Keeping the affair a secret: this is how to have sex in secret

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Keeping the affair a secret: this is how to have sex in secret
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Keep affair secret so that the secret fuck remains undiscovered

For many people, a sex affair is a good way to escape from everyday life. They escape into a different, exciting life, far from routine and monotony. In order for the affair to remain secret and for the excitement not to disappear with a loud bang, some important rules should be followed.

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Why do people have flings?

People who cheat are often looking for one thing: closeness. In the course of a partnership, this is often lost, which does not automatically mean that it is no longer needed. If the necessary closeness within the partnership is missing, those affected seek it elsewhere.

Keeping the affair a secret: this is how to have sex in secret

Even couples who are in a happy relationship engage in affairs. Why is that? Many strive for more. They want to be faster, fly higher, live more exciting. People are looking for attention and want to feel more themselves. Secret sex becomes a source of energy. Get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into pleasurable fun.

The forbidden handling provides a pinch of adventure and adrenaline at the same time. People often enter into affairs to test their own market value. They are looking for confirmation or are simply curious about sex with a stranger. In the rarest cases, the cheaters intend to leave the partner for the love affair.

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If you want to keep the affair secret, it is imperative to pay attention to some points.

Discretion is the key

Not every man or woman is suitable for keeping an affair secret. Both partners must be sure that they can maintain silence. Apart from the two cheaters, the clandestine sex is nobody’s business. Many people look specifically on Internet portals for pleasurable variety. There it is clear from the beginning that the sexual adventures are to remain under lock and key and the affair secret.

Choosing the right person to keep the affair secret

In no way is it wise to opt for a fling within your circle of friends or neighborhood. In this way, it is difficult to keep the affair a secret.

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Relatives or work colleagues of the steady partner are also taboo. The risk of the affair getting around is far too great. If colleagues or friends announce the secret fling out loud, it often ends in a fiasco.

Confident use of smartphone and computer

Nowadays, smartphones and computers make everyday life much easier. Nevertheless, they can become dangerous and that is when someone wants to keep an affair secret. All it takes is the search history of the Internet browser to arouse suspicion in the partner. If you’re careful, you’ll pay attention to safe and anonymous surfing to leave as few traces as possible.

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If the communication with the affair takes place secretly via the smartphone, absolute caution applies. Written messages belong to be deleted immediately. At the same time, it is recommended to refrain from taking stimulating selfies. These have busted many an affair after the actual partner discovered it.

If you want to be on the safe side, get a second cell phone for cheating. This should remain in a safe place and be used exclusively for communication with the lover.

Secret sex needs a watertight alibi

If you want to keep an affair secret for a long period of time, you need a lot of alibis. Absences must be plausible, especially when it comes to the weekend or after work. Meetings during the lunch break are the easiest. Working overtime several times a week won’t work as an excuse in the long run.

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Alibis, for example, which take place over a longer period of time, are well suited. That could be taking a class or joining a gym. Meetings with family or friends as an alibi are taboo. Not infrequently, the secret comes to light here after a short time.

Do not change too much

The regular adventures with the secret affair create a special balance. Every now and then this manifests itself in a happier and more balanced demeanor. But watch out: If you laugh a lot more than you used to, you’ll quickly make friends and family suspicious.

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Especially if they know the body language of the cheater well, the first question marks quickly appear. A changed hairstyle, sexy lingerie or a new perfume: of course it feels great, yet care must be taken not to raise unnecessary questions.

Secret sex – good planning is important

Especially in a long-term relationship or in a family, the affair is not easy to integrate into everyday life. Arrangements with the secret fling are therefore indispensable. When, where and how do meetings take place?

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Fixed times of the day as well as specific times of the day should be discussed and also adhered to. If the processes in a relationship or marriage suddenly change unexpectedly, this quickly arouses mistrust in the partner.

Cash payment always and everywhere

Nothing new, but still worth mentioning: Only cash is real. All undertakings and purchases in connection with the affair should be paid in cash.

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If the partner finds strange withdrawals or hotel expenses on the bank statement, the misfortune is perfect. Cell phone bills that always show the same number are also telltale.

Separate sex and love

An affair with along feelings usually does not end well. That’s why both should play with their cards on the table right from the start. Often people are not unhappy in their relationship at all and are just looking for new sexual adventures.

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If the two cheaters feel more for each other than originally planned, both should end the affair. Otherwise, there is a risk of putting one’s relationship or marriage at risk.

The right place

The wife or husband comes home to find their partner and their love interest in their marital bed. This scene appears not too rarely in movies and series. Of course, meeting the affair in your own home is risky and rash. Neither is the favorite café or the regular pub suitable for exchanging hot glances with the affair.

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If the partner comes around the corner and discovers the forbidden meeting, unpleasant consequences follow. Places where neither the partner nor friends or family are present are suitable for the fling. Secluded places in nature also protect from unwanted glances and keep the affair secret.

Stay cool

Situations may arise where the partner unexpectedly asks questions. Many people have a keen sense for inconsistencies and riddle their partner with questions. It is important to prepare for such situations.

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This is the only way to keep a cool head and get through the question course safely. Purposeful dishonesty is important to keep the affair a secret. That it is an abuse of trust is beyond question.

Secret sex – risky, but possible

Keeping an affair secret requires nerve and resourcefulness. Of course, it is possible to have a secret love affair for sexual adventures in addition to a committed relationship.

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However, the risk of the secret being discovered exists always and everywhere. With the above advice, you minimize the risk of detection. Ultimately, however, everyone must weigh up for themselves whether it is worthwhile or not.

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