Bra size calculator: find the right cup size

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Bra size calculator: find the right cup size
Bra size calculator: find the right cup size


The bra size calculator is not just for women

One of the biggest mysteries for men’s world seems to be solved. Just about every man likes to deal with a woman’s bust size extensively. Nevertheless, the majority of the male world is unclear what exactly it has to do with the individual cup sizes. Thanks to the bra size calculator, this is now all easier and even the man can easily find the perfect fit for his chosen one.

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The bra size calculator as a problem solver

Bra size calculator: find the right cup sizeAlmost all men know this. You stand in the sex store of your confidence or even just in the lingerie department of a department store. Everywhere there is sophisticated underwear to look at, where you inevitably imagine your current lady of the heart in just that.

Here, therefore, the question often inevitably arises whether the souvenir will please the beloved as much as you do. Not every woman is into leather, latex or killer studs on bras. But a second question also arises and in many cases prevents a spontaneous purchase: Is it the right bra size? How does a woman react when she is accidentally given the wrong bra size? Some women react offended, fearing that they have a wrong cup size – and the man would not find them attractive. It quickly becomes clear that this topic is very sensitive. Accordingly, most men are careful with the subject and leave the choice of underwear to their wives.

But isn’t a lot of appeal lost in the process? Sure, the girls know their bodies and buy the right bra size for themselves. But honestly, what man has not wanted to buy his sweetheart at least once sexy underwear or sexy lingerie?

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But questions like “Does my bra fit right?” are now a thing of the past. The bra size calculator makes it easy to determine the correct bra size. The formula seems a bit complicated at first, but it is not. Most importantly, it ensures that every man brings home a proper cup size.

This ensures that there will be a steady increase of erotic underwear in the bedrooms of this world very soon. Because this opportunity will hardly be missed by any man. Whether the women then also wear everything that the men bring them remains to be seen.

Not only optical stimuli

This is not only about the aesthetics of beautiful looking underwear. The wrong bra size can not only be uncomfortable on the skin, it can lead to postural problems in the long run. Back, neck and headaches are the consequences. Not to mention the discomfort when the straps constantly cut into the skin and the strip pulls on the back. By the way, this strip is called the underbust band and should run parallel to the cups (this is also used to measure the underbust size).

The perfect fit is achieved when two fingers fit between the underbust band and the back. The so-called cups, that is, the cups should fully accommodate the breasts. If a part of the bust quills out, it may look sexy, but it is unpleasant for the woman in the long run.

Bra size calculator: find the right cup size

The perfect bra size not only makes a woman feel more attractive, it also takes care of her health at the same time. A comforting, sexy win-win situation. For this reason alone, the bra size calculator should definitely be used. Measure cup size once and forgo a lifetime of pain? A good deal, a very good deal.

By the way, according to one study, eighty percent of all women wear the wrong bra size. A look at the size calculator is therefore always worthwhile. Not that, as unlikely as it may sound, you yourself are one of those eighty percent. It is better to measure once properly and then have certainty. Who knows, maybe this test will make the woman feel much better in the future?

A woman who feels comfortable in her skin perceives herself as attractive and desirable. These women then also usually have more desire for sex than others.

Playfully determine the bra size

Here’s how it works: put the tape measure around your girlfriend’s body so that it runs just below her nipples. Now the tape is pulled slightly taut. Friends of bondage must unfortunately restrain themselves at this point. The number on the tape measure is now either rounded up or down.

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Now measure again, this time placing the tape over the nipples. Both results are now entered into the bra size calculator. This determines the correct cup size within a few seconds. Of course, you can use a list instead of the bra size calculator. This looks confusing at first glance, but you don’t have to have studied mathematics to see through it.

Of course, it is easier with the bra size calculator, because it is located on various sites on the Internet, for example, SugarShape or Bra Guide. In front of the changing room in the department store, it’s also more inconspicuous to briefly pull out your smartphone instead of handwritten lists.

Act as a connoisseur of cup sizes

Bra size calculator: find the right cup sizeMany women have had to meet men in their lives who had no idea in more than one respect. Almost every one of them has stories about guys sheer desperation trying to undo a bra.

The more pleasant it is for the ladies, of course, if the man already brings some know-how. Men who can correctly measure a cup size themselves to determine the appropriate bra size are clearly at an advantage. Even by using little tricks like the bra size calculator, you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Women are impressed when the gentleman knows the world. Not only in the degree of eroticism of an underwear, but also in the fit. This is the kind of person the girls are unabashedly asking “Does my bra fit right?”. The answer, enriched with a lewd compliment, they will trust.

So: The bra size calculator belongs in the repertoire of every ladykiller and all those who want to become one. Before you accidentally get the wrong cup size, practice, practice, practice. After all, as a man you want to radiate security and self-confidence.

Those who have practiced diligently can score points in a completely different area. Imagine the following situation: You’re sitting in a pub with a few buddies having a beer. Suddenly a super hot chick walks in, so all heads really turn to see her.

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Now you are the only one who can tell you the right cup size with a quick trained look. The fact that all your buddies pat you on the back in recognition should be the least of it. The gentleman is silent at this point, enjoying the triumph and thanking the bra size calculator.

The professional bra size calculator

If you want to be on the safe side, you can of course visit a store. The trained staff will definitely find the right cup size. If you have previously performed your own measurement, the result can be compared with that of the professional.

Now you can see right away how neatly you have calculated the perfect cup size yourself. If one was successful, the bra size calculator should not be put away too far. The next purchase of erotic underwear is sure to come.

Conclusion: Does womankind need a bra size calculator?

The answer is quite clearly yes. A bra size calculator brings peace of mind and prevents you from buying the wrong cup size. An inappropriate bra size is permanently uncomfortable and can have serious consequences in the long run. Therefore, the use of a bra size calculator is basically indispensable.

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If the woman’s underwear has the perfect fit, she automatically feels more attractive. The perfect cup size is of course part of a woman’s attractiveness. Women who find themselves sexy are more inclined to flirt and also enjoy sex more. Most women love their breasts as a sign of their femininity and want to deal with them accordingly.

This also means that the clothes, which are directly on the bust, must be well chosen. The right bra size is essential here, as well as supple material. Whether silk, leather or latex, is up to the preferences of the woman. Whereby the correct use of a bra size calculator should not only be a matter for women.

Men can score incredible points here and acquire knowledge that is still hidden from many of their gender comrades. Many men like to talk to a woman about soccer and cars. Quite possibly, some women would like to rant with a man about the perfect bra size.

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