My confession: My brother made me a sissy

By Faizel Ahman
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My confession: My brother made me a sissy
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Suddenly I was his crossdresser

I am the youngest in the family. My sister and brother are both older. We always had a good connection with each other. As the youngest, I could get away with and ask almost anything. In addition, I was and am a very curious person. Curiosity led to my brother making me his own little crossdresser/sissy.

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The whole thing started with me wanting to know at some point what exactly gay meant. I had an idea of what it might be. But that’s all. Since I had a good connection with my brother, I decided to ask him, since I was sure he would know.

Gradually made sissy

My confession: My brother made me a sissyI waited for a good time and when we were alone at home, I decided to approach him. I remember him looking at me and saying that it was difficult to explain and if I really wanted to know. I assured him that I wanted to know. He then just said that it was relatively difficult to explain, but relatively easy to show. Whether I wanted to see it. Curious as I am, I told him I would like to see it.

He then stood up and first took off his pants. Immediately I saw that he had a hard and wet cock. He then asked me to undress, which I did. In the process, I also became hard. He looked at me and took my hand and led it to his cock and asked me to jerk it. I loved it immediately and then jerked him faster and faster. He then discharged over my hand without warning. I remember how horny his warm, fresh sperm felt. I then wanted to wipe it off, but he told me to jerk off with his sperm on my hand, which also felt mega horny. When we were done, he wanted to know if I had enjoyed it and would like to do it again. I said yes without hesitation.

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After that we had – always as soon as we were alone at home – wank dates together. At some point he asked me if I would also give him a blowjob. I had already played with the idea several times, but never dared. Therefore, I said yes without hesitation.

With my sister’s underwear he made me sissy

Before I could start, he said he would find it horny if I would wear our sister’s underwear to it. This astonished me a bit, but I agreed and went to our sister’s room and opened her closet.

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She already had lace thongs and matching bras at that time. I rummaged a bit through her collection and realized how horny it made me. I then decided to put on a black satin thong and bra. I still remember today how it felt. The moment was magical. I went back to my brother’s room and presented myself to him.

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He was so horny that he made me kneel and fucked my throat. I loved to feel his hard cock. He then shot his whole load into my mouth without warning and I swallowed it dutifully. After that I licked his cock clean. From that date on, I always wore women’s underwear when we had sex. He definitely made me his sissy.

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