My confession: Sex during lunch break with the young roofer

By Laura Buschmann
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My confession: Sex during lunch break with the young roofer
My confession: Sex during lunch break with the young roofer

My confession is long overdue

My name is Marie, I am 46 years old and a mother of two sons. Already at the age of 23, my husband and I got married. Since Max was born 22 years ago, I have been taking care of the family full time. I thought I lacked nothing. Until that day when I had sex with the young roofer during the lunch break.

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I had sex during lunch break

Let’s turn back the clock to the time before sex at lunch. My husband Bernd and I have been happily married for 23 years. Well, just normal happily married. Of course, the passion between the two of us has gradually faded over the years. He used to just grab me in between, carry me into the bedroom and fuck me. We knew every part of our bodies and couldn’t get enough of each other. The sex was incredibly horny and Bernd looked at me with greedy eyes.

My confession: Sex during lunch break with the young roofer

That is no longer the case today. Over time, I got used to it and I thought I could handle it. Our boys are now both in their 20s and hardly ever home. To my own sorrow, so did her father. Bernd is an insurance agent and one customer appointment follows the next. At times when I can hardly stand it with excitement, the shower head serves me well. I thought that was enough. But then I was proven wrong when I had sex with the roofer during his lunch break.

We needed a roof renovation

In September, storm “Hendrik” raged and we had to say goodbye to some roof tiles with the fancy red roof color. The damage was so extensive that roofing work became necessary. Bernd, who has two left hands himself, arranged a roofing company. They should also do the roof cleaning and subsequent roof coating. Of course, there was never any talk of sex during the lunch break.

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While Bernd and the master roofer were looking at the damage, I noticed the young roofer’s assistant in the background. He was wearing pierced work pants and a red plaid shirt that resembled our roof color. When he looked at me with his steely blue eyes, my panties suddenly got wet. I guess that was the catalyst for me having sex with him on his lunch break.

Curiosity was aroused

Two weeks later, our roof was already a construction site. The roofing work was in full swing and for the first two days I forced myself to stay away from the construction workers. It was exhausting and I just couldn’t get the young man out of my head.

My confession: Sex during lunch break with the young roofer

When I thought of him, my nipples became stiff, my throat dry and my pussy wet. It really wasn’t my intention to have sex with the roofer’s helper on his lunch break, honest. But the mere thought of him kindled a fire in me that I thought had long been lost.

The day I had sex during lunch break

The following night I dreamed how he and I had sex during his lunch break. When I woke up in a cold sweat, I could hardly stand it. Bernd had already indicated the night before that it would be late. This gave me plenty of time to observe the attractive young man as he renovated the roof.

I didn’t know at that time that my dream of having sex during my lunch break would come true. In the morning I prepared sandwiches, which I wanted to bring to the construction workers. As I walked up the stairs to the attic at the noon hour, my heart was pounding. I held the tray with the sandwiches in my hand and was decidedly nervous.

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My lips were adorned with red lipstick and the tight, actually impractical jeans really showed off my ass. The black top with the deep neckline had already upset Bernd at that time. Yes, I admit it: I wanted to show myself from my hottest side.

In my head, I had gone through the scenario several times. I would bring the food to the men and enjoy their gratitude. After that I would leave again while they could look at my tight butt. But things turned out quite differently.

The attractive young roofer was all alone. He sat on stacked concrete blocks and typed on his cell phone. When he spotted me, he stood up and walked toward me. His blue eyes hit me like lightning and I had to strain not to drop the tray.

He came closer and I asked him about the other men. He explained to me that they had gone to the nearby kebab shop to eat. His eyes sparkled when I told him that Bernd was away on business. He took the tray with the delicious sandwiches and set it aside. My heart was racing. What was he up to?

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I promptly got the answer to this question when he came close to me and his hands clasped my waist. Before I knew it, he stuck his young tongue in my mouth. The kiss was so wild and intense, I really didn’t expect something like that at a roof cleaning.

It went violently to the point

I didn’t even know his name while he slipped his dirty hand into my panties. Everything turned as he plunged his finger deep into my so neglected pussy. Without hesitation, I opened his pants. He fingered me more and more intensely and quickly as I took his already hard penis in my hand. I massaged him extensively and became wetter and wetter.

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He indicated that I should get on my knees before him. I could not think clearly and so I did so immediately. His magnificent penis protruded towards me and without thinking I took it in my mouth. He groaned loudly. With each time I took him deeper into my mouth. This turned him on incredibly and I could feel that he would not hold out much longer.

This experience exceeded my dream

I assumed that at any moment he would squirt into my mouth. But this was not the case. He suddenly pulled me up and turned me around. With a jerk, he pushed my pants down and bent me forward. I propped myself up on the stack of brick pallets and he penetrated me deeply with his magnificent penis. Again I moaned loudly as the sex got wilder during the lunch break. His hands grabbed my breasts, which had meanwhile slipped out of my top.

He thrust deeper and harder and I felt a tingle rise up inside me. An overpowering orgasm overcame me while he moaned lustfully and fired his concentrated load into me. Roof coating in a whole new way.

Bernd does not yet know about sex during lunch break

Shortly after the two of us finished having sex during our lunch break, the other men returned. I felt woozy and hoped they wouldn’t notice us. I wanted to keep this secret forever, but now it’s out. Bernd doesn’t know yet, but I will tell him. My pussy needs new adventures again.

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