get too boring and variety is required, the missionary position and Co. can be made a little more exciting with a few tricks. In this way, the positions can be shifted or changed a little. That can also be very exciting. It is best to prepare well before the vacation and be creative.

But tender sex while camping can strengthen the bond between the couple. This is also inevitably necessary, because the space is missing. But the new, perhaps even unfamiliar closeness has many advantages and feels intense.

Sex while camping – final tips

Couples camping completely alone can be unconcerned. Here no one hears the screams. But if you’re camping on a large, heavily populated site, you need to be quiet. It is important to choose a good spot on such places. It should be as secluded as possible from the others. Then it’s a little more relaxed again.

But regardless of this, the choice of the right place is absolutely important. Even if there are no neighbors in the immediate vicinity. The key word here is the ground on which the tent stands. It should be as flat as possible. It is best to avoid stones, hilly areas or roots. After all, sex while camping should be fun and not suffer from such annoyances.

Speaking of annoyances and troublemakers when camping: If you sleep in a tent, you should not forget the insects. Of course, it depends on the season. But since many camp in the spring and summer, should be prepared for horseflies, flies, wasps and mosquitoes. Ants can also interfere with sex while camping. This is what the couple should prepare for. Here, only insect repellent helps. Unfortunately, that’s all.

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