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The man and his (distorted) dick picture

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Der Mann und sein (verzerrtes) Schwanzbild

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Dick Pics! The man and his tail picture

The social networks today make it very easy for men to send pictures of their own penis to their girlfriend, ex or to a completely unknown woman. Whether hanging, erect, ejaculating, gagged or gently wrapped in bath foam, so much intimacy can also cause undesired reactions. So it’s time to ask the question why a man sends his tail picture without being asked.

The man and his (distorted) dick pictureA classic case of misjudgement

On one side stands the man with his tail picture. For him, his best piece is simply fascinating and irresistible. Women can’t help but find him sexy and exciting. After all, when she looks at his detail photo, she immediately knows what she might miss. However, anyone who hopes that a woman becomes so sharp that she sends back a detailed photo of her expectantly open vagina is subject to a classic case of misjudgement.

For while he still lingers in the Stone Age with his impressive behaviour, she has already arrived in the present. Here men no longer define themselves solely by the length of their tails. He will therefore hope in vain for a reply with admiring compliments or a fascinated “Wow! Reason enough to think about one’s own tail as a man.

The own tail picture: Mine is bigger than yours!

Already at school, the tail lengths were compared while peeing or in the changing room. They looked over in awe to admire and envy the largest tail and its owner. Because as life plays this way, he was also the coolest of all and the girls loved him.

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No question that such experiences have shaped the man and his tail picture. If he now receives a rebuff after the unsolicited dispatch of his gem, the male ego will surely find this very distressing. Reason enough to think first and not to send pictures of this kind at all.

The man and his tail picture in digital relationships

Today, many partners get to know each other online and have relationships via the smartphone without ever having met in person. Here, the man with his tail picture might achieve exactly what he dreams of: sex! The man sends his tail picture against a completely different background and it is therefore also taken up by the opposite completely differently.


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