Died during sex – When lust ends with death

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Died during sex - When lust ends with death
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When the love play becomes a death trap

Died during sex – Is that luck or rather bad luck?

Sparkling sex and then dying in the arms of the playmate – a fantasy that is present in many men’s minds. A more emotional death could not be imagined. But what many men don’t know: this fiction becomes reality more often than some hot-blooded bedfellows like to think. Many a person has already died during sex, but there are very different causes.

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Died during sex - When lust ends with deathThe causes of rapid love-death

Sex is proven to be very healthy and has a positive effect on body, mind and soul. Responsible for this are messenger substances, so-called happiness hormones, which cause a real intoxication. One feels alive, electrified and satisfied. At the same time the immune system is stimulated and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. The most beautiful trivial thing in the world gives pleasure to men and women alike, yet the death in love play is more of a male domain. If a man died during sex, the heart is the main focus of attention for doctors or forensic doctors. For example, cardiac arrhythmia or diseases of the coronary arteries under stress can lead to sudden cardiac death.

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Many men know nothing about previous illnesses, hide them or do not take them seriously enough. The same is true for a aneurysm or a stroke. Ignited hot passion makes the blood pressure rise, so that the blood circulation in the brain increases, a vessel bursts or there is an undersupply of blood to the brain due to a blood clot. If it says dead during sex, then a pulmonary embolism may also be behind the cause of death.

Died during sex - Wild love play with fatal consequencesDied during sex – Wild love play with fatal consequences

Studies have shown that there are more deaths from sexual intercourse than assumed. So if a spouse dies after a night of love in the arms of the wife, then this connection is often not made and a natural death is assumed. Scientists analyzed: if a spouse died during sex, then this happens more often during extramarital sex. The sex-hungry man knows very well that flings with an affair or a prostitute are exciting, mysterious, forbidden. This emotional state of emergency alone causes an increased heartbeat and lots of adrenaline in the blood.

However, the age of the lovers also plays an important role when people die during sex. On average, the victims are male and between 55 and 60 years old. In front of their mostly much younger playmates, they want to be seen as potent, powerful and persistent, and they make every effort to live up to expectations. A fatal error that can sometimes end in a fatal heart attack. The later diagnosis, died during sex, is for the wife of the deceased, besides pain and incomprehension, also connected with a lot of shame, so that in such a case psychological help and medical support are indispensable.

With increasing age the erectile function diminishes – Died during sex

If a person has died during sex, drugs often play a major role. For example, men with heart disease take beta-blockers to reduce suffering over a longer period of time, which significantly impair the erectile function. To increase potency, they fatally resort to sexual enhancers. But the sudden drop in blood pressure during lovemaking that this causes can lead to deep unconsciousness and even death. Smoking or obesity are also indicators. There is always an investigation into the causes when someone has died during sex.

Sex mit Scheintoten - Wenn Deepsleep zum Fetisch wird

To prevent sexual activity from becoming a death trap, prevention is the first step towards health. A varied diet, moderate exercise and a regular sex life considerably reduce the infarct risk. In the case of severe heart disease, the doctor of confidence is always the contact person for questions about sexuality.

But there is another side to it. She has even become a fetish in her own right: Deepsleep. That’s sex with suspended animation. While some people really die during sex, the fetishists virtually imitate it. While one partner is incapacitated with narcotics such as propofol etc., the other partner is allowed to engage in sexual intercourse. Some people seem to get such a kick out of it that they no longer want to have sex with anyone else. What is apparently fascinating about this is the fact that the sex partner cannot defend himself. On the contrary, he even has to put up with everything. This will certainly involve practices that are not desirable in a “normal” state. Or even belong to a taboo.

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