Can political education at university be sexy?

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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A question of perspective: Does knowledge make sexy?

How education and sexiness go hand in hand can certainly be viewed from different angles. However, once one is aware of what one means by education, one has an indication of why the topic of political education is related to attraction and often sexual attraction. Education is a sign of freedom and also of security, and that is what should be desirable for all of us.

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What does political education mean in general?

Education means imagination or power of imagination. With imagination we succeed in following visions and in shaping our lives in a self-determined way. A person who is educated is known to get access to knowledge. He also learns to acquire skills that serve to identify contexts, behave appropriately in various situations, and communicate openly and honestly.

Can political education at university be sexy?

What do you achieve with education?

It could be said that communication skills, in particular, are one of the most valuable resources for exerting social influence. Influence means more power and more prestige. Education thus reflects a certain value of a person, which may well open up opportunities and perspectives in career direction.

What does political education mean at the university?

Civic education appeals to those who want to make a difference. One learns about complex interrelationships and also learns how democratic systems can function. Skills are taught that encourage us to get into Tun. Communication skills are extremely important, but it is even more important to get into action. Getting projects rolling and actually achieving goals is what life is all about, after all.

Why can political education be sexy?

It can be said that men who pursued their goals in college can now be found in professions in engineering, as teachers, as lawyers, as journalists, as architects, or as doctors. Women who have been successful in college can be found in similar professional fields. You are a teacher, architect, lawyer, journalist or doctor. What these titles have in common is that they reflect a certain amount of discipline and perseverance. And these two qualities could well be called sexy already.

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Who doesn’t think it’s sexy to have a partner who enjoys high social status? Who doesn’t think it’s sexy to find a partner who can stand on their own two feet? Exactly. Few. And an academic title can seem even more attractive if both potential partners have a similar level of education. We all know that relationships at eye level go very well. After all, we all strive for exactly this kind of relationship: you can learn from each other and you can achieve goals together.

Which values are still important for a partnership?

When looking for a partner, it is of course not only the professional background that matters. Numerous other factors are also decisive. This includes, for example, whether you radiate naturalness, whether you have a sense of humor, and whether you have social skills in addition to your professional ones. Sexual attraction already begins with appearances. For some, skin and hair or the smell are decisive, for others, the proportions of the counterpart are important. An upright posture and facial expressions and gestures can also be decisive factors for the potential partner.

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But one thing is generally known: Self-confidence and self-assurance can be exceedingly sexy. A humorous person is characterized by lightness and a relaxed attitude towards life. In addition to a charming smile, it can be very sexy to be able to handle difficult situations with humor. Bringing social skills can further complete the image of the counterpart. There are a variety of terms, but faithfulness, harmony, reliability or cohesion are probably pretty high on the list for most of us.

What happens when I find someone sexy?

First impressions have often decided how we feel. If the person we are interested in is educated, articulate, and successful, then we may be in for a treat. If you listen carefully to each other and ask each other the right questions at exactly the right moment, profound conversations can arise and physical reactions can quickly become apparent. Such reactions as a faster beating heart, sweaty palms or the feeling of not being able to think clearly.

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And we’ve all certainly experienced it at one time or another! Our body definitely gives us signs that we should not ignore. As long as you yourself know what is indispensable in a partner and where you would possibly also compromise, nothing stands in the way of getting to know each other. So civic education at the university can definitely be sexy.

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