My confession – suddenly I was bi

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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My confession - suddenly I was bi
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Suddenly bi – how could that be?

I am Martin, 50 years old, married for 20 years, two children and I have actually always been heterosexually inclined and never had even the slightest feeling of finding men sexually attractive, until the day my confession is about, when I suddenly became bi.

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In the erotic cinema I could watch several men

Mein Geständnis – plötzlich war ich biMy erotic confession begins with the fact that I actually only wanted to visit a porn cinema once. The cinema was connected to an erotic shop and so I paid at the box office and entered the premises. It took me a few minutes to get used to the darkness. The first room was equipped with a screen and a larger sofa. In the next room there was a labyrinth, which made me very curious.

Shyly and curiously I crept through the corridors and what I saw there irritated me on the one hand, but was at the same time very exciting. In the middle a young lad was kneeling and around him stood several men with their trousers down, which the guy was satisfying alternately with his mouth and his hands.

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Lasciviously, he also took in the cum, moaning loudly as he did so. Something stirred in my pants and I was irritated. I grabbed my jeans and massaged my hard part through my pants, this was just the beginning, my confession continues.

My Sex Confession – My First Bisexual Oral Adventure

When the haunting was over, I stood rooted to the spot for a few more minutes when I saw a thick penis being pushed through an opening in the wooden wall. Now my confession continues: As if in a trance I reached for it and massaged the thick thing with my hands. It wasn’t long before I leaned down and took him between my lips as well. An unusual feeling, which nevertheless excited me.

Gay-Story: Wichsen mit dem Schulfreund

I couldn’t stop and it wasn’t until I felt his warm cream that he and I were satisfied. The guy got dressed and left without saying a word. I still remained standing and then also went – without having seen a porn – out of the cinema. This event has never left me since. There was never anything going on in the sex cinema anymore, but I still had some adventures with other men, but without anal intercourse. That was my confession, how I suddenly became bi.

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