Barcelona Erotic Show presents promotion video APRENDER

By Mario Meyer
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Barcelona Erotic Show presents promotion video APRENDER
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Personal and sexual identity

The Barcelona Erotic Show (El Salón Erótico de Barcelona) presents APRENDER, the promotional video of this issue with Noemí Casquet, which informs us about freedom and learning.

This year’s Barcelona Erotic Salon show will take place from 3 to 6 October, marked by a major revolution in content and program: feminist, inclusive, open, reflective and entertaining. With the aim of offering a global and evolutionary vision of sexuality.

Barcelona Erotik Show präsentiert Promotionsvideo APRENDERWe have to talk!

The video revolves around freedom and learning, two fundamental axes to build our personal and sexual identity and is starred by the journalist specializing in sexuality Noemi Casquet, who this year is also the spokesperson of the Salon.

From the moment we’re born, we learn. We learn continuously. We learn to fit into our family, our group, our society. To survive, to be accepted, to like. And so little by little, layer by layer, we lose sight of what we really feel, what we really are, what we really want. And when we stop to think if we are free, free of thought, action, decision, we have to answer that we are not. That we are not. And this conclusion is the first stone to be able to deconstruct what we take for granted, to unlearn what we have learned and to begin again to build our own identity from freedom.

The promotional videos of the Erotic Salon are directed by the director Carles Valdés, who this year also directs the Salon for the first time together with Juli Simón.

The videos of the last editions of the Show have been viralized in a few hours, arriving, for example, with PATRIA (in 2017) and EL MANIFIESTO DE NACHO VIDAL (2016) at 4 and 1.5 million views, respectively, on youtube. They have also won multiple awards, such as the NORMAL spot (2016) that won the Silver Lion in the Cannes film category and the award for best viral advertisement in 2016.


Noemí Casquet (Sabadell, 1992) is a journalist and writer specializing in sexuality and travel. She jumped into the literary world with her first novel, Mala Mujer. La revolución que te hará libre (2019, Ed. Lunwerg, Grupo Planeta) which is now in its fourth edition. Television presenter and creator of new formats, she spreads her knowledge through Youtube and Instagram.

What does the erotic fair Salón Erótico in Barcelona offer?

She has collaborated in media such as El Periódico, El País, La Vanguardia and Código Nuevo, among others. Her discourse is related to individual freedoms, the naturalization of sexuality, the revolution of the established and the visibilization of non-normative collectives. He loses popcorn, deconstructed people, blues and masturbation.


Founder, creative director and director of Vimema. Carles Valdés (Barcelona 1983) is a director and creative director. Computer engineer, entrepreneur and born creative, passionate about internet and advertising decides to reconvert his profile to publicist and director in 2013. In 2014 he founds the agency and producer Vimema and harvests notorious successes like the viral spot of the beer La Brava or the Euroleague Basketball during 2014 and 2015.

In 2016 she manages to catapult her career with the announcement of the Barcelona Erotic Salon PATRIA, which achieves more than 100 million reproductions and is awarded the most important advertising prize in the world: a Cannes Lions to the best viral in the world in 2016. A lover of series, classical music and cinema, he is already preparing his jump to the cinema with his first film titled: The envelope.

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