“Topless” for all in Berlin’s swimming pools

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Discrimination complaint successful

In Berlin, a discrimination complaint has been successful, which now allows women to swim “topless” in public swimming pools. The complaint was against a rule that allowed only men to swim without a top.

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The decision to change the rule was made by Berliner Bäder-Betriebe (BBB) after a woman complained that she felt discriminated against because she was not allowed to swim “topless” while men were. The BBB acknowledged that allowing only men to swim topless was unfair and discriminatory.

Topless now also possible for women

The BBB’s decision has caused much excitement and discussion. Some people are concerned that sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior may occur when women swim in public pools without a top. Others support the decision as an important step toward gender equality.

In this article, we take a look at the reasons behind the BBB’s decision and what this means for the future of public swimming pools in Berlin and possibly other cities.

Background of the decision

The BBB based their decision on the fact that prohibiting women from swimming without a top is a form of discrimination. She said it was unfair that only men were allowed to show their breasts in the swimming pool, while women were not.

The decision is also based on the 2018 ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, which found that banning women from swimming without a top was discriminatory and violated the fundamental right to equal treatment.

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The BBB’s decision also has implications for the legal situation in other German cities. While it is already allowed to swim without a top in some cities, many pools still have a ban on women showing their breasts. It remains to be seen whether other cities will follow Berlin’s example.

Support and criticism

The BBB’s decision has drawn both support and criticism. Some people worry that women who swim without a top might be sexually harassed or that inappropriate behavior might occur. Others argue that women should have the right to decide for themselves whether to swim with or without a top.

Some women welcome the decision, as they now no longer feel discriminated against if they swim without a top. They see this as an important step toward gender equality.

For many women, wearing a bikini can become an uncomfortable experience if they feel uncomfortable about their body or breasts. Being able to go swimming topless can therefore be a liberating option. This allows women to be more carefree in the water and no longer have to worry about how they look in their bikini.

Even for women who cannot wear a bikini due to breast surgery or medical reasons, topless swimming can be a welcome way to enjoy the summer. They can feel free and confident and no longer have to worry about their scars or medical devices showing.

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But not everyone is thrilled with the decision by Berlin’s swimming pools to allow topless swimming. Some people have expressed concerns that this could lead to a sexual atmosphere and that men could be distracted by seeing women’s bare breasts. Others argue that it is unsanitary to swim topless, as it allows more dirt and bacteria to enter the water.

There are no problems in other countries

However, proponents of topless swimming point out that it is already common in many other countries and has no negative effects. In France, for example, topless swimming has been allowed for decades and there are no reports of sexual harassment or other problems. In other countries such as Spain, Italy or Sweden, topless swimming is also completely normal.

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So swimming topless is by no means a new or unusual practice. Rather, it’s a way to give women the freedom to show their bodies in their own way and feel comfortable without being restricted by the expectations of others.

Overall, it can be said that the decision of Berlin’s swimming pools to allow topless swimming is an important step towards more equality and self-determination for women. It gives women the opportunity to accept and love their bodies as they are and feel free without worrying about the expectations of others.

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However, it remains to be seen whether other swimming pools in Germany will follow this example or whether topless swimming will remain an exception. In any case, it is an important step towards a more open and tolerant society, where women should have the freedom to show and love their bodies in their own way.

Source: n-tv

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