The largest adult social network – a Facebook for adults?

By Mario Meyer
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The largest adult social network - a Facebook for adults?
The largest adult social network - a Facebook for adults?

Facebook for adults – what can this alternative do?

If you’re looking for a Facebook alternative that has an erotic bent, you’ve come to the right place. But what can this Facebook for adults do and why is it worth signing up there? We’ll clarify that in this article. Social media for adults in a different way than usual.

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What can this alternative social media platform do?

A Facebook for adults, is there such a thing? To make a long story short, yes, there is something similar that explicitly deals with erotica. More than 5,000 people are logged in there 24/7. They also move on the pages around amateur sex. If you want, you can watch about 400,000 videos on adult social media or take a look at the more than 4 million pictures.

The largest adult social network - a Facebook for over 18s?
Top amateur Lisa Sophie

Live chats and live cams are also available there. So Facebook for adults has it all. The films are self-made. So it is amateur porn of any kind. Every preference is served there, every role play is offered. The photos and movies are divided into categories. With Facebook for adults, users only need to search for the appropriate one.

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The Facebook alternative is not just for men. Women also move here on social media for adults. After all, the films feature not only women but also men. So Facebook for adults has something in store for everyone – in sexual terms, mind you.

Who is the Facebook for adults suitable for?

For some, watching professional porn is way too slick and boring. These users are right at home with the Facebook alternative. Here, real women and men present themselves in front of the camera, and from Germany. Those who wish can support the ladies and gentlemen. This is possible with an anonymous financial donation.

The largest adult social network - a Facebook for adults?
Exclusive amateur Mia Adler

How does social media work for adults, some may now ask. It’s actually pretty simple. Anyone who wants can upload pictures and movies to the Facebook for Adults. On the other hand, it is also possible to broadcast live there. However, registration is required for this. Simply enter your e-mail address, create a password and then register. That’s all it takes to join Facebook for Adults or view the photos and movies.

Direct to Mia Adler

Some of the image material available there is also offered against payment. However, only for registered users. There is actually nothing that does not exist with the Facebook alternative. Every taste can be found. Therefore, with a little time, it is worth clicking through the various categories. In this context, the live chat is worth mentioning, because there the users can chat with the camgirls in real time and address their wishes to them. So social media for adults is exciting and constantly reinventing itself.

Create your own profile on the site

The profile at Facebook for adults is kept quite simple. Users can set their user name here and enter information about their appearance, place of residence or profession. It is important to put on the profile which sexual orientation is present. This way, the other users know immediately who is a good match for them.

The largest adult social network - a Snapchat for adults?
Top amateur Lea Rose

A maximum of four photos can be uploaded on the profile. This way, other users can get an impression of the appearance. But also the creation of albums is possible. The photos on Facebook for adults are usually not adult. Therefore, a manual age check is performed. Only then are they visible to everyone over the age of 18.

Direkt zu Lea Rose

There is also a text field where each user can describe himself and his preferences in more detail. Furthermore, it is possible to run a blog at the Facebook alternative. New info, pictures and videos can then be uploaded here regularly.

Erotic meetings among amateurs are possible

But that’s not the end of the possibilities with Facebook for adults. The users and amateurs can actually arrange to meet in real life as well. That these are dates of a sexual nature is clear. Often these are also filmed. This is also possible anonymously if someone does not want to be recognized.

The largest adult social network - an Instagram for adults?
Top Amateur LiaEngel

Users who wish to exchange ideas with others can do so via instant message or forum. In this way, it is possible to get to know each other better. On this social media for adults, some organize group meetings every now and then. Registration is required for this. That’s when things really take off.

Direkt zu Lia Engel

If you are not a prude, you will be very happy with this Facebook for adults. It is offered taboo amateur sex that knows no inhibitions. In order to use all the features, users have to buy the Facebook Alternative’s own currency. Furthermore, there are user meetings where they also get closer. The Anti Fake Check ensures security.

Why upload videos to Facebook for adults?

If you like, you can also earn money on social media for adults. This is possible by uploading the videos. Popular amateurs even earn really a lot. This is possible in a simple way. Amateurs upload clips and users watch them. They pay a certain price for this. The amateurs get 25 percent of that.

The biggest Adult Social Fuckwork - a Tiktok for adults?
Exclusive Amateur Lina Love

The more users watch the movies, the higher the earnings. Broadcasting with the livecam also brings in money. The amount of revenue depends on various factors. If the show is really good, the number of viewers increases rapidly. Of course, one’s own attractiveness also plays a role. There are many users who regularly wait for new videos of certain amateur girls.

Direct to Lina Love

There is not yet an app from Facebook for adults, but that is not even necessary. The photos and videos come out much better on a large computer. Mobile on mobile and tablet, however, it is possible to view the page. Responsive design makes sure of that. This way, everyone can watch the Facebook alternative on the go. However, there are plans to develop and deploy an app. This allows users to chat with each other.

Are there any special coupons for the site?

There are no special discounts or coupons for the users of the site. Now and then there are advertisements for such, but this does not correspond to the truth. Nevertheless, users do not go empty-handed, as there are special promotions from time to time. Those who buy the site’s own currency get a bonus on top. Some amateurs who upload videos give discounts. There are also special prizes in special categories.

The largest adult social network - a fuckbook for adults?
Exclusive amateur LinaLynn

There are some functions that are free of charge. This applies to registration and access to the blogs. Leaving guestbook entries is also possible free of charge. Replying to messages from conventional users is also free of charge. Starting some videos and viewing various photos is also allowed.

Direct to Lina Lynn

Nevertheless, the majority of functions in social media for adults are chargeable. If you want to see more, you have to buy the currency. There is a certain minimum amount here. But it is relatively low, so most people can afford it. Nevertheless, in the beginning it is possible to look at the site first without logging in.

There is already a lot to see on the home page. The categories and other items can also be clicked. Those who like it can register and get access to the complete content.

Use special functions of the amateur community

As already mentioned, there is a separate currency. It is used to be able to watch movies or live shows. No user gets caught in a cost trap here, as the handling is very straightforward. Moreover, the prices for the photos, movies and live cams are relatively cheap. Sending messages to amateurs is also chargeable.

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The purchase of the currency is not a subscription. Those who have used up their quota are not obliged to buy a new one immediately. Everyone can charge as they wish. New users who have just signed up usually receive another bonus as a gift.

Those who use the Facebook for adults regularly for a long time will get the opportunity to become a VIP member. This is a subscription. VIP members benefit from additional advantages. You can see new content first and attend certain parties for free. Your news will see the amateurs before anyone else. There is special content only for the VIP members.

Contact the Facebook for adults for questions and other concerns

Originally, the website was founded in Germany. When problems arose, the company moved to Cyprus. However, the employees are mostly still of German nationality. They just live in a nicer country by now and are there for the users in case of questions or problems. There are two ways to make contact. Users can use the contact form or write an e-mail. For the most part, the answer comes quite quickly.

Those who only buy the currency of the site do not have to cancel. Once the credit is used up, he can buy new or not. However, if the cancellation of the VIP membership is desired or the deletion of the account, this must be indicated in writing. This is also possible by form or e-mail. The user ID and the user name are required here.

Overall, it can be said that the adult Facebook is a good way for amateurs and users to get together. The former post images and videos for users to view.

Direct to sexy network

The site is suitable for women and men. But there are also live cams and the opportunity to contact others. This is even possible in real terms. There are even some members whose interest is not financial and who meet other users just for the fun of it.

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