Exotic: The Kamasutra position “Glowing Juniper”.

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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Exotic: The Kamasutra position
Exotic: The Kamasutra position "Glowing Juniper".
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Sporty Sex Technique For Experienced

Light and delicate is the Kamasutra position Glowing Juniper. With a little flexibility and perseverance, this sex position will take the couple to seventh heaven. In the Glowing Juniper position, it is the man who leads during sex. A love tango that leads to orgasm – provided both partners are (a little) sporty!

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Exotic: The Kamasutra positionGlowing juniper

The Glowing Juniper is suitable for those who like (or not) gentle S&M games: the woman is completely subjected to the desires of her partner, who determines the depth and rhythm of penetration. Dirty talk is welcome as you have direct eye contact with your partner. If the woman has her hands free, she can try masturbation with or without sex toys. This increases the pleasure many times over.

The Glowing Juniper requires both flexibility (for women) and endurance (for men). Sunday athletes should remember to do stretching exercises after this“sports session” to avoid sore muscles the next day. The Glowing Juniper is ideally performed on a mattress. But the position is also possible on the living room carpet or in the car.

Advantages of the position “Glowing juniper

Glowing Juniper: Benefits for women

The Glowing Juniper is a position that gives a lot of pleasure. One partner can set the rhythm, even if the other is only a little involved. The penis can penetrate deeply, and the fact that the woman arches backwards increases the pleasure. If the woman is bothered by her buttocks or her belly, she will love the position Glowing Juniper. In position, the former appear extra-flat and the latter is cleverly hidden.

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So there’s no reason to be ashamed of your body. But: Of course, the position is not recommended for women with joint problems and/or back pain. Here is better to resort to a less athletic sex position. Of course, there are also advantages for the man: even if Mother Nature did not endow him with a large penis, he should like this position. Thanks to the angle of penetration, his limb looks much more imposing.

The glowing juniper – the technique

Lying on her back, the woman places a small flat pillow under her neck or lumbar region to make herself comfortable. Then she spreads her legs wide. On his knees, the man slides between her thighs and lifts his partner’s legs vertically, holding her by the thighs, knees or calves, depending on her flexibility.

Glowing juniper – Variations

The Compass: The lady sits wide-legged and leans back slightly, using her hands to keep her balance. Now the man pushes himself between her thighs, also sitting with his legs wide apart. It looks like the union of two circles. A little sporty, but worth a try!

The slow dance: The man sits comfortably in an armchair, legs spread. The lady sits astride him and places her ankles on the shoulders of her partner, who holds her by the waist. This time it is the woman who takes the lead.

For laymen: This is the “simple” version of the
Butterfly position
: Sitting, legs stretched and tightened, the man greets his partner, who sits astride him. She lies on his thighs and brings her knees up to place her feet on the floor. A complicated position to set up, but much more accessible for beginners.

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For confident women:
Facing him and with arched back, the angle during sex will give the woman intense sensations. For dominant women, this position allows them to set the rhythm and “control the back and forth.” For this, however, couples still need to be muscular enough in the thighs to last for the duration. This variation has another advantage for the man: This variation of the Glowing Juniper offers a great view of penetration, which is quite exciting for men. With this version of the Glowing Juniper, however, one should watch out for a possible penis twist, which can unfortunately occur very quickly in this position.

The alternative to this love position

If a couple without much experience dares to try the Glowing Juniper, they can try this variation: The man sits with his legs spread. The woman sits astride him and inserts his penis into her vagina. Everyone leans on their arms and tilts backwards. With one hand the man has the possibility to tickle the breasts or the clitoris of his partner. Small disadvantage: By bending over too fast, the woman can bend the man’s penis over. An experience no man wants to have.

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