Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Men

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Men
Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Men
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What men dream of

The majority of men think about sex on a regular basis. In the process, they have a number of sex fantasies. Some of them are pretty fancy. Other sex fantasies of men, on the other hand, are very common. Unlike those of women, men’s ideas are much more vivid and detailed. Another difference from women: Many men try to live out their fantasies. Women, on the other hand, prefer to dream about it.

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The best sex fantasies of men

The 1st place – a threesome

According to surveys, about 85 percent of all men dream of having a threesome, sex with two women at the same time, at least once. If possible, the two women should also be bisexual. By this is meant they should kiss and caress each other. What’s piquant about these kinds of sex fantasies men have is that they don’t necessarily revolve around their partner.

The 2nd place – lesbian sex

Second place in men’s sex fantasies is directly related to number one. As foreplay and a warm-up for a threesome, so to speak, many men would love to watch two women have sex (and then be invited to join in).

Sex Fantasies: Top 9 Sex Fantasies Of Men

The 3rd place – Blowjob with cumshot

As a sex practice, a blowjob is already very popular with almost all men anyway. Some guys even prefer it to “real sex,” which is vaginal or anal penetration. However, many a man dreams of taking it to the end and cuming in his partner’s mouth. Something like this plays a big part in men’s sex fantasies because they see it as proof that their partner isn’t disgusted by them. Some, especially in the BDSM scene, also see this practice as consolidating their claim to power.

The 4th Place – Group Sex

Porn films in which a group of men and women go at it wildly and without taboos are very often clicked on online. This is because they are among the most popular sex fantasies among men. In reality, however, group sex probably rarely or never happens for most men.

The 5th place – partner swap

This practice is one of the sex fantasies of men, which more often become a reality. Often two friendly couples meet and after a few glasses of beer or wine the evening takes its course. Sometimes these sex fantasies of men also come true with people you meet on vacation. Basically, partner swapping is a variation of group sex.

The 6th place – Role Playing

This is one of the sex fantasies of men, which is also shared by many women. There are several popular combinations when roleplaying:

Role playing becomes even more appealing when the participants wear appropriate costumes during sex.

The 7th place – Sex with a stranger

Quite a few men’s sex fantasies revolve around spontaneous sex with a beautiful woman they’ve never seen before. On this occasion, the men can drop all inhibitions and give themselves completely to the lust.

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The appealing thing about such an encounter is that there are no mutual obligations for either of them. Often such sex fantasies revolve around adventures with exotic women, Asians, Africans or Latinas.

The 8th place – dominate a woman

This is the secret favorite in men’s sex fantasies. In today’s world, men are expected to be attentive, modest and considerate towards women. But many a man longs to be able to let himself go at least once in a while and to drive it wild and hard with a woman and not always play the pussycat. These sex fantasies of men are also shared by many women.

The 9th place – live out a fetish

An almost infinite number of variations exist in this field. For example, some men want their wives to wear a catsuit or overknees during sex, or to be allowed to cum on their buttocks or in their faces, or to watch another couple having sex in secret.

Das sind die Top 10 Sexfantasien von Frauen

The list of men’s sex fantasies is almost endless. The order of the 9 best sex fantasies of men is purely random. Among the most popular sex fantasies of men are certainly anal sex or sex in public or in romantic places, for example in a clearing in the woods or on the beach. Some would also like to use a woman as a living buffet and eat delicious appetizers from her naked body.

How do men’s sex fantasies come true?

There are several ways to do this. Some of the performances mentioned here also appeal to women. The partner may be persuaded to implement other ideas. To do this, the man should wait for a favorable opportunity and inconspicuously direct the conversation on the subject. From her reaction he can well deduce whether she would not be averse to a threesome, for example, or whether she would be willing to let him tie her up and whip her. However, he should proceed very cautiously. Many women are sensitive to men’s sex fantasies if they involve other women.

What to do in such a case?

That’s what the internet is for. There are constantly new contact exchanges where like-minded people can contact each other and arrange to meet. No matter what men’s sex fantasies are, they can find a woman (or women) on the Internet who is willing to fulfill them. Often these are amateurs who are looking for sex meetings because they want to experience adventures themselves.

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Whores also fulfill the sex fantasies of men. However, this option is less good. Not only because it’s too expensive, but because many whores are only in it for the money. In a threesome, they’re not really into it. They do not kiss and caress each other. Some barely touch each other instead of giving the guest a hot lesbian show.

What other options are there?

When it comes to men’s sex fantasies, many are stuck in a dilemma. They know very well that their partner would not share their sex fantasies. They would never share their husband or boyfriend with another woman or tolerate him cheating on them with other women. Just good that the technology exists! Masturbators (vibrators for men) are more and more trendy. You can put the masturbator on your glans, get stimulated and watch porn.

Sex dolls go even further. They have nothing to do with the rubber dolls for blowing up anymore. These are handmade dolls that look like a real woman. They are ideal for living out men’s sex fantasies because they are sex toys.

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