Erotic news from Eronite now in three languages

By Mario Meyer
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Erotic news from Eronite now in three languages
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Successful polyglot erotic magazine

Our erotic news goes international

Eronite erotic news is a blog that has been published for more than ten years and reports about interesting things and events from the world of eroticism. There, for example, porn stars are introduced or reported about unusual sex practices, new porn movies are presented and many other things more. The erotic news is also sent as a newsletter to anyone who would like to know more.

What’s new in erotic news?

This time, for a change, it’s not about which amateur star just had a birthday or how good the newly released porn DVD is, but about the blog itself. This is because from now on it will appear in three languages for all readers:

Nothing changes for the reader himself. All editions of Erotiknews are identical, but are published in one of the three languages listed above.

Erotiknews in drei SprachenWhat moves the publisher Eronite to this step?

The erotic magazine has been published in German for several years and has found a large readership over time. This is no wonder, because Erotiknews deals with topics that are taboo in other magazines or are not published because of various reservations (sometimes also because of censorship). However, people are interested in these topics and would like to be informed or are simply curious. Until now, however, there has been one major obstacle to overcome: the language barrier.

The internet knows no boundaries
Erotic news appears online and is very popular in German-speaking countries. However, the blog’s reach is not limited to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German-speaking countries. Holidaymakers and business travellers report enthusiastically about Eronite and its erotic news and make people in other countries curious.

Wir wollen dich und deine Neuigkeiten bei uns haben!

The Internet knows neither borders nor customs controls. Theoretically, users can access content from all over the world. The only hurdle to overcome is the foreign language. In order to reach more readers, the erotic news now appears in three languages and not only in German.

Erotiknews von Eronite jetzt in drei Sprachen

Why English and Spanish?

Quite simply: because these are the two most widely spoken languages in the western world! If only those who speak a language as their mother tongue are taken into account, surprisingly Spanish is even more widely spoken than English. There are just over 400 million people worldwide who speak Spanish as their first language. With the exception of Brazil (Portuguese) and a few small countries in the northeast (for example, Suriname or Guyana), virtually all of South America speaks Spanish.

With the English language, things are a little different. Although the number of native speakers is somewhat smaller than for Spanish, it is spoken as a foreign language by an estimated one billion people. With the two editions in English and Spanish, the erotic news can at least theoretically gain several hundred million new readers.

What about the German edition of Erotiknews?

Readers need not fear that there will be much change in the content. The newsblog with the erotic news has always been international and has for example regularly reported on erotic events and topics from the USA and the Anglo-Saxon world. Not only in terms of economy and military, also in the erotic field the USA is a world power. However, it would not be a bad thing if new topics were introduced to readers through the Spanish language edition.

Erotische Geschichten im Erotikmagazin

When the two terms “Spanish” and “South America” are mentioned, Latinas spontaneously come to mind for most. These racy ladies have rhythm in their blood and are considered by connoisseurs to be the most beautiful women in the world. On a gloomy winter day in Germany, an article about sex experiences in Cuba or beautiful Colombian women would make the weather a bit more bearable and lift the spirits.

What about other languages?

Editions in other languages are not planned at the moment. If only the number of native speakers is taken into account, it would be worthwhile to publish the erotic news in Chinese as well, but this would not be feasible in practice. Unfortunately, in the People’s Republic of China there is no freedom of information and opinion as there is in democratic countries and in Western Europe in general. The internet is strictly censored and often completely blocked. Hopefully, that will change one day.

If the Spanish edition of Erotiknews is successful, it would at most be conceivable that the erotic magazine might one day also be available in Portuguese. When it comes to eroticism, there’s a lot going on in Brazil, and not just at Carnival in Rio. There would certainly be an interesting article or two to write, not to mention about the stunningly beautiful Brazilian women.

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