Pepper spray instead of sharp number – Why men fall into sex traps

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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The case of the serial offenders from Bremen

In February 2022, a case became known in Bremen that caused a sensation: Several women had lured men into a sex trap with a particularly perfidious scam. They had registered on various dating platforms, posing as attractive women and thus attracting the interest of the men.

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After some flirting, they then offered to meet, supposedly leading to a sexual adventure. But instead of eroticism, there was a nasty surprise for the men: the women sprayed pepper spray in their faces, robbed them and fled.

Why some guys end up in sex traps

The phenomenon is not new: Time and again, men fall into sex traps in which they are robbed of their money or valuables. But why do men fall for such scams? According to experts, sexuality in particular plays a major role here.

Pepper spray instead of sex - Why men fall into sex trapsMen are often willing to take a high risk to satisfy their sexual needs. Criminals also take advantage of this and lure men into a trap with supposedly sexual offers.

  1. The desire for sexuality
    Men often have a strong desire for sexuality and are willing to take some risk for it. Criminals take advantage of this and offer supposedly erotic adventures to lure men into a sex trap.
  2. The risk is underestimated
    Men often underestimate the risk involved in such sexual adventures. They believe that they themselves are able to control the situation and underestimate the danger posed by the supposed women.
  3. The influence of pornography
    The distribution of pornography also plays a role here. Porn often shows a distorted image of sexuality, where women are portrayed only as objects of pleasure. Men can thus get a false image of women and sexuality and are thus more susceptible to such scams.

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  1. How to protect yourself
    To protect themselves from such scams, men should above all be critical and not respond too quickly to sexual offers. One should always be aware that it is an unknown person and there is a risk of fraud or robbery. In addition, it can be helpful to find out about the person in advance and not get involved in meetings in unusual places.
  2. Trust is a precious commodity
    Another important lesson from history is the importance of trust. The perpetrators gained the trust of the men by pretending to be prostitutes and appearing very approachable and friendly to the men. The confidence of the men was thus the ticket to the trap.
  3. Victims are not always women
    In most cases of sexual violence, women are considered victims. However, the story of the serial perpetrators shows that men can also be victims of sexual violence. Men who fall into the sex trap often have difficulty talking about it because being a victim is seen as unmasculine. It is important that men who have been victims of sexual violence are supported and have access to the same resources and support services as women.
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Caution is better than indulgence

This shows the importance of carefully building trust in a person and not trusting blindly, especially when it comes to sexual matters. It is important to take time to get to know a person before engaging in sexual activity. It is also advisable to meet in public places and not have the first meeting take place in a private room right away.

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Men who fall for such sex traps are often driven by their sexual desire and underestimate the risk involved. It is important to remain critical and realize that this is an unknown person to deal with and caution should be exercised.

Source: t-online

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