One-night stand and the morning after

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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One-night stand and the morning after
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The morning after the one-night stand

It was a beautiful evening with a crowning finale: the one-night stand and the morning after. The bad “awakening” comes at the latest when your partner is lying next to you the next morning. What happens now and how the situation can be saved – here come the best tricks.

One-night stand and the morning afterOne-night stand and the morning after

You don’t always want to welcome a one-night stand the next morning. The reason: Sex in the evening was great, in the early morning the brain works normally again. The hormone rush is over. This means that the sex partners may no longer be attracted to each other, want to disappear quickly or wonder what happens next. This situation is often unpleasant for both partners.

The most important rule: relaxation. Take a deep breath and disappear into the bathroom to freshen up. This is the first step to get a clear thought.

It happens that the participants are happy about the company of the other person also in the morning after. It is possible that the spark has ignited and the attraction is still there. This is the ideal time to start with round number two and enjoy the love game with each other again. Provided the other partner feels similar. A one-night stand and the morning after can also lead to a kind of lasting friendship.

It’s More Than Sex – One-Night Stand And The Morning Afterward

Feelings can develop very quickly – even for a person you’ve just met. You like to be close to your partner, enjoy the conversations and the attention of the other person. Snuggle up, eat together and fall asleep – this can also be possible after a one-night stand.

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So the one-night stand and the morning after can become a wonderful fairy tale where two people meet and fall head over heels in love. Of course, this is the exception rather than the rule, but by no means impossible. Anyone who is sure that something could become of it, regards him as a direct hit.

Reality: One-night stand and the morning after

The last case described rarely applies. Anyone who has experience with one-night stands knows that the next morning can be very unpleasant. Maybe the sex wasn’t so good or it was really “just about sex”. Now you want to disappear very quickly or get rid of the person. The best tactic: say thank you briefly, small talk and say goodbye slowly.

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Sometimes an excuse is also necessary, for example that the work is calling or a friend is waiting. A polite deportation of the sex partner from one’s own home also requires sensitivity. Here it helps if you freshen up yourself and suggest with a white lie that you still have an appointment or are expecting visitors – time is running out.

Conclusion: One-night stand and the morning after

Who has enjoyed a beautiful evening, feels the next morning often the sober feeling to have arrived in reality again. As nice as the sex was up – a one-night stand and the morning after can become a challenge. The motto here is: bite your teeth together and show empathy. An excuse can help to manoeuvre yourself out of the situation.

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