4 Tips for Dirty Sex: Good was yesterday!

By Benno von Sandhayn
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4 Tips for Dirty Sex: Good was yesterday!
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Brav was yesterday – the 4 best tips for dirty sex

It doesn’t always have to be standard sex. If you feel like a hot trip to the land of dirty dreams, try Dirty Sex. Here come the 4 best tips!

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1. dirty sex – make hot thoughts

The preparation for kinky sex is that both partners think hot thoughts – each other. Because for dirty sex applies: Fantasies contribute to the erotic crackle. The mood is important during lovemaking so that things can really heat up. To enjoy the right mood in advance, you can send secret messages to each other at work and reveal your fantasies for later. It doesn’t even have to be obvious – a brief hint is enough to get your partner thinking.

4 Tipps für Dirty Sex: Brav war gestern!2. incorporate role plays

Dirty sex is the perfect opportunity to finally live out your fantasies. This means that the covers come off and so do the taboos. The focus is on enjoyment. Those who have always dreamed of a kinky role they want their partner to play during sex can now express it. In a setting where tempers are bubbling, it’s the ideal time for revelations. The mood of Dirty Sex contributes to the fact that inhibitions are now lower. So – out with it!

Dirty sex can be combined with hot lingerie and costumes – or even missing underwear. It’s even nicer when your partner suspects it while you’re shopping, eating out, or on a date.

3. fancy getup for the partner

Even a pretty little dress or your favorite jeans with a tight top – everything is allowed that is fun and stimulates the imagination. Dirty sex gets even better when the visual makeup matches the mood.

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Also good: send your partner a hot picture that only hints at the lingerie. The rule here is that less is more. It doesn’t have to be too revealing to stimulate the imagination. On the contrary. If the counterpart only suspects what is waiting for him during dirty sex, it makes the game even more exciting – dirty sex guaranteed.

4. dirty talk is important for dirty sex

Talking before or during sex is probably one of the most valuable tips when it comes to kinky lovemaking. To really get your partner going, you can start on the phone, continue the game in the car, and finally complete it in your own home.

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A gentle whisper in your ear during sex drives your partner crazy and gives them crazy ideas about what they want to do to you. Dirty talk is therefore the most important tool to make the mood glow and enjoy kinky sex.


Dirty sex can be especially exciting. The important thing is that the mood is right and the sex partners get involved. Boundaries and taboos recede into the background and much is possible in reality that otherwise only happens in the mind. Those who want to savor the experience contribute to and build sexual tension.

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Dirty message or skimpy lingerie that will make your partner go crazy – everything is possible! If you want to take it up a notch, tell your partner during a date what you would like to do later. In this way, a hot mood arises, which ends with an unforgettable dirty sex experience as a climax.

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