Study says: Kissing during sex is so important

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Study says: Kissing during sex is so important
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The right tongues will do the trick!

Everything revolves around the kiss. Whether it’s the first one, you’re waiting spellbound for it while you get to know each other and the sparks are already flying. Or if you are already in a relationship and familiar with each other. But how important is kissing during sex? That’s what a British study investigated.

Study says: Kissing during sex is so importantKissing during sex – Not so decisive, who would have thought that?!

British scientists at Oxford University published a survey in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior and Human Nature” in which they interviewed 902 people, who tended to point out more important things during sex. Kissing during sex is not superficial. It was also stated that even after sex it was not about kissing, but at most about cuddling.

However, kisses are still important when it comes to testing the right chemistry for the first time. The kiss test first has to determine whether someone suits you or not. For many women, the hoped-for enthusiasm for their new partner does not appear right from the start if their kisses are too slobbery, too brash or too shy. Kissing also says something about the personality.

But kissing is still important

So kissing shows us directly whether something can walk between two people and whether you want to get physically closer at all. So you should kiss enough before the first sex so that tension and excitement can build up. And you want more.

Caution: Even kissing can transmit gonorrhea

By the way: Just as important, whether it clicks between two people or not, are smell and taste. They also influence our choice of partner today because they affect the oldest part of our brain. Sometimes we just can’t smell certain people.

But kissing during sex can make things more beautiful depending on the situation

In exceptional cases, however, kissing during sex can also turn on properly. It does not necessarily have to be about fetish areas. Even in couples’ sex situations, the right stroke of the tongue, along with other seductive arts, can really get others going and heat them up. Depending on the situation, kissing during sex can be attractive after all.

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