Man with giant penis stopped at airport

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Man with giant penis stopped at airport
Man with giant penis stopped at airport

A big penis is trouble

That a large penis is not always an advantage was recently demonstrated at an airport. A man with a giant penis wanted to go on a trip. But there were problems at the airport. Security guards approached him. Why? Because Jonah Falcon, that’s the man’s name, had a big bulge in his pants. Security personnel worried because they thought it was explosives. How did the story end?

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Man with giant penis gets in trouble at the airport

Mann mit Riesen-Penis am Flughafen angehaltenThe man with giant penis is from New York and says he has the biggest in the world. At least it’s really big. When erect, it measures more than a proud 30 centimeters. But the man with the giant penis also admitted that he had gotten into awkward situations before. The big penis was to blame.

Jonah, however, was able to resolve the awkward situation. The events took place at the San Francisco airport. When asked what he carried in his pants, he answered simply honestly. The man with the giant penis said it was his private part. No wonder he caught the attention of security. The penis reached halfway up his thigh.

After the security check, the staff pulled him out of line and checked Jonah’s hands. However, as no dangerous explosive residues could be located there, he was allowed to move on.

How big is the penis on average?

That the man with the giant penis is far from average is also shown by a study from England. Over 15,500 men from different countries participated. Thus, the responsible persons determined an international result. On average, the erect member is 13.12 centimeters long. In the man with a giant penis, it is 17 centimeters longer! Unerect, the average penis is 9.16 centimeters long.

Diese Girls mögen Großes

The study served to prove to men that the length of their penis is normal. After all, many men are dissatisfied with their best piece. It could be too short, too thin or too thick, maybe too crooked. This is especially true for younger men. The man with the giant penis, however, truly has nothing to worry about.

Man with giant penis stands out from the average

However, since many men do not know the researched numbers, it often even leads to depression. They don’t think their penis is good enough. Participants in the study, by the way, were 17 to 91 years old. Each penis was precisely measured. It turned out that German men have an erect penis with an average length of 8.6 centimeters. This is only slightly below the average.

Not only the length was important, but also the circumference. At the international level, the average circumference is 11.66 centimetres, and 9.31 centimetres when un-erect. These measurements are far exceeded by the man with the giant penis. Generally, such studies are conducted regularly to take away the negative opinion of dissatisfied men. By the way, lengths between 7.5 and 19 centimeters are considered normal. This shows once again that Jonah, the man with the giant penis, stands out from the crowd.

However, the tendency shows that the average length is rather in the lower range. But there are also men whose member is smaller than the average. But this is also normal. Nevertheless, it is the case that about two percent have a very small or very large penis. By the way, there is no connection at all between a man’s nose and the size of his penis.

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