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Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene 2020

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Verlosung: 4 x 1 Freikarte für die Fetischmesse obscene 2020

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Take part and with luck win a free ticket!

For all who care about BDSM and fetish, the fetish fair obscene in Stuttgart is definitely one of the obligatory dates this year. It takes place from 6th to 8th March at the trade fair centre in Stuttgart-Sindelfingen and is the largest event of its kind in the southwest of Germany. A visit is definitely worthwhile. We are giving away four free tickets. How it works and what exactly distinguishes the fetish fair obscene is explained here.

Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene 2020 A lively meeting point in a place

The obscene 2020 is clearly a trade fair in the first place. As a visitor you will therefore be able to see a lot of products that belong to the areas of BDSM and fetish. The range extends from lingerie and clothing to various toys and sophisticated “torture tools”. Novelties are presented as well as well-known classics.

And of course, many of these products can also be purchased directly on site – just like it is at a trade fair. At the same time, however, the fetish fair is obscene but also a popular meeting point for the scene. There is always the possibility to meet like-minded people and make new contacts. As the trade fair organiser has meanwhile acquired an excellent reputation, interested people from all over Europe come to Stuttgart. And that in turn means: nothing stands in the way of cross-border, enjoyable intercourse.

For example, it is also possible to find out about certain practices and trends which are very much in vogue in other countries, but which few people here have heard of so far. The fetish fair obscene is therefore also an important source of inspiration on the topics of BDSM and fetish. Oh yes, of course you can also make friends as a visitor.

With free tickets to the fair

Even if the prices for the tickets for the fetish fair obscene 2020 are kept within narrow limits – of course the fun is even more awesome if you don’t have to pay anything. Exactly this is possible with our campaign. We raffle 4 x 1 free tickets among all participants, which give full access to the fairground. Furthermore, with these special tickets it is also possible to get access to the various game rooms at the fair.

obscene: The erotic and scene fair with claim

Participating in our raffle is really very easy: Just send us an email via the contact form with the keyword “free ticket obscene 2020” in the subject line and explain why you should win the ticket for free. The mail must have reached us by 22 February 2020 at the latest. The legal action is as always excluded. In addition, the conditions of participation for lotteries apply.

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