Orgasm under your control: How to control Mia’s climax

By Mario Meyer
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Orgasm under your control: How to control Mia's climax
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Pure orgasm control thanks to the latest technology

Bringing women to climax is one of the favorite activities of every heterosexual man. Thanks to an increasingly popular gadget called Lovense Lush, this is also possible over longer distances. If the chosen one is such a sweet girl as Sweet Mia XXX, the anticipation is even greater. Who wouldn’t want to let hot Mia get hornier and hornier at the touch of a button until she finally screams out her orgasm with relish?

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What exactly is the Lovense Sextoy?

Orgasm under your control: How to control Mia's climaxEvery man has the fantasy of being able to bring his partner to orgasm anytime and anywhere. This has proved difficult in some cases in the past. If we’re being honest, there have always been women with extremely good acting skills. Did she smile at you afterwards because it was beautiful or because it was finally over? But today’s technology has developed ingenious utensils for this purpose. Nowadays, it is even possible to bring your partner to orgasm over a longer distance. The toy is called Lovense Remote and is an app for Android smartphones as well as iPhones. These send a signal via Bluetooth to a remote-controlled vibrator.

The Lovense app offers Solo Play, Discreet Public Play and Long Distance Play. This means that even greater distances can be covered. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the well-organized orgasm of the partner, even if she should not be present at the moment. It is even possible to have two vibrators work synchronously (for example, vaginal and anal at the same time). Now the man can finally drive his playmate to climax.

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When he wants, how often he wants and in which place he wants. By fine-tuning the device, for example at speed, it can even be timed when the lady may come. And for Mia, otherwise known for extensive oral sex, certainly a very different experience.

The object of desire

Camgirl Sweet Mia XXX comes up with exactly this technique in her chat room. With the APP, the user virtually holds the remote control for Mia’s vibrator in his hands. This puts the crown on the possibilities of a hot, virtual experience. Mia has always been a hottie and knows how to make her fans horny in front of the cam. She was certainly not the only one who regularly came to orgasm. Their fans also got to experience splashy moments. Sweet Mia always knew how to use her body in the best way. From the look in your eyes to the swing of your hips to the shake of your ass and spread of your legs.

Orgasm under your control: How to control Mia's climax

Everything perfect. Sweet Mia XXX just. But it is by far not only her extremely pretty looking body. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a dirty talk from the hot bee, you know what we’re talking about here. Now the chats are a whole lot more intense. Sweet Mia keeps up with the times and offers its users the latest erotic gimmick with Lovense. A gimmick that is guaranteed to lead to an orgasm in a class of its own. Both with Mia and with her chat partner.

Sweet Mia XXX Orgasm Face

She already looks cute as a button. But once horniness has crept into her gaze, the sweet girl becomes a man-eating vamp. Whoever looks into her eyes in such a situation will fall for her. And he will like it, that’s for sure. Amateur Sweet Mia XXX knows how to deal like a pro in the best way with men who succumbed to her charms. Men who long to see more of her.

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Who do everything in their power to bring this dream woman to climax. To give her the orgasm she deserves and that she will savor until the last, horny moment.

Begging for orgasm

The absolute dream for dominantly inclined. A chat that includes this app offers one hundred percent control. The user literally has it in his hands when the game partner may get nice feelings. It is up to the user’s discretion whether to use this as a reward or as part of a punishment. Control over orgasm has never been so easy. Thus, this toy simply belongs in the repertoire of every SM devotee.

Orgasm under your control: How to control Mia's climax

The idea of Sweet Mia XXX waiting in the chat room in prescribed clothes and commanded posture. Begging to be allowed to come at last, but the master lets her squirm a little more. Another task, another intimate confession and once again she has to artfully moan his name. Meanwhile, the Dom has already thought of how to extend this beautiful torture and prolong their horny torment.

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At the same time, Sweet Mia XXX is under the belief that she is about to reach her goal, orgasm. But far from it. Her dominant play partner enjoys watching her suffer way too much for that. It will take some time before he redeems her and grants an orgasm. Again, of course, only in the way he sees fit.

Direkt zu Mias Show

Whether it’s a specific posture, a desired camera angle, or a given choice of words is left to the dome’s imagination.

Revenge could follow on the heels

But Sweet Mia XXX can also turn the tables, which may be the case in the next chat with her. Woe to them when they let go. Now the man will pay for everything he did to her last time. And double and triple. Oh yeah, Sweet Mia XXX can get pretty nasty. But we don’t want to give too much away at this point.

Shared orgasm with simultaneous use?

The app can also control two vibrators, as noted above. So why not enjoy some nice feelings yourself as well while watching your partner? These techniques offer completely new possibilities that are worth trying out in a playful way.

Amateurin Sweet Mia sucht gierige Männer für Userficks

Of course, it is rather unlikely to climax at exactly the same time as your partner. This kind of thing usually only works in the cinema. On the other hand, if you know your partner’s idiosyncrasies, you can respond accordingly. You can set the speed so that the person who usually comes first slows it down a bit. Here it is: practice, practice and practice again.

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