Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano
Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano


Sexy waitress seduces in beautiful Bolzano

Vacation in the dreamlike South Tyrol: German Patrick feels magically attracted to the restaurant “DaPicchio” in Bolzano. But this is not so much due to the good cuisine in the Osteria, but mainly to the pretty waitress Chiara. From the first moment Patrick’s thoughts turn to how he can seduce the waitress as quickly as possible.

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During my first stroll through the city of Bolzano, I had of course made a detour to the Archaeology Museum and had a look at the famous Ötzi mummy. After that I was mighty hungry. A friend had given me the tip to go to “Da Picchio” for dinner. And that turned out to be really good advice, not to say the best advice of my life.

Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano

So far I had spent a few days without sex in South Tyrol and my urge was already reporting. But I would not have thought that a waitress, of all people, would be seduced by me. At the sight of Chiara, however, I could imagine exactly that in the best possible way. She was exactly my type with her long dark curls and big brown eyes. Small and petite, but with plump curves in all the right places. I was particularly taken with her outfit: it reminded me of a dirndl with its open-hearted décolleté.

Italienische Pornostars

What Bolzano has to offer me, I thought, and studied the menu. I decided on a pasta dish and a beer and waved the lovely Chiara over. She spoke very good German and congratulated me on my order. Then she put me napkin and cutlery and let me admire her gorgeous bosom extensively. My pants got tight under the table. How I would have loved to seduce this stunning waitress on the spot.

Patrick takes action

I looked after her and I liked her hip swing under the wide skirt. When she brought me the beer, she looked deep into my eyes and said in a very sweet way, “Wohl bekomm’s!” I am a northerner from Lower Saxony and immediately fell in love with this cute accent. But even stronger was my desire for Chiara’s body. She had to see my desire after all! But surely I was not the first guest at “Da Picchio” who was keen on her.

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She remained standing at my table for a moment and inquired whether I would like it in Bolzano. I could only answer in the affirmative, and I added: “There are very beautiful women here.” I could only hope that she would refer the compliment to herself. “Certainly,” she said with a smile. The signal sounded from the kitchen that my pasta was ready.

Italienische Pornostars

They tasted delicious, and I noticed how Chiara kept glancing at me from a safe distance. I had already seduced the cute waitress in my mind and had exciting sex with her several times. The noodles slid down nicely thanks to the sauce, but my own noodle pressed against my jeans.

A waitress does not belong to my “prey” so far

Honestly, I have never seduced a waitress in my life. Sure, there were hot chicks in many bars that I liked. But here in “Da Picchio” something completely different happened: I was struck by lightning and had sensations as if my life’s happiness was at stake.

Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano

Apparently it really did exist, love at first sight. At the moment, however, I was less concerned with romance than with Chiara’s body. I wanted to see her naked and touch her soft tanned skin. Certainly she had brown nipples and maybe a dark intimate hairstyle.

When she cleared my plate, I mustered up all my courage and asked when she was off work. She hesitated for a moment and looked at me intently. Then I learned that in an hour there was a break until 18:00. I could then come back with pleasure as soon as the cook had left “Da Picchio”. I would have to wait that long outside, unfortunately. The weather in South Tyrol was magnificent. But I would also have held out in the rain outside so that I could seduce the charming waitress as soon as possible.

Italienische Pornostars

And so, around three o’clock, I crept up to the corner where the Osteria was located. Chiara unlocked the door and let me in. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” she whispered, leaning against the wall. “It’s a good thing my boss isn’t here today.” I grabbed her hand and said, “You won’t regret it!”

How was I so sure of myself? Probably because I felt Chiara was the only woman in the world I wanted. I had seen her first two hours ago and now already seduced the waitress, at least as good as.

Patrick’s dream comes true

Was I really experiencing what was happening now? Chiara came up to me, stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around my neck and opened her mouth seductively. I did not hesitate and pushed my tongue between my lips. The first kiss electrified me completely. My boner was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck.

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That this enchanting waitress wanted to be seduced was abundantly clear. She pressed herself against me and moaned slightly when I let my hands slide into her cleavage. Excited, I play with her stiff nipples, while our tongues danced the tango again.

“I like you like this,” said Chiara

With these words she knelt on the floor and opened my fly. Gratefully my cock stretched towards her wet little mouth. Here I’m probably seduced rather than the sensual waitress, shot through my head. Then I thought nothing more, because this blowjob in “Da Picchio” was sensational. I had to concentrate so that I didn’t splash her in the face right away. But she rose in time and leaned against one of the tables. “Sit on it,” my voice sounded rough with horniness.

Chiara pulled up her wide skirt and sat wide-legged in front of me. She tugged her thong over her thighs and I took it off completely. Her pussy was shaved and felt completely wet. I pushed my hard-on inside and thrust hard several times. She rolled her eyes, dropped onto her back and put her legs over my shoulders. So I could fuck her wonderfully and stimulate her pearl at the same time. We came almost at the same time and were both totally excited about the experience.

I seduced the hot waitress and saw her again several times afterwards, not only at “Da Picchio”. We actually fell in love with each other. Today we have a small pension near Bolzano. Of course, I make sure that Chiara does not make eyes at any of the guests. That’s why I fuck her as often as she feels like, so she doesn’t get any stupid ideas. I am happy with it – just as I wished back then in “Da Picchio”.

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