My confession: I have sex with twins at the same time

By Jens Haberlein
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My confession: I had sex with twins at the same time
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I live the dream of many men

Constantly I have FFM threesomes with identical twins. Whenever I want. They are available to me virtually around the clock. In return, however, I offer them a life that others are not allowed to lead. I am a 47 year old sugardaddy and I stand by it. That they want my money is clear to me. But as long as I get to enjoy exceptional sex with twins, I don’t care. Because I’m going to work for something, right?

Sex with twins is extraordinary

That I would ever do it with twins, I had so far not yet on the screen. But I must admit: it turns me on incredibly to enjoy a horny body twice. In the highest ecstasy, I sometimes do not even know which of the two I have there in front of me, who just blows my cock or in whose pussy my hard strap is currently stuck. But it doesn’t matter, because sex with twins is pleasure in a double pack.

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same time

It was actually quite funny how it came about: one day I was traveling for my company in Dresden and stayed in a sinfully expensive hotel, rented a large suite with all the amenities such as a whirlpool in the room, a bulging minibar and an inviting terrace with a view of the Frauenkirche. What I was missing was a woman for the evening. An escort agency I did not want to bother, I preferred to have sex with women who gave me their bodies voluntarily.

The girl surprised me with her sister

So I turned on my phone and browsed the girls on, a platform where you can not only see the girls, but also chat with them and make contact. I quickly found a sex bomb that I liked right away. I wrote to her and promptly received a reply. We wrote a bit and back and forth and liked each other from the beginning, we were on the same wavelength, I could tell. Without further ado, I wanted to invite her to dinner tonight, but to my surprise, she said she didn’t have time because she already had a date for today.

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I was taken aback, however, when she wrote that she could bring her “date”. So on a MMF threesome with another man I had so no desire. But she just laughed and said it was her twin sister who was coming along. Now I had to laugh, too. Quickly the idea matured in me to nibble a pair of twins. So I suggested that I invite them both to dinner. They agreed and I was really looking forward to a nice evening.

The sight of the two graces took my breath away

The hotel had a dignified five-star restaurant, where you came only by invitation. However, since I often descended here, this was not a problem, because I was on a first-name basis with the hotel manager. At 8 pm I had ordered the two girls and waited in the opulent lobby of the hotel. Would they really come? My heart was pounding. Was I too overdressed with my dark blue tailored suit and white shirt? Countless thoughts flashed through my mind as the bellboy opened the double doors and the two graces entered the vestibule. Immediately I recognized the twins.

One more beautiful than the other. Now I could also be sure that I was not over- or underdressed, because they both wore velvet red evening dresses, slit at the side. And were provided with a lush neckline that showed off her breasts more than well. I could hardly keep my mouth shut. They looked better than in the photos at and I think they knew about their effect on men. The sexy twins caught the eyes of all the men standing or sitting in the lobby. Which of course displeased their wives, especially since the sisters were only 19 years young.

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Lina and Anna, so the names of the two, came up to me and both breathed me at the same time, left and right, a kiss on the cheek, hooked with me under and so we walked three into the restaurant. Of course, we were sure of the looks of all the people. And those of the other men were sometimes quite envious. Understandable with two such sex bombs, which just I had in my arms and not them.

Anna and Lina teased me, their eyes shining as they did so

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same timeArriving at the restaurant, the waiter greeted us and politely but firmly asked for my name and invitation. He then escorted us to our table in a small alcove away from the other guests. The table was already set and a bottle of fine champagne was waiting for us. Two waiters rushed over and poured the sparkling swill first for the two ladies, then for me.

We had a great conversation. Lina and Anna told me about their psychology studies and also about how they once snacked on a fellow student together. At this they giggled like two chickens. Again and again they teased me, their eyes shining and twinkling like magical stars.

As time went on, the two of them became more and more tipsy, smiling at me almost continuously. It was more than a smile, it was already a smirk as I felt it. The topics we talked about also became more and more salacious, more and more sexual. My eyes kept getting lost in her cleavage on the attachments of her surely flawless, large breasts.

Now I put all my eggs in one basket: “Come on, let’s go. I want to show you the terrace in my suite with the wonderful view over Elbflorenz.” Anna smiled and nodded, while Lina was a bit more reserved, but finally agreed, nodding as well.

The three of us disappeared into my hotel suite

I waved the waiter over, signed the bill for the champagne and asked the ladies to follow me. When leaving the restaurant, one of the waiters winked at me – surely knowing what I had in mind for the two graces this evening. Three of us, the two girls hooked under again, disappeared upstairs in the elevator.

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In the elevator, the two were already nibbling away at my suit, which made the elevator boy visibly sweat and he had to air his collar again and again.

“Good evening, gentlemen. If you need anything, let room service know,” he said professionally. “Goodbye,” I said, and we disappeared down the long hallway toward the suite. My card opened the door and we entered. “Wow,” it escaped Lina, who was a little doubtful earlier whether the two twin sisters should accompany me. “Yeah, not bad,” Anna agrees as I show them the suite and we head out to the terrace. It was still warm that night and so we could still be outside.

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same time

“Shall we all go in the hot tub?” suddenly bubbled out of Lina. Oops, I wouldn’t have estimated her like that, she was the shyer of the two girls. Before I knew it, Anna and Lina had stripped stark naked and hopped into the hot tub. Anna had a Hollywood cut, Lina wore a teasing landing strip. Their naked bodies, even if I saw them only briefly, did not miss their effect and immediately something stirred between my loins. But the two of them also looked magical. Dream body with absolute dream dimensions! It could not have been better. Both looked just perfect. The dream of all men and certainly many women.

In the warm water of the jacuzzi we slowly came closer to each other

“Now you!” cried Anna. “Take off your clothes and come to us,” Lina murmured against it. I didn’t want to miss that, ordered three cocktails from room service, got rid of my clothes and jumped into the pool with them. The water was already bubbling, it was pleasantly warm. Here from the hot tub you could see the Frauenkirche and the Elbe River. Especially in the evening, when everything was bathed in a velvety yellow light, a very beautiful and romantic sight.

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We were sipping our cocktails, laughing a lot, fooling around, and suddenly I felt a hand on my leg, on my thigh. It was Anna, the more brisk of the two twins. She looked deep into my eyes and smiled seductively. Lina noticed this, of course, and now also moved a little closer to me. She caressed my chest and our mouths found each other for a heartfelt kiss. Our tongues played with each other while Anna had now worked her way to my loins. Sure, my cock was rock hard long ago. I now had the opportunity to have sex with twins and I wanted to use it!

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Anna grabbed tightly and with a skillful grip she now jerked my strap. Lina had gotten up in the meantime and stood over me so that her cleft was right in front of my face. She pulled her labia apart, I held her by her buttocks and pressed my tongue against her swollen clit, which I now worked with my lips and sucked neatly. I guess you call that facesitting, since she was almost sitting on me with her face. Lina moaned loudly. She seemed to like what I was doing between her legs.

Anna gave me a blowjob under water

Now Anna went on a dive and took my penis in her mouth. She started blowing, came up for air every now and then, and then kept blowing. Deeper and deeper she took my piston inside her. Lina dripped with her wet pussy my face full, she literally ran out of horniness. Her clit was now really big thanks to my special treatment by my tongue, which kept tapping her clit to drive through her furrow afterwards.

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same time

Anna now came back upstairs and signaled to Lina. They took turns, but her sister wanted to be fucked now. So sex with twins was within reach, maybe even a real devil’s threesome! Anna wanted cunnilingus now and had her pussy licked while Lina slowly sat on me and let my hard-on slide into her pleasure grotto. I had the feeling to fill her completely, so wonderfully tight was this young pussy. Slowly she moved up and down. The two siblings were now moaning in competition. Anna also liked my tongue play audibly. Lina became faster with her movements and rode me hard now. She pressed her full breasts against my face.

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Anna had sat down to rest at the edge of the pool after a first orgasm and watched our goings-on excitedly. But then she was not quite so relaxed, because she rubbed her own pearl like crazy at the spectacle we offered her. Livesex to participate.

Lina loved the male dominance, she wanted to be fucked hard now. Rough sex was her thing, she blabbed bluntly, vanilla sex on the other hand not on her daily agenda, although she liked to cuddle now and then. Lina let go of me as her sex victim and knelt in front of me with her backside facing me, stretching her butt upwards and pulling her ass cheeks apart with both hands. “Fuck my cunt as hard as you can,” she almost screamed at me. I did not let myself take that, put on a cock ring and put my cock tip on her designer vagina, wetted my glans with her pussy juice and then penetrated her quickly and hard.

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That was teen sex deluxe with the two sex horny twins

Harder and faster I pushed. Lina could hardly breathe, like a wild bull I hammered my piston into her pleasure grotto. Like a succubus, the horny Ficksau had seduced me and now got what she wanted: hard, persistent sex. I fucked her without stopping, her pussy leaked, the cunt juice ran down her slender thighs. She went off like a rocket, I had never experienced anything like it! She reared up, moaned, screamed and pressed her pelvis again and again against my hard spear, which still fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

I had seen a woman squirting in porn before, but I had never experienced it live. But now it should be so far, because with a huge gush, almost like a fountain, Lina poured over my cock. She screamed like a madwoman, gasping and panting as if she was about to faint. Then she slumped – deeply satisfied and contented like a little kitten.

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Anna had really watched us all the time and now felt like a little petting with me. Lina could meanwhile recover from the wild fuck just now. Anna was totally into girlfriend sex, cuddled madly and now covered my body with passionate kisses. My cock was still half stiff from the sex with the other twin and was already craving for more, as it stirred when Anna started a titty fuck and placed my best between her breasts. With up and down movements she began the slippery mammary intercourse between her juicy melons. The nipples were hard – a sign for me that she was enjoying it too.

Also my frenulum she did not leave carelessly

Again and again she grabbed my glans, sucked it into her mouth, exhaled through her nose and thus built up a vacuum in her mouth. She loved oral sex and with her blowjob mouth she gave me fellatio that was just awesome. I would have loved to fuck her now, but that had to wait. Anna nibbled lightly on my frenulum, causing my piston to fully erect again. She made me French so well that I had resolved for today to cum in her sweet sucking mouth. Anna, however, had other plans, wanted to be licked before. For this, I had heard about the Kivin method, in which the vaginal fluid runs in streams and the women are catapulted in rows to heavenly orgasms.

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same time

Deepthroat she took my whole shaft in her mouth, letting it disappear completely in her throat. Sucking like a devil, Ahegao rolled her eyes and smacked like a savage working on a piece of animal. Sex with twins could not be better!

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But before I could soak her face with a cumshot (I loved a facial on horny women) or ejaculate into her sweet fuck mouth, Lina rejoined and the two of them now let me lick their pussies until they both screamed out their climax as I worked their clits with my tongue and fingered them as if there was more to find than a female orgasm.

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From a blowjob from two women at the same time I dreamed for a long time

Now both devoted themselves simultaneously to my little friend with a double blowjob. And the friend was not quite so small now. He grew to a considerable size, which was no wonder with this horny treatment! While one took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them, the other sucked my cock at a speed that I was almost dizzy with horniness. Two tongues and lips at the same time on my piston, that was soon too much for me. With a loud grunt, I squirted my full load in no less than seven powerful thrusts into the open mouths of the sex twins kneeling before me. The cum landed on their tongues, in their faces and on their wonderful tits.

My confession: I have sex with twins at the same timeAnd what I saw then exceeded my previous imagination: Anna and Lina were playing with my sperm, spreading it with tongue kisses with a snowballing simultaneously in their mouths and in their pretty, delicate faces. It was insane how awesome it was! Both faces were smeared with my protein cocktail and they just kept sucking my cock – a picture for the gods (or rather for eternity in my case). They looked deep into my eyes and smiled. “From now on, we want to taste your cream more often,” Lina grinned and Anna nodded in agreement, still holding my semi-stiffy in her mouth, which she continued to suck on for a bit.

To date, I did not know how cock and sperm horny these two twins were in reality, but they should prove it to me often enough in the future!

For all of us our relationship is an absolute win-win story

Since this experience, I now have sex with the twins more often, we have also been together on a frivolous erotic vacation in a love hotel. In return, I pay for their apartment in Dresden and cover their tuition fees at the private university. But I’m happy to do it. Whenever I am in Saxony, I invite her and we spend a nice time together. We are a kind of friends with benefits.

Even if we sometimes do some “normal” things together during the day, there is at least one quickie, but most of the time we end up in bed as a threesome in the evening and do it all night with dirty talk and everything, but never in the boring missionary position. We celebrate real sex orgies, sometimes there is something in the sixty-nine, sometimes sex Indian style or kinky Sadomaso bondage games. Especially Lina is into whipping and waxing games.

Helping my stepbrother masturbate
With the two girls and their friend I still have many plans

Sometimes we just lie in bed for hours, drink champagne, they give me a footjob and I take naughty photos of the two of them afterwards, I prefer the pinkshot, that is the close-up of their pussies. If they then still show underboobs the tits, it is usually done around me. The two know this and so they regularly wrap me around their finger to be creampie fucked, licked and fisted to their orgasms.

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Next I plan to try anal intercourse once with me with a prostate massage. When rimming, Anna or Lina should just stick a finger in my butt. Such an anilingus is already horny, but I imagine that even more lustful than it is already sex with twins. The two of them have also already announced to me to invite a hot fellow student for this very purpose, another Sugarbabe for me. All three of them want to try out a foursome. But I’ll tell you about that next time.

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