Why women kiss women without being lesbian

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Why women kiss women without being lesbian
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Women kiss women and nobody is surprised

It’s often different with men…

Hardly anyone is surprised when a woman tells that her first kiss was with her best friend. It’s different with men. But why is it so normal nowadays that women kiss women without being lesbian or bisexual?

Why women kiss women without being lesbianThe first time to practice

The first kiss, an exciting experience in a woman’s life. But usually this does not take place with the first friend, but with a much more familiar, close person – the best friend. “We’re just practicing,” is the classic phrase when two young women kiss. kissing practice so that they can kiss well later? What may still be true at the tender age of 13, 14, is later no longer necessary. But even at a later age, many women like to kiss women and they don’t let the man in the partnership forbid them to do so.

What makes female kissing so special?

Devotion, closed eyes, tenderness – there are probably far more than these three qualities that make the female kiss so fascinating. A big difference between men and women is that men often see the intimate French kiss as an invitation to have sex. Women, on the other hand, kiss simply for the sake of kissing.

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If a woman is devotedly kissing, she is often lucky enough, she does not want to be undressed ten minutes later and have to have sex. Most women can snog for hours, perhaps stroke their hair tenderly every now and then, and fall asleep afterwards completely happy.

Women kiss more safely

Many a woman will have seen a man in a disco and thought: “I’d like to kiss him now.” But in many cases she doesn’t do it, because she doesn’t want to have to fight him off afterwards, when he clearly wants more. When women kiss women, they are on the safe side.

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You can enjoy the kiss, get the smooching tenderness and afterwards the women just continue to party as if nothing had ever happened. A woman does not see the kiss of another woman as an invitation to have sex or even more. It just happens, out of a party mood, in the alcohol intoxication or in the exuberance of emotions.

Why women kiss women without being lesbianThe fascination of the kissing woman

If you ask women who kiss women, you always hear a very specific answer: “Women kiss tenderer/better!” Is that really true? Does the woman kiss differently, even better than the man? Better would be too big a word, but in any case it is different. Most women kiss more tenderly, they do not let themselves be guided by their urges so much. The lust of the man is much easier to ignite. He holds a beautiful woman in his arms, kisses her, snuggles up to her and already the hormones are running coaster. He wants more, inevitably his hands slide towards his bottom, his desire increases. The woman, on the other hand, lives in the moment. She kisses, she enjoys, but her hands remain with her.

Most men cannot concentrate on the kiss as such, the head cinema starts immediately. While the man is still smooching on the dance floor, he has already mentally undressed her on the toilet. Automatically the kiss becomes wilder, more impetuous and cries for more. Actually, it’s not so bad that men are not perfect kissers. The sight of women kissing is beautiful – and who would want to do without it?

Strong emotions between the kissers

The kiss is part of a cuddling ritual that makes women in particular feel safe. But also men like to cuddle and often cannot be without it. Strong emotions that are evoked in humans. There is a feeling of security, the interpersonal bond experiences a climax. When it is not about pure sex, kissing and cuddling is the best way to share affection together. Happiness hormones, so-called endorphins, are released and also improve sexual and erotic relationships.

You lovers of the world, cuddle and smooch all you want! It’s not just women who want to kiss. Men want to kiss too. Kiss each other off, man or woman – it doesn’t matter. As long as the chemistry is right. ;-)

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