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Quiet sex: how to avoid sex noises

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Leiser Sex: So könnt ihr Sexgeräusche vermeiden

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Sex is considered the most beautiful minor matter in the world

… yet the whole world does not have to be a part of it!

Sex is private and what happens in your own bedroom should stay there. Some people don’t care if they get funny looks from their neighbours, but when their mother-in-law is visiting, quiet sex is rather an advantage. After all, who wants to sit opposite other family members at breakfast and be asked about the intensity of the last night? Avoiding sex noises is especially then praiseworthy.

quiet sex noisesQuiet sex: long foreplay under the blanket

Quiet sex is particularly possible in bed under the blanket. The longer and more intense the foreplay, the shorter the sex. And even foreplay can be very exciting. So you can also kiss and stroke each other under the blanket on all body parts and be especially close to each other.

Unwanted sex noises are avoided and quiet moaning does not penetrate under the blanket. That’s why it’s not so bad if someone bursts into the room. Because they don’t notice much at first. It can also be particularly exciting to hold your partner’s mouth shut. Quiet sex can therefore be wonderfully integrated into sexual intercourse.

Avoiding sex noises through squeaking bed impossible?

To try to be quiet is of no use as soon as the material makes sounds. For this you should first move the bed away from the wall. Playing soft music can also help to cover up squeaking noises. So quiet sexual intercourse is not completely impossible. Moreover, against a bed not quite silent it can help a long, extended foreplay. Because if both are already so excited during the foreplay that they are about to climax, jerky movements that cause the squeaking are almost completely unnecessary.

Lick me! Is oral sex healthy?

If there are overnight guests, quiet sex may sometimes be necessary. This does not mean, however, that one must completely do without the most beautiful minor matter in the world. Extensive foreplay in the feather bed can help to avoid loud moaning and squeaking of the bed. It can also be quite exciting to force each other to breastfeed during sexual intercourse. And if you let quiet music play in the background, nobody notices anything about sex.

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