Crass mother: sex party with friends of daughter

By Julia Moreno
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Crass mother: sex party with friends of daughter
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Mother seduces friends of my boyfriend

That’s how fierce the action was!

When moms feel like having sex, they can get really creative. It is always worthwhile to make a mother squirm. Because when lust overcomes them, they know how to get their pleasure. And they get it without batting an eye. So recently the mother of a friend of mine had a sex party with friends. How it all started? Here’s the story:

When mothers feel like it – how it all began

Until that day, no one would have thought that my friend’s mother could be so crass. He said a few days ago that she was totally difficult at the moment. Apparently she just hadn’t had sex in too long. At this point, no one would have thought of having a sex party with friends. Or even a sex orgy!

Invitation to sex party with friends

Sex-Party mit Freunden und gewissen Vorzügen: Was ist der Nutzen?

One evening, his mother probably decided to change something about her condition. I wonder if she was already thinking about a sex party with friends? I doubt it, but who knows. She sent mails to the mothers of my friend’s buddies. And stressed how much the sons would be welcome too, her son would be happy to see his friends after all.

This is how it turned into a wild sex orgy

That same evening, all kinds of alcoholic beverages were served there. His mother is sometimes really hard on the road. She sent the mothers home at some point because she “wanted to go to bed”.

The confession: I filmed my parents having sex

That she wanted to do this with their sons and that it would turn into a sex party with friends, they had probably rather not expected. The sex orgy made the rounds throughout the neighborhood in the days that followed.

Mother in the neighborhood now in disrepute

All sorts of things were said about the sex party with friends. With how many buddies she was doing it, how she was doing it and of course the question was if my buddy was there too. “Are you crazy?” was his reply. The fact that his own mother is now in disrepute doesn’t bother him on the whole; it’s her problem, after all. But that she was able to organize and celebrate a sex party with friends, he probably would not have believed her until then.

Sex party with grandpas and other horny bags

Young girls go for young guys, at least that’s what I always thought. But my sister remarkably often accompanies my grandma to the bridge tournament at the retirement home. I never thought what I could find out by spying on her. I wish I had left it alone. Anyway, I would never have suspected a sex party with friends.

Sex party with friends – why do they have to be the same age?

Every second Wednesday of the month is senior afternoon and my grandma wants to go. I find this event more than boring because it’s always about dying and illness in the talks. Until I refused, which made me feel sorry for my grandma, but gave me more valuable life time to gamble on the console.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

So my little sister was ordered to drive grandma and stay with her so that she could get home safely. I would never have suspected more, since my little sister is always so buttoned up. That she could have sex at all, let alone be a participant in a sex party with friends, I would never have dared to dream.

The garden of pleasure

My sister probably stole away from the tournament relatively quickly, inquired how long this would go on, and retreated to the park. There she met a man who could easily be her grandpa and wondered why he wasn’t at the event. At first she thought the man needed help because he was twitching so funny. On closer inspection, however, she caught sight of his erect cock in his hand, which he was wanking lustfully and incessantly.

Sex-Party mit Freunden und gewissen Vorzügen: Was ist der Nutzen?

He knew exactly that my sister was watching him and this only made him hornier. My sister could not resist and sat down on a bench, spread her legs and let him have a look at her, covered with wet panties, pussy. He gestured for her to follow him. She hesitated, but, what could happen?

There was a lonely bench behind a bush and he sat down with his monstrous boner – never would she have thought that a man who had to be well over 80 could still have such an erection, let alone such a long cock. “Do what you want with it, girl, but do it!”. Those were the words my little sister had been waiting for. She pushed her panties aside and sat on his lap.

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With one push the tail was sunk. She had to moan with pleasure and the thick cock that was now inside her. The peckers of her previous boyfriends were rather small and puny. This one, however, knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her hole. And he did. Hard and harder and harder. His fingers found themselves on her hip and on her clit. She cried out as the wave of pleasure overtook her – and was heard, by three other old men who had apparently followed the game behind the bushes and now also felt like fucking the horny hole.

Unfortunately, however, the bridge tournament was over and my little sister had to drive grandma home all well-behaved and proper. Too bad for the horny men who would have loved to be part of a sex party with friends.

Lust rediscovered – horny old bags

From then on, my little sister seemed to enjoy driving Grandma to the senior afternoon. She postponed appointments with her friends and also dressed differently. Always only dresses, no more stuffy skirts and frilly blouses. Should have seemed weird to me, but fighting for the world on the game console was just more important. That behind the senior afternoon of my grandmother was a sex party with friends for my sister, I could not guess with the best will in the world, even if I had wanted it.

So my sister would regularly meet with a group of older, much older men in the backyard in a relatively hidden part and get what they had to offer. She rode one while the other’s cock was in her mouth or let the cocks cum on her. She enjoyed it to the fullest to mount the old cocks and to be pierced by them and she gave them not infrequently also appropriate means so that something could stand at all.

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This was all about them. She got as many orgasms in as many positions as she thought necessary and time allowed and then just disappeared again. No commitments, no cuddles, no expressions of loyalty or anything like that. Slowly she understood what many men appreciated so much about noncommittal sex.

When it takes more friends

Unfortunately, at some point it was no longer enough for her to act out only every two weeks and so it came as it had to come. Our father had scheduled a business dinner at home that the whole family had to attend, because of reputation. And my sister appeared as usual – in a well-behaved blouse with a boring skirt.

That she, during the meal, opened the zipper on dad’s boss and began to jerk his cock, no one knew at that time. Nor that the senior boss noticed and it almost tore his pants at the sight of his son’s hard cock in the hand of the good daughter. I went to my room relatively quickly, the console was waiting and mom also said goodbye because she didn’t enjoy the business talks.

My sister stayed, assured dad that she would take care of the guests and that he could well hold the conference call with Singapore now. Thus, my sister was alone with the young and the old boss of our father and she wanted one thing: fuck!

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Both men could already hardly hold on to themselves and so the business meeting turned into a sex party with friends or rather with superiors. She sat on the young cock while she sucked the old one and rode it until it almost squirted. then she put the junior boss on the dining table, sat on him and forced him to sink his cock in her ass so the old boss could fuck pussy. All three came unhindered at their expense and my sister disappeared, completely satisfied afterwards in her room.

A sex party with friends, with those who will inevitably keep their mouths shut, just the way my wicked little sister likes it.

Group sex in retirement home

The senior afternoons remained important routines and my sister apparently did it with every senior who could somehow still muster a halfway stable erection. Unfortunately, it came as it had to come. I was sent to the nursing home because my grandma had missed an important doctor’s appointment that fell on the day of the bridge tournament, of all things. However, since she had waited several weeks for it, it could not be postponed either.

Prostituierte im Altenheim – eklig oder ehrenhaft?

I had found my grandma very quickly and she informed me that my sister was always in the garden during the hours, probably enjoying nature. So I set out to find her. And, she enjoyed nature to the fullest. I found her while she, surrounded by horny men, blew a grandpa and let another fuck her in the ass.

A real sex party with friends. First I wanted to go in between, but then I noticed my latte in my pants and felt that this sight also made me hot. My little, innocent sister, so not innocent at all, here prepared tens of men pleasure and enjoyed it to be taken properly, as her sounds told me. I had no choice but to take out my cock and jerk it off, because the scene almost drove me out of my mind.

Die besten Girls von Fik-Fok

I probably never had such an erection as this sex party with friends produced in me. Every rub produced unbridled pleasure in my cock and I probably never cum like I did at that moment. A damn cool feeling and the ride to the doctor turned out more than amusing. I knew what my little sister had done, but she had no idea that I knew.

Lust for old women

The scene of the sex party with friends got me thinking – were there old ladies in this retirement home who would love to get it on with a young guy like me? The one or other skirt could have pleased me there quite and, pregnant could probably no longer get here, what a treat. I definitely need to take a closer look at this and start my own sex party with friends. How am I going to tell my little sister that I’m going to take Grandma to the bridge tournament again? After all, she will hardly want to give up this desire.

A sex party with friends – a horny pleasure for all ages.

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