The best fitness tips for an erotic body

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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The best fitness tips for an erotic body
The best fitness tips for an erotic body
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A high class escort should have the perfect body

An erotic body is important for most women! Especially women who work as sex workers pay attention to their body and want to shine with a TOP figure. Sex Sales! Most men, of course, pay 100% attention to the external appearance when booking a high class escort. It always has to fit one hundred percent. Without ifs and buts.

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For women, this means not only doing sports regularly, but also thinking about a healthy diet. But how do you get the perfect body as a High Class Escort Düsseldorf and what is the ideal measurement?

The best fitness tips for an erotic body

The right workout for an erotic female body

Most men are into a slim appearance. The models of the High Class Escort Düsseldorf are also aware of this. Nevertheless, a slim body is no longer everything. Curves are equally popular with most men. So it’s the mix that makes the appeal. Therefore, for a healthy and especially erotic body, you should not only rely on the classic diets, but also just take to heart the muscle building as a woman. Of course, now customers are not into the muscular women, but good proportions are important.

That is why it is especially important for the modern and loving woman to rely on the following basic rules:

  • A healthy diet is always the be-all and end-all if the body is to feel healthy.
  • Always remember the protein intake. Proteins make muscles grow.
  • Use muscle training discreetly so that concise parts of the body are revealed.
  • Alcohol is only really useful in small amounts.
    Do not forget the endurance.

Die besten Fitness-Tipps für einen erotischen Körper • High Class EscortLegs and buttocks are the TOP features of a good escort lady

Where do men look first when they have a nice escort as company in the evening? Of course, on the external appearance. There, the eyes do not fall first on the lady’s face, but on her legs, buttocks and hips. That’s why you should take care of these three areas of the body and keep them fit. To do this, today’s woman does not have to lift the heavy weights, but can also approach it quite casually with simple exercises.

To keep your legs going, the stairs often make more sense than the elevator or escalator. Occasional jogging can also help to get a nice leg shape. The buttocks also benefit from these exercises. But for the perfect buttocks are still recommended special exercises that are simply done at home. In the position of the forearm support, you can very specifically and quickly lift the legs up to the ceiling, exercising the buttocks muscle.

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With the right outfit, you can quickly accentuate your body parts in the best way possible and attract attention to the perfect parts of your body.

A beautiful body is the business card of women

As an escort, you should quickly get used to the fact that you primarily attract a look. The right erotic body can quickly contribute to this. Therefore, as an escort you should not only attach importance to fitness, but also to an attractive appearance and of course to the appropriate clothing. What attracts men when they see a woman’s body? A well-groomed appearance, of course. The perfect makeup can be one aspect. Not too intrusive is the motto and at the same time very distinctive for the particular type of woman. The classic dark eyes have long ceased to be the perfect makeup. To ensure its success with men as well, you can play with the right outfit.

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It’s important to note that not all clothing and makeup can give you the perfect look. A beautiful tanned skin and a few nice curves can do a lot for the interested man.

Healthy food for the erotic body

Healthy eating is again an important topic. At the same time, numerous diets are not useful. In this case, we speak of a diet rich in protein and nutrients. Not recommended are debauched desserts or eating unhealthy food on a regular basis. This can lead to a negative skin appearance and obesity.

If you want to appeal to the erotic fantasies of men, you have to play with your body. The first thing that men see in a nice escort are the physical attributes. With fitness and a healthy diet you can optimize your body according to male ideas.

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