Cab sex: This is how I like to get fucked by cab drivers

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Always horny sex in the cab: That’s how I do it!

My name is Antonia. I’m 19 years old, originally from Colombia – and I’m a pretty horny nut of the Lolita Latina type. But I don’t want to commit myself (yet). Instead, I have developed a method for regular fucks: sex in the cab! When my pussy itches again, I let a cab driver fuck me. There are also weird guys among them.

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It all started about two years ago. There it was the cab driver who wanted to fuck and turned me on. He said he could have seen up to my crotch in the rearview mirror. That would have totally turned him on. I made a mental note of that. I did a quick number with him in the back seat, but really he was too old and too fat for me. In the future, I wanted to decide for myself with whom I have sex in the cab. This is how it happened.

An example of how I pick up cab drivers

Cab sex: This is how I like to get fucked by cab driversAdmittedly, a few times I also had to pay because the driver was listless, impotent or gay. But most of the time it works out very well. I put on purple skin tight leggings and high heels and wear purple panties with them. My lilac top is short and fits snugly. It shows that I don’t wear a bra and have big boobs with brown nipples. I style my long black hair sometimes like this, sometimes like that, often with two sexy braids, so I look even younger. I wrap myself in a wide coat for sex in the cab. With the cape I always manage a surprise moment: I’m not the elegant young lady at all, but a hot chick who wants to fuck a cab driver. Oh yes, with a sensual perfume I diesel me also still one. After all, I want to stand out.

Once I’m in the cab, I take my time telling the destination. “Just go somewhere quiet.” That’s all I’ll say at first. With this, I draw the chauffeur’s attention to me. I sit in the middle of the back seat – with my legs spread. Actually, he should see my purple panties flashing. I wonder if he’s already thinking about sex in the cab! Soon we reach the outskirts of the city. “To the river,” I say, striving for an undertone of mystery.

Do I really want to fuck this cab driver?

Finally, he turns around and takes off his sunglasses. “What’s going on here, young lady?” He sounds more amused than annoyed. I think he looks good. About 40 and a bit of a hippie type with shoulder length brown hair. Green eyes, I’m into that. And very nice hands. “I’m feeling a little agitated today. I need to relax.” “In my cab? I’d rather not!” “But why not?” I drop my coat and grab my chest. Now he’s watching me again in the rearview mirror. “You’re horny for sex in a cab, am I right? I know that type of woman.”

Fucking cab girls

“It’s so cold outside” I say in a slightly pouty girly voice. “And I’m only wearing one of those thin shirts.” I make sure that I press my breasts against the thin fabric and the nipples are clearly visible. This actually always works. Also in this case. The cab driver’s voice sounds rough. “Well, wouldn’t be the first sex here in the cab.” I say nothing, but rub my boobs, play with my hard nipples, grab my crotch. He stares into the rearview mirror, but hesitates. Does he think I’m trying to trick him? “Do you want me to transfer to the front?”, I inquire. “No, I’ll come in the back, we have more room there.” All right, this cab driver wants to fuck, so I want it too.

Explosive sex in cab

Cab sex: This is how I like to get fucked by cab driversHe opens the car door and slides to my side. I let the coat slide to the floor. “Is it true that cab drivers often snack on their passengers?” “Often not, but sometimes they get seduced.” He strokes my hair and puts my hand on the bulge in his jeans. It feels very tempting. “I’m up for anything,” I say, “and I like to be conquered, too.” Then I give him a long French kiss and vigorously rub his cock. The guy has temperament, the sex in the cab promises to be an event! Quite in my sense!

For a moment I closed my eyes, but the situation does not allow romantic impulses. It is pleasant how he rubs my breasts. And I like the way he moans lustfully. “What’s your name?”, I whisper in his ear. “Joshua – and you?” “Antonia!” “You’re horny, Antonia, I want to see your wonderful tits.” He just yanks my top down and grabs my boobs. How hot is that! I immediately open his pants and grab his thick. I finally want to know how good Joshua the cab driver can fuck. I’m already all wet.

But Joshua is still taking his time. “I rarely have anything like you here in the cart,” he growls. Then he pulls my legs onto the back seat so that he can push my thighs wide apart. He sinks his head in my crotch and I feel his tongue on my pearl, he licks my big clit. “How young you taste,” Jens says when he reappears. Now it’s his turn. He enjoys my blowjob with every fiber of his body, really uses me as a mouth cunt and screams out his climax as he squirts into my mouth.

Fucking cab girls

I wonder if the sexy cab driver wants to fuck too? A few kisses later I know: he wants it, he does it, and he can do it. Quite well, actually. He takes me through the mill until I come to a gigantic orgasm. – Satisfied, I get out of the car. Joshua drove me home and does not want to be paid for the trip. My math worked out once again.

I have experienced a lot on cab rides

The episode with Joshua was one of my best experiences on the subject of sex in a cab. He even contacted me again. I always leave a card. But so far I’ve only ever wanted unique experiences, always new highlights. And things are going – although sometimes I think the coachmen are exchanging ideas among themselves. But so far my coat number has worked well to get sex in the cab.

Cab sex: This is how I like to get fucked by cab driversThere was once the blond Paul, who nibbled me in the summer on the hood. He was very potent, but in a strange mood. Anyway, he babbled to himself while screwing, and I couldn’t understand a word except “sail ears” over and over again. Yet he was not punished with it at all. Sometimes I thought about what might have been his problem. Anyway, it was not the first time he had sex in the cab. It’s probably usually the older women who are interested. No wonder I’m having so much success.

With Karim I ended up in the Netherlands at short notice. I had to crash in the car. But the sex in the cab was not bad. Although Karim, who came from Iraq, had a rather antiquated image of women. That meant he made the announcements – and I had to comply. I also had to give him an overhead blowjob. But what was something completely different and made me amazingly horny.

I also had the pleasure of a bald guy, an ex-footballer with an incredibly big cock. I couldn’t get it in my mouth, and it just hurt everywhere else. Nevertheless, we spent a great hour together with very gentle sex in the cab. Not always cab drivers want to fuck. Some just want a little cuddle. Most want to get a blowjob and finger me. I don’t think these activities fall under cheating for them.

Sex in cab with Miguel: very first cream

Now I have done it so many times in the cab, but the final kick was not there yet. I’m not giving up hope that I’ll hit the jackpot someday. Maybe already today? I dressed up like I always do and have a car come. The chauffeur jumps out of the car and opens the back door for me. He looks like a Hollywood star, honestly. Dark curls, narrow hips, a mouth made for hot kisses. And he literally gets googly eyes at the sight of me. I interpret this as a favorable omen for really horny sex in the cab.

Fucking cab girls

Between me and the Spanish cab driver Miguel, the non-verbal communication works very well. We don’t need to talk, just exchange excited glances in the rearview mirror. I put on my usual show, take off my coat, spread my legs and play lasciviously with my erect nipples. As I do so, I keep looking at him in the mirror, licking my lips and smiling at him. Miguel stops in a grove. Today it is warm. I hear noises, think: We are not alone here. Soon I realize: In order to have sex with me in the cab, Miguel has towed me to a so-called pleasure parking lot. This thought makes me totally hot. I get out and take off my top. A light summer wind brushes my skin. Miguel takes a picture and promises that it won’t end up on the web.

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Then he finally comes up to me and presses himself against me. I feel how tight his pants are. Naked desire blazes in his eyes. Finally fuck a cab driver again, I can not wait. Miguel pushes me back into the car – head first. I instinctively stick my butt up, and Miguel threads his way over to me. A few hard jolts and it’s all over.

No need to be disappointed, because it continues with sex in the cab. Better said next to the cab at the edge of the forest. Grass grows there, and Miguel has spread a blanket on it. I stretch out on it and he conquers my body naked in the forest. Inch by inch, he works his way forward. No part of the body remains unkissed, unlicked. It is madness.

Fucking cab girls

With Miguel I land in seventh heaven

It’s strange, what was planned as casual sex in a cab actually turns into a romance. I have butterflies in my stomach. I never want this moment to end. I wonder if Miguel thinks I’m a hooker. He asks almost politely if I would give him a blowjob? Sure, because I want to fuck the cab driver, ride him and drive him crazy. Never before has someone made me so horny. At the same time, I have all these romantic feelings like a teenager. Should I have fallen in love? Anyway, the hot full-blooded Spaniard Miguel talks about “amor”. It may be that he really means it.

But I am far ahead of the times in terms of thinking. Now the first thing is to fuck the hot cab driver and kiss him again and again. His lips and tongue are the purest wonder. Our sex in the car feels like it will never end.

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