Health: Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex?

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Health: Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex?
Health: Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex?

How dangerous is erotic togetherness?

Everywhere in the world there are sometimes more and sometimes less strict exit and contact restrictions. You should only leave your house or apartment for shopping and work. And what about the shelters? Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex? How long this state of uncertainty will continue is written in the stars.

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Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex?Coronavirus does not go the way of HIV

While many industries are starving, others are experiencing a total run. These include in particular sextoy suppliers and condom manufacturers.

Many couples rediscover themselves in these times of isolation and develop a desire for each other again. But despite all the curfews, many people not only enjoy marital eroticism. Which of course raises the important question of how safe sex is in times of the Corona pandemic. Is it possible to infect yourself with Corona through sex?

The answer to this important question, whether you can get the coronavirus through sex, is given in more detail below. For it is to be answered with a clear yes. It is easy to understand why this is so, but it is far from being generally known.

Infecting oneself with the coronavirus through sex is not possible in the sense that it could happen through sexual intercourse itself. Transmission by sperm or vaginal fluid is ruled out according to all that is known about the novel corona virus so far.

» Diese Frau trotzt Corona

It is therefore not transmitted through the physical exchange that is the main focus of most people during sex. This part of the answer stands for the “No” in the above-mentioned “Yes”.

Path of spread favoured to get coronavirus through sex

However, this does not mean that the all-clear has been given. On the contrary, the transmission of the coronavirus through sex must be assumed to be highly probable. This is because the virus spreads in any case by droplet infection. This means that everything an infected person ejects via his or her airways also contains corona viruses. This is of course only the case as long as an infected person is still infectious. But then it is almost certain that you will also become infected yourself during sex with an infected person.

Whether the infected person has to sneeze, cough or simply breathe out is not yet clear. However, given the high degree of infection with this new COVID-19, it is difficult to assume that contact with the breath of an infected person is already sufficient to infect himself. And who has sex with each other without being in each other’s breathing cloud – not to mention kissing?

Coronavirus almost unavoidable through sexCoronavirus almost unavoidable through sex

But even that is not the end of the story. It can also be assumed that the virus can remain on the fingers for a certain period of time once it has gotten there during exhalation. From there it is not far to the mucosae of the bed partner during sex. In this respect, infection with the coronavirus through sex is considered almost certain.

Everyone knows the many security measures that are currently being taken. Medical personnel are sometimes completely wrapped in protective clothing, normal people should wear breathing masks. Gloves are also strongly recommended. It is therefore not surprising that the coronavirus has an extremely easy time infecting the next person through sex.

In times of a pandemic, you can only be safe if you limit yourself to sex with your permanent partner – and the partner is not infected. Pleasure with changing partners or prostitutes should greatly increase the risk of getting coronavirus through sex. Even if the number of infected persons should only increase slightly: the spread of the coronavirus through sex with different partners is greatly facilitated.

All information about COVID-19: Link to the Robert Koch Institute

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