Sexy import from the Czech Republic: Little Caprice wins AVN Awards

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Sexy import from the Czech Republic: Little Caprice wins AVN Awards
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Despite the success, the superstar remains down-to-earth

The erotic lover can choose from a large number of films. The only question is: “What should we look for?” As with other films, it’s the prizes won that provide a certain orientation. What the Oscar is for feature films, the AVN Awards are for erotic films. These awards have been presented annually in Las Vegas in January since 1984. The AVN Awards are the most important film awards in the erotic industry. Little Caprice won the award for “best actress internationally” in 2020.

Sexy Import aus Tschechien: Little Caprice gewinnt AVN AwardsAnother success for Little Caprice

Winning the AVN Awards is not the first prize. Last year it won several prizes, including the Venus Award, and was nominated several times. There are many categories in erotic awards. Among other things, her website Little Caprice Dreams has been showered with prizes. Not only Little Caprice is successful, but also her husband, Marcello Bravo, won several prizes. Participation in the AVN Awards is also nothing new for Little Caprice. Last year she was nominated in seven categories.

This year it finally worked out. This is a nice award for the likeable Czech woman, who is far from reaching the end of her career. She and her partner still have a lot to do. If you want to get an impression of the work, just visit the website of Little Caprice. There you will find some revealing pictures and video clips, which the porn actress and Marcello Bravo always produce on their own. They not only stand in front of the camera themselves, but also manage the entire back office themselves – from editing and sound recording to distribution. So it’s no wonder that many other actresses have already joined the famous duo.

Little Caprice – Her way to the AVN Awards

Born in 1988 in Brno, Czech Republic, the actress is by no means fixated on her body alone. The actress, whose civil name is Markéta Štroblová, studied nutritional science at the university. She certainly turned the heads of her male fellow students at the university. Nobody would have dreamed that they would study together with an actress who would win the AVN Awards. Little Caprice probably wouldn’t have either, because she started out working in the beverage industry. At some point she realized that she could earn more money with her attractive body. She started shooting her first videos at Video Art Holland. She appeared under various pseudonyms.

» go to the website of Little Caprice

In 2011 she had to take a break due to illness. In 2014 she resumed work and appeared in an erotic online game. In 2016 she launched her first website. This year she was also nominated for the AVN Awards for the first time.

Successful in the USA before winning the AVN Awards

To win an AVN Award, it is important to be known in the USA. The chapter on America began for the brunette beauty in early summer 2018, when she started working for Greg Lansky’s production company Tushy and Vixen. Tushy specializes in anal sex. Her very first performance earned her first place among the most popular actresses.

She repeated this success for Vixen. She was not only successful in the film business but also with the press. In August 2018 her beautiful body adorned the cover of Hustler magazine. As already mentioned, seven nominations for the AVN Awards followed in 2019 and finally this year her greatest triumph: winning the award for best actress.

That's how this man met porn actress Little Caprice

For some actresses, the huge success would go to their heads. Little Caprice, however, remains true to herself and therefore seems very likeable. On her website she talks about how winning the AVN Awards seems like a dream to her. When she actually heard her name at the awards ceremony, she first thought that a mistake had been made. She couldn’t believe that it was actually her who was meant to win one of the coveted AVN Awards. After winning, she thanked her fans who made this success possible in the first place. Her husband also plays a big role. He builds her up when she doubts herself and is at a loss. The thanks to him became at the same time a touching declaration of love. This is what makes the star really human, because you don’t find something like that in the porn industry every day.

Sexy Import aus Tschechien: Little Caprice gewinnt AVN AwardsWhat are Little Caprice’s next plans?

Of course, Little Caprice is not resting on her success at the AVN Awards. An important part of her work is her website. Together with her husband, she regularly produces exciting films.

In October the 24th Venus erotic trade fair is held. Of course she will be there again. After winning the AVN Awards with new self-confidence and many new fans. As every year, she has her own stand there, which she looks after together with Marcello. Fans can admire and buy hot photos of her. Of course they can also get autographs and buy DVDs. Little Caprice is represented there herself and answers the questions of her fans. Anyone with questions about the AVN Awards can ask them at any time. In Berlin this award will probably be a piece of the past. Maybe she can be happy about winning the Venus Award there.

Watch movies of Little Caprice

If you are interested in films by Little Caprice, please register on the Little Caprice Dreams page. Even those who don’t want to register should visit the site. He finds a lot of free erotic material. Especially popular is the film series Young & Beautiful. In episode eight she can be seen together with Kendra Sutherland.

» go to the website of Little Caprice

Films by Little Caprice are in great demand on the Internet and are available for streaming on many portals. However, the visitor should be careful with some pages, because they are not always free of viruses. Her official site however is safe.

After winning the AVN Awards, the demand for films with Little Caprice will certainly increase. Little Caprice and her partner are certainly aware of this and they will produce many more exciting films in the future.

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